Katha Ankahee 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha enters Viaan’s office asking for some time. Viaan eyes her up and down, wonders if he is hallucinating. Viaan stand’s up, he comes hear to Katha saying that he isn’t prepared yet. Viaan touches Katha to check if she is real. Katha questions him. Viaan asks Katha to drink water, she refuses to have it. Viaan insist but she denies. Viaan laughs because he thinks that Katha isn’t real. Katha drinks the water than ask him to talk about work. Viaan apologizes instantly. Katha wants his view about his father and Mr. Contractor. Viaan remains silent. Katha informs that Teeju asked her to. Viaan agrees, asks to get the team ready.

Katha returns with the cameraman. Viaan starts recording, two college mates started a business the legacy of which was carried out by their children. Ahsan became like his father while he carries his father’s passion for architecture. Viaan hesitates to take his father’s name or talk about him. Viaan shifts his topic to EarthCon’s motive. With difficulty Viaan compliments his father to making Earth Con a reality.

Kavita and Reet try to call Yuvraj.

Yuvraj talks to a woman sitting in their car. He complains to her how no one in his family cares for her. Reet is never satisfied with him while his father never notices his misery. The woman rests her hand on Yuvraj.

Arav tells Mr. Garewal how his mother helped him solve his problems with karate friends. Mr. Garewal praise Katha for having the capability to change others. He asks Reet about her appointment. Reet wants to relax. She is irritated with Katha and her charms.

Katha meets someone to play live music in her office’s 50th anniversary. Katha shows him the presentation. The man is thrilled to see Viaan, they were childhood friends but late went separate ways for higher education. Viaan is a true lover of music. He asks Katha to call him to the studio. Viaan hesitates to pick Katha’s call while she prays for him to not pick up. At last, Viaan answers the call. Katha requests him to meet the manager to finalize the music band for party. Viaan agrees, asks her to share the location. Viaan calms himself, he has work with Katha.
Reet wants to do something about Katha. She questions Yuvraj for being late. She breaks a jar questioning him for being worthless. He does nothing for her and the family. She leaves. Yuvraj picks the broken pieces.

Viaan enters the studio. Katha and Viaan try to talk but the manager makes and entrance by hugging Viaan from behind. Viaan recognizes his friend Keith. He praises Viaan for being a CEO. Keith is amazed by Katha’s confidence; she did not hesitate to call her boss. Viaan apologizes to Katha for being late. Keith has never been this formal. Katha excuses herself, she was born old and needs to leave. Keith has ordered dinner for everyone. Katha apologizes but she needs to leave for now. Keith insists Viaan to stop Katha. Viaan remains silent. Katha agrees to stay for a little while.

Keith taunts Viaan for being sober. He tells Katha that Viaan was a topper, all the girls were in love with him. Despite all attention, Viaan was a very focused person. Viaan asks Keith not to bore everyone with their childhood memories. Keith considers Viaan a friend because he always available. Viaan asks permission to leave. Keith stops them. He tells Katha about 2005 Mumbai floods; his father got a heart attack than. Keith was in New York than so Viaan handled the situation here, he was all wet and got sick after but stayed with his father till he got better. Viaan has been a true friend. He hugs Viaan asking for an I love you. Keith kisses Viaan in the neck. He shows Viaan the song her wrote in school, he demands him to sing right now for his friend. Viaan is left with no choice but to agree.

PRECAP: Viaan sings the song. He offers to drop Katha home as its very late to take a cab. Reet sees Katha talking to Viaan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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