Katha Ankahee 1st March 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan and Katha drive back home. Viaan feels tired, Katha offers to drive. Viaan plays music in the car, Katha smirks, roll down the windows to enjoy the wind. Viaan asks if she likes the song. Katha remembers it being her and Aditya’s favorite travel song. Viaan asks where they travelled to, Katha tells the not much, but they had dreams. They were a typical romantic type, Viaan adds like Bollywood type. Katha tells him about her wish to go on a cruise and pose like titanic. She and Aditya weren’t wealthy to afford a cruise, but he rented a luxurious car to get the pose.

The same song was playing then, this song, Aditya, and her arms spread in the wind. Viaan asks if they both made that pose, Katha laughs as one had to drive. Viaan opens the sunroof offering Katha to enjoy the titanic pose solely through a sunroof but she refuses. Viaan insists her to take the opportunity, it sounds odd from his month, but wind in Mumbai is not as clean.

He pushes Katha to do it for Aditya, consider that Viaan is not here. Katha unties her seatbelt and comes out of the sunroof. She slowly, hesitantly puts her arms out. Enjoying the view and wind Katha asks Viaan to drive fast, Viaan speed up, Katha keeps asking him to speed up, until she asks Adi to speed up. Katha realize what she said, sits back. Viaan closes the sunroof. He suggests taking a tea break before reaching Mumbai.

Neerja and Falguni are at Aarav’s sports club when Neerja notice her sons approaching. Falguni leaves saying that she will come back in while, she bumped into one of Neerja’s son. Neerja starts wiping her eyes, her son tells that closing ones eyes wont change the reality. Neerja asks them about their health. Varun would be happy if she stops disturbing them, they have left their jobs to find her.

Rajat asks Varun to be polite, there are people around. Varun questions, his mother has troubled him beyond limits, she left old age home refusing to answer any calls. He taunts Neerja for having no idea how her sons are searching for her. He questions her for refusing to look at her sons while cradling another child. Neeraj questions her sons, the sons who threw her out. Rajat questions, Neerja hated being in that house, she and his father didn’t grant any favor by giving birth to them. Neeraj questions, they have taken everything from her, what else do they want.

Varun tells that Neerja has yet to give what they need. Neerja sees Falguni, she asks her sons to leave. Varun knows that Neerja is trying to hide her reality from her new family. Arav sees Neerja being troubled by some men. Aarav runs towards her, but got hit by two boys running towards the ground. Aarav approaches Neerja asking about the boys misbehaving. Falguni asks Neerja about the boys as well. Neerja lies saying that they were asking their way out.

Viaan and Katha makes a stop near roadside café, they sit by a bench under shadow. Katha orders a special tea, Viaan asks for coffee without milk and sugar. The waiter asks if he wants black coffee. Viaan appreciates the waiter for knowing. Viaan saw tea vendor loading Katha’s tea with sugar. He asks Katha is she like Rabri because that’s what she will be served. Katha was unable to understand it until she drank the tea, questions the vendor for loading it with sugar, anyone would get diabetic after drinking this. Viaan laughs, he offers to make Katha her healthy tea.
Viaan requests the vendor to make tea himself. The vendor asks Viaan to instruct him, but Viaan insists on having his hand made tea. The vendor asks Viaan to make 6 cups for him and his staff. Viaan will make 8 cups in total. He tells the vendor to never skip adding ginger, add less sugar. The vendor tells that people argue on being served less sugar. Katha observes Viaan making his special tea. Viaan serves out the tea, bring Katha her healthy tea asking vendor to serve the rest to his staff.

Katha is surprised to taste the tea. Viaan has his with roasted bread. Katha questions as Viaan like coffee. Viaan makes it for his mother. Katha thinks that people who make good tea are the best. Viaan asks if Aditya used to make the best tea. Katha becomes silent, Viaan apologies for asking about Aditya. Katha tells that Aditya was a coffee drinker. Viaan questions about her saying that tea maker is best. Aditya wasn’t the best but perfect for Katha, before him she used to live a terrified life, but he was full of it.

Aditya was able to find joy in everything. Viaan asks how, he can use some tip. Katha tells that once a senior asked Aditya what it means if a door to a house closes or open itself. Viaan knows the answer, it means the house it haunted. Katha is impressed, Aditya had the same reply. Viaan wants to know that correct answer but Katha never asked the senior about it. Katha tells that Aditya wanted to own a business like his father, soon after Aarav entered their life. Katha was living her perfect life but, she stops, Viaan notices Katha teary eyes struggling to speak. Katha gets up and leaves.

Precap: Reet recognizes Viaan being the guy she saw Katha with, she knows Viaan being Teeji’s son. Katha asks Viaan about getting uncomfortable on the night they were going to meet Abdali. Viaan says that he thought of meeting Abdali some other day. Katha tells that she recognizes the woman. Reet visit Teeji to bash Katha, tells that Katha likes to involve in wealthy families and ruin them for her benefit.

Update Credit to: Sona

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