Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha asks why Mr. Garewal don’t look at her. He is her elder and has the right to be mad, bless and help her. Katha sits down. He stands up reusing to let her sit down. He is ashamed for what he did, he wanted her to question him for not helping her in desperate time but she didn’t. She entered their lives with a big smile and filled it with happiness. He is unable to understand who is the elder here. Mr. Garewal bursts into tear yearning to look her in the eye and free himself from the burden. He couldn’t see her pain in front of his. Katha didn’t come to him when Aditya died, they were both equally mourning. Mr. Garewal should have trusted his son’s choice Mr. Garewal blames himself for distancing Aditiya from his family, keep Arav away from his family. He is guilty for everything, just wants Katha to listen to him once. Katha recalls Viaan saying why she doesn’t talk to her.

Katha goes to Viaan, tells her that she lied yesterday. Viaan did say a lot of things to Katha in the party. She questions if he doesn’t remember. Viaan remembers apologizing to Katha. She informs that he questions for not talking to him.
Arav calls Viaan, to know where he is.

Viaan tell Arav that he will call back in a while.

Arav goes to his van when Rahul and his friends throw a paint ball at him. Arav question him for running his favorite shirt. Rahul’s and his friends are here to pick a fight with Arav.

Viaan questions for calling Katha Tum. Katha is astounded. She asks Viaan to talk to her, it will ease his pain. Viaan tries to talk but couldn’t. Ahsan watches them talking. Katha suggests him to talk to himself first, he can call her after. Viaan is grateful to Katha. They both leave. Ahsan approaches Katha to inform that her yacht is here today. He plans to make it a day out. Katha excuses, she must take Arav for an outing. Ahsan asks to bring Arav along. Katha agrees.

The van driver arrives. Rahul and his friends push Arav inside, they start beating him.

Ahsan makes romantic arrangements for his evening with Katha. Viaan hears Ahsan making plan on yacht. He recalls Ahsan buying restaurant and cars to impress girls, now he bought a yacht for Katha. He wants to talk to Katha but didn’t because she doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t trust himself as well. Viaan leaves. Katha notices Viaan leaving.

Neerja questions Arav for being silent, and his ink stained shirt. Arav doesn’t want to talk, he leaves. Neerja attends a phone call but in a grove voice.

Mr. Garewal questions his son for not paying attention towards his wife and daughters. He had back-to-back meetings in hotel. Mr. Garewal doesn’t want to know, he ran the business for 2 years being a father. He question how he will manage to help his father in old age. Kavita asks to drop the matter. She suggests indulging Arna and Kiara in extra curricular activities like Arav. They should take karate lessons with Arav as well. Reet doesn’t want to burden Arav. Mr. Garewal is sure that Arav would be delighted to have his cousins with him. Reet accepts her in-law’s wishes.

Reet comes to her room. Her husband comes apologizing. Reet question him, his lack of attention is ruining things for her. She worries that Katha will take over. Reet suggests getting Katha married. She leaves refusing to look at her husband. He makes a call asking the person to meet him right now.

Viaan is home wondering what to do about the situation. He decides to talk to Ahsan but adjourns  his ideas as Ahsan won’t listen to him. He sees the add about Paranlekha aunty being in town. He wants to call he but dismiss his ideas as Katha is not for him to control. He is confused in whether to help Katha or let her decide for herself.

PRECAP: Ahsan warns Viaan to stop meddling between him and katha, it wont be good for them and their friendship. Mr. Garewal scolds his son. He complains about it to a woman for not having a good father and a wife. Arav wants Katha to meet Robin. Viaan reaches the karata studio.

Update Credit to: Sona

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