Karan V Grover : I Have Limitations as Artist | Udaariyaan

Karan V Grover is back in action after his last show, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum wrapped up in March 2020. He has joined the cast of Udaariyaan to play Angad Maan, an NRI. He says, “The show is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey. They are not just my neighbours but dear friends, too. When Sargun told me that she was developing a character, which would be an extended cameo of around three months, I was quite intrigued. The primary reason is that I have not done an extended cameo in my career so far. I have only witnessed senior actors come on the show, which I have been a part of. So, I am quite excited to be on the other side.”

The actor is in Chandigarh for the shoot and says that he is enjoying the experience. He adds, “It’s a new experience and a welcome change. The place is amazing but very cold and I am not used to the cold climate. I hope I get to do more of this because I have only shot in Film City or Madh Island all my life. I didn’t imagine I would enjoy it the very second I land on the set.”

Talking about his method of acting, even after so many years, Karan believes in surrendering himself to the vision of the writer and producer. He says, “I try to understand the script first because a writer puts in a lot of time and

energy into bringing a character to life. Then, I take stock of what my producer and the broadcaster want from my character. It is only when I am on the set working with the director and my co-actors that I give my inputs. I reserve all my creativity for the time I am on the set. This is the process I follow for every part I play unless I am offered a character that’s excessively difficult.”

He adds, “I was approached for a character that required me to dance and lose weight. Now, I have my limitations as an artiste. I can’t dance and I am not somebody who can lose weight in 20 days. TV is a long-term commitment and I have to make sure that I am healthy for the show even after it goes on air. I have to make sure that I am shooting with the same energy and gusto I started with.”

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