Katha Ankahee 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Aarav asks Katha how children can stay mad at their mothers especially from a happy person like Neerja. Katha explains how with time people change their priorities, like that there can be difference of opinion between parents and their children. Aarav and Katha have such conflicts as well, Katha replies that they communicate to solve it. He asks why Neerja isn’t communicating to solve it,

Katha tells that sometimes people are not ready to understand each other. Aarav asks why. Katha doesn’t know, she will tell Aarav if he she ever finds the answer. Aarav asks Katha to talk to them. Katha tried but how will Aarav feel if Ehsan talked on his behalf. Aarav tells that Katha is nothing like Ehsan but he wouldn’t like him talking.

Viaan wants to talk to Rajat and Varun. Neerja stops, her son would lash on him. Viaan will not give them the chance, she called him a gentle young man that should must give him a chance to explain her children a son’s perspective. He asks Neerja to permit him, at least he won’t regret not trying. Neerja consider Viaan’s convincing power to be his reason of success. He requests Neerja not to tell Katha about it.

Next morning, Aarav calls out Katha for being late. Kaha doesn’t want anyone to apply colors on Aarav or turn him into a monkey who is unrecognizable by his cousin’s. Katha greets Neerja happy Holi. Neerja takes colors when Aarav tells Neerja that Katha knows how to make someone enjoy Holi but never plays herself. He leaves to fill water in his gun.

Neerja questions Katha for being insecure about his skin. Katha loved to play Holi with Aditya; it was their favorite celebration. She has enjoyed Holi the most with Aditya, now the memories are enough for her to enjoy. Aarav comes out as its time. they both apply color on Adtiya picture wishing him a happy Holi. Aarav request to apply color on Katha. He sings Neerja a poem on Holi he prepared in school.

Viaan visits a neighborhood to meet Varun and Rajat, they recognized Mr. Raghuvanshi. Viaan asks them to call him by his name, he is here to talk about Neerja.

Teeji questions house helper about Viaan. They inform that he left in morning, Teeji dials his number, but it goes unattended. House help asks permission to leave to arrange more colors. Teeji questions as there are enough colors present here. She is frustrated about Viaan not being in house.

Viaan sits with Varun and Rajat. Varan asks Viaan if he came here to ruin their Holi. Viaan is here to give them their right, the right for which they have been troubling Neerja. Varun question, Neerja sent her adopted daughter to talk a few days back, ask Viaan if he is the son in law. Viaan is a personage but he cannot involve himself in their family matter. Viaan recalls Neerja warning him about her sons. He is no one to talk in their family matter, he has a deal. Viaan is not here to buy that land but Varun and Rajat’s right over it.

They question, Viaan offers them sweets first. Varun and Rajat takes it. Varun explains them the deal by saying that it doesn’t matter who they take and eat Gujiya from. For Varun is matters, what if someone else’s Gujiya tastes better than him. Viaan anticipated Varun having high expectation. He offers to pay double amount for Neerja’s land. Rajat questions Viaan for doing so. Viaan asks if they want the deal. Rajat and Varan accepts the deal after discussing, they will not trouble their mother form now. Viaan appreciated but has a condition.

While going to Mr. Grewal’s Katha stops to buy something for Aarna because she doesn’t eat sweets. Neerja is texting someone. Aarav questions her for being trouble. He asks her to take his photo with the gun and send it to her sons to tell them about her body guard. Neerja tries to take his but blames the phone for giving a monkey found error. Aarav threatens to fire her with water gun. Neerja has Viaan’s contact open on her phone.

Viaan will put the entire money in fund. As long as Neerja is alive Varun and Rajat will receive a portion of that money each month. They question. Viaan didn’t offer double amount to take over the property, he wants them to do something for their mother. Viaan asks them to call Neerja weekly, make her feel loved and important for them, make sure that her advise is being valued. Rajat asks why Viaan is doing all this. They will receive money for doing bare minimum. Rajat question Viaan for doing all this. Viaan knows that parents have nothing more special than their kids, he hopes that Varun and Rajat don’t face the situation Neerja is in. They shake on the deal.

Kiara asks Kavita about Aarav. Mr. Garewal tells his guest about Yuvraj being the mastermind behind this party. The guest asks about Yuvraj. Mr. Garewal not knowing where his son is replies that he must be busy with the arrangements.

Yuvraj is sitting in his car with Meera apologizing for day before, his father’s surprise made him panic. Meera questions, there is a proper way for everything. Katha sees Yuvraj sitting in his car, she slowly notices Meera sitting with him in the passenger seat.

Yuvraj did intend to Meera. Mr. Garewal surprised him, he came and started praising him. Meera apologizes for running his special day. Yuvraj dismiss the idea, says that Mr. Garewal was in a good mood which will fade away in a while. Meera is the most special person for Yuvraj who filled his depressing days with colors, he doesn’t want to lose him. He wants Meera to be the first person whom he applies color to. Katha recalls her colleague telling her about Meer’s affair with a married man.

Aarav makes an entrance to his grand parents house. Mr. Garewal steps forward to apply colors, Aarav wants to apply first. Mr. Garewal questions, he came in this world first. Aarav stops him form playing his grand father card. He suggests them to apply color at same time. Mr. Garewal agrees than they hug it out. Kavita and Mr. Garewal wish Holi to Katha and Neerja. Mr. Garewal signals Kavita asking her to apply colors on Katha. Kavita tells that Katha doesn’t play Holi because of Aditya. Reet greets Katha questioning her for being late. Katha wishes Reet happy Holi. Reet wishes Holi to Neerja.

Kiara and Aarna appreciate Aarv’s cards. They both adore his artistry, asks him to teach them as well. Aarav will have a drawing class with them after Karate class. He questions a boy for attacking from behind.

Mr. Garewal welcomes Yuvraj, he praises his efforts in organizing the party. Yuvraj has done a marvelous job. Reet tells that Yuvraj has been busy with the arrangements since morning.
PRECAP: Kavita questions Kavita and Mr. Garewal for their gift, she didn’t bring them any gift. Mr. Garewal ask her to give what they demand. Katha asks him to tell. Mr. Garewal wants Katha to play Holi with them, she is his daughter from now. Katha applies color to herself, she wears the shawl Kavita gifted. Viaan announces the Holi color to be green. He and Ehsan play Holi. Ehsan questions a girl for being here, Viaan shouldn’t see her. She tells Ehsan that she has joined back. Katha asks Neerja about the special gifted and how she got them. Neerja tells her about Viaan. Viaan happily comes to Katha.

Update Credit to: Sona

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