Katha Ankahee 17th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan tells that when one finds light in darkness, there is no option left. He found a light so moved towards it. Katha asks if he talked to Teeji about it. She told him her situation, asks if has none. Being emotional about someone is impossible for her, asks Viaan if he ever thought about his mother. Teeji must have a lot of dreams for him.

Viaan knows that her mother loves and cares for him, there is nothing to be scared from in love. If God wills, Viaan will keep Katha and Teeji together, impossible stays impossible until made possible. Katha tells that they are not in an age to be blind in love, Viaan hopes for love to understand age. Katha appreciates Viaan feelings but refuse to talk on this issue again. Viaan leaves.

Aarav plays with Yohan. He asks Kavita if the baby got bigger. Kavit agrees, the baby is anticipated to play with Aarav. Mr. Garewal asks Aarav about Katha’s work, she seems tense. Aarav tells that Katha is stressed and worried all the time, she is either worried about him or Neerja or Falguni. Katha says that Aarav is the only man in her life, he keeps her calm and happy with jokes.

Kavita sends Aarav to play Jenga with his cousins. She than questions Mr. Garewal for asking such questions from a kid, he should ask Katha personally. Mr. Garewal thinks that families should take care of each other, especially Katha and her problems. By problems his means Viaan. Mr. Garewal agrees, he need to be careful about Katha and men around her who approach her for being single mother. He questions Kavita about Yohan’s diaper, goes to bring some.

Viaan is shocked to see Teeji in office. She asks if he is still upset, Viaan was never upset, he just panicked. Teeji is here to sign some papers, Viaan could have brought them home. Viaan has Teeji seated, tells that she confessed his feelings to Katha, but she refused. Viaan told that he will never move on, he will wait for her forever. Teeji questions for willing to wait for a woman till her son grows up, she thinks its wrong to keep an employee under pressure to fulfil expectations of her boss. Viaan has given Katha freedom from all his hopes and desires, but he cannot back out now, no other woman has ever touched his heart.

Katha tells Neerja about her situation with Viaan, asks if he is willing to wait forever. Katha questions. Neera applauds his love; he is willing to wait for someone forever in a period where people don’t have time for each other. Katha questions her not understanding the mess it will be for Katha. As much as she knows Viaan, he will not give up easily and she isn’t ready for any commitment.

Teeji wonder why it has to be Katha, it’s possible that Viaan is mistaking respect and admiration for love. She asks him to meet other women, Viaan has never felt like this for anyone before so whatever he is feeling is love. He cannot move on from a relationship he is unable to forget. Teeji questions as Katha is already married, Viaan tells that love can keep any relationship alive. Teeji argues because Katha has no space for love in her life. Viaan will convince Katha, he needs time. Teeji questions him for going against his mother, Viaan isn’t. Teeji asks why she is scared then. Viaan asks her to support him, he will never leave Teeji and Katha.

Katha tells Neerja that Viaan’ loving and caring nature doesn’t matter in her life, her priorities are different. There is nothing more important for her than Aarav, she cannot amplify something that has no future. Its Viaan’s first love, he deserves better.

Aarav asks his friend how he learned to ride a bicycle; he tells him that his father teaches him every morning. Robin meets Batman. He asks why Robin is smiling, asks if she said yes. Robin questions, cant he be happy without her. Robin has learnt to respect people’s decisions. Just like Batman’s mother said, he will be with her if they are destined to meet. He will now teach Batman how to fly.

Robin takes Aarav to parking lot, tells that Batman has superspeed cars and vehicles. He signals the driver to move the car, there was a bicycle behind it. Batman gets excited to see it. It was Robin’s favorite cycle, he won a lot of races on it, it used to clean and ready to ride every time. He would have ridden it inhouse if allowed. Robin is finding another owner for this cycle; he points at Batman. Batman cannot have it; his mother will never allow it. Robin suggests to Batman to park and ride this cycle only in the club.

Katha is leaving for the office, Neerja reminds her to take vitamins. Katha has her vitamins in office drawers. Neerja questions her for not preaching what she says. She was telling Aarav how human holds capacity to love everything and everyone than why isn’t she doing the same for herself. Katha questions her for discussing Viaan again, Neerja thinks that Katha has created a shell around herself. Katha doesn’t want anyone else; Aarav is her whole universe not a shell, she is free and comfortable with him. Neerja asks her to listen that time is life’s currency, maybe the relationship Katha is running away from brings joy to her and Aarav. Katha is happy with Neerja and Aarav.

Viaan teaches Aarav how to ride a bike, he gives him courage and motivation to ride it. Viaan stays behind for a while, he forbids Aarav from applying sudden breaks. Viaan lets Aarav drive without his help. Aarav was about to fall but Viaan rescues him. Aarav knew that nothing would happen to him in Robin’s presence.

Teeji tells Farah about Viaan’s feelings for Katha. Farah is shocked, Viaan is very emotional when it comes to women. Teeji tried to talk Viaan out or it, gave him every logical reason. Farah asks about Katha’s response. Teeji tells that Katha refused. Farah knows that Viaan is sentimental, Teeji must not pressurize him into anything, or he might leave the house. Teeji denies it, Farah apologies but Viraj leaving came as a shock to them as well.

PREACAP: Katha questions Viaan, she knows what he is trying to do. Teeji talks to Mr. Garewal, tells him about Viaan’s feelings for Katha. Teeji can not let them be together. Reet hears their conversation. Reet asks Mr. Garewal to put an end to this beit’se its too late.

Update Credit to: Sona

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