Katha Ankahee 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha notice Neerja sobbing. She asks her about it. Neerja doesn’t know what to say. Katha requests her to share, she than notices the chopped onions. Neeraj is a loving soul, she needs not to cry. Katha asks her not to make any excuse to cry. Neerja asks her the same. Katha doesn’t want to cry, she wants to be angry. Neerja convinces her to tear pages to take out all the anger. While she tears the entire magazine apart Neerja questions her about the angry young man who paid her a visit. Viaan is Katha’s boss, an ignorant, selfish, and stubborn man. Katha is no longer mad at him; she left the job.

Neerja didn’t consider Katha a quitter. Katha doesn’t know how to explain her situation, right now she wants to start fresh with her son. Neerja asks her to find a god job and caring boss who arrives at her doorstep and writes her letters. Katha goes silent. Neeraj asks Katha that she is a biryani, she must not let anyone treat her like a pulao. Katha calls it a very bad joke. Respecting her age but Neerja acts just like Katha’s mother.

Mr. Garewal blames Kavita for making him call people he never talks to. Kavita questions his concern; she just went to see her friends. He stops the car, ask her to come outside to talk. He questions her for clearing all her cupboard to meet friends. Kavita didn’t bring any stuff; she emptied the cupboard to reorganize it. Mr. Garewal blames her for creating a mess, he has to have her phone traced, cancel all his meetings for her. He could have died today because of her. Kavita refuse, nothing would have happened to him. They came back home.

Kavita calls him a narcissist for caring only about himself. He cares and loves himself enough to sake her to leave this house if she wants to meet Arav and Katha. Mr. Garewal might have brought her home today but she still awaits for her husband to take her to their actual home. Kavita was fully aware about him, she contacted house help regarding his medicine dose. She will wait for her husband to come back and talk to her, discuss their matters.

As Viaan texts Katha, Ashan enters the office questioning him why Katha resigned. He asks him about their trip to Dubai. Ashan did everything he could too resolve issues between Viaan and Katha. Viaan questions how he got to know about Katha resigning. CEO of Pyramid called Ashan to taunt him about Katha leaving their project. Viaan wonders if Katha went to Pyramid. Ashan clarifies that she is finding a job in the market. Ashan once again questions him about Dubai. Viaan will handle the situation.

Ashan reminds Viaan not to forget that he is the reason Katha is here or else Viaan would have fired her on the first day. Ashan is an equal partner in this firm, thus, has the right to question. Viaan knew Katha was important to this project and him. He likes Katha, feels for her. Viaan taunts him for his feelings, questions Ashan about another person in Katha’s like. For Ashan the only other person in Katha’s life is Viaan, who doesn’t let her leave this office. Ashan decides to visit Katha’s home. Viaan questions him about knowing her address. The management team will inform Ashan about Katha’s residence. Viaan stops Ashan, as home is Katha’s personal space. Ashan needs to invade her privacy to talk about personal stuff. Ashan leaves.

Next morning, Katha watches Arav playing cricket from her balcony. She comes back inside to her laptop, rejects Viaan’s calls than blocks his number. Viaan calls Chandra associates to contact their CEO. Viaan wants to talk to him about Katha. Mr. Chandra Patakh does not have the liberty to share anything about Katha, she is a family friend and a very nice person. Viaan requests Mr. Chandra Patakh to lend him a favor.

Arav comes inside calling himself Kohli. Neerja praises Arav’s sixes. Katha treats his wound. Neeraj asks Arav to get himself new pads. Arav asks not to worry; he will celebrate two birthdays from now on. Dodo should worry, Katha will get him the new pads. Katha sends Arav to take a shower. Neerja asks Katha to cancel her job quitting plan, or she wont be able to fulfil Arav’s dreams. Katha gets a call from Mr. Chandra Patakh.

RRECAP: Katha agrees to meet Ashan, requests him not to bring Viaan. Ashan informs Viaan about meeting Katha, not to get her back to the office but to talk about his feelings. He wants Katha in his life. Katha thanks Mr. Chandra Patakh for giving her a job in his company. Mr. Chandra Patakh points towards Viaan standing behind Katha. Kavita throws a party for Arav. Viaan is there as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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