Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with her stating that she doesn’t pass judgement on others and requests Virat to do the same. Amruta asserts that she didn’t grant him that privilege. Virat responds that he doesn’t desire that privilege either. Amruta approves, and Virat tells her that they need to depart immediately, and then he leaves.

Ishika spots Bhavani and labels her a drunkard. The guests criticize Bhavani, telling her it’s inappropriate to resort to alcohol to deal with her issues. Bhavani denies ever consuming alcohol and suggests that someone spiked her drink. Ishika ridicules Bhavani and urges her to stop fabricating excuses to cover her alcohol consumption. Ishika requests Jayesh to prepare a potent drink for her. Jayesh approaches Bhavani and remarks that every encounter with her is a new low. Bhavani retorts, asking what she can do as no matter how low she stoops, she will never be on par with him because she would never abandon her children. Bhavani informs everyone that her drink was tampered with and the culprit will be identified once the CCTV footage is reviewed. She asserts that Virat will apprehend the person and have them incarcerated. Bebe and Babita observe this and comment on the situation.

Virat arrives and inquires Shekhar about Amruta’s whereabouts. Shekhar converses with Virat, expressing that his faith in Amruta diminishes whenever Babita speaks ill of her. Shekhar advises Virat to maintain his trust in Amruta.

Virat finds Amruta attempting to remove the leg ring he gifted her. Jahan assures Amruta that she can retain it and promises to assist her in removing it once their sham wedding concludes. Following this, Virat departs.

Shekhar informs Virat and Amruta that he has forwarded the suspect’s address to their phones. He instructs them to apprehend the individual. Shekhar assures that he and Jahan will handle things at their end. They distract the guests by initiating a dance session. Abhiraj approaches Babita and questions her about Virat and Amruta’s location.

Virat and Amruta agree that in order to catch the real culprit, they need to trust each other and avoid conflicts. They exchange remarks about each other.

Virat and Amruta arrive at Suresh’s residence, but Suresh manages to evade them.

Babita attempts to contact Suresh, but he doesn’t answer her call. Virat apprehends Suresh and interrogates him about the mastermind behind him and how he knew about their presence in the car.

Abhiraj approaches Babita and asks if she knows Virat and Amruta’s whereabouts. As Abhiraj is about to call Virat, Babita intervenes. Abhiraj complies.

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