Katha Ankahee 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha is working in her office. Meera informs her about the plants she has selected as gifts for guests. She has made all the pots. Katha asks Meera to hand everyone these gifts herself. Meera cannot do so; she has to leave early for an appointment. Meera leaves. Katha asks Shiksha to take Meera’s place. She informs Katha that Meera is went to meet her boyfriend, she leaves in office hours as well. She lied to Katha because her affair is with a married man. Meera interferes questioning Shiksha.

Shiksha is done lending Meera favor. Katha refuse to discuss Meera’s personal life. She sends Shiksha to update the guest list. Meera is grateful to katha, it’s frustrating for her that no one understand her relations. She wants Katha’s opinion. She asks for Katha’ advice, she has an emotional bond with that person. his family members make him feel lonely. They are able to talk to each other. Katha wants Meera to understand that his friend has a wife and he has kept their friendship a secret from them. Meera is young and intelligent; she must ponder if her relationship has a future. Meera leaves.

Keith starts the show by dedicating a song to the new duo, Katha and Viaan. As the band sings Ashan gets angry, he takes Katha to meet his mother. Viaan notices. Farah compliments Katha, she introduces them to other guests. Teeju takes Viaan to meet some guests. The guest was Viraj and Saleem’s client who sold them big dreams. Viaan has the same pace. Katha notices Viaan getting upset upon hearing his father. Viaan excuses himself. Jeetu and other employees take charge of the mic.

Jeetu is delighted to see young faces in this building. He, Farah and Teeju are the only old souls here. He remembers the day he got interviewed in this office. A lot has changed her over the years but not the passion for work. The AV is shown to reflect on EarthCon’s journey. Teeju is delighted to see the AV. Everyone sees Ehsan and Viaan giving their remarks. Katha re-edited the video, she told everyone how the new generation succeeded.

Teeju guests questions Teeju for not having enough photos and videos of Viraj. As the Av thanks Viraj and Saleem for leaving a legacy the video excludes the ending Teeju agreed upon. Everyone calps for Teeju who was given the credit of direction. Ehsan and Farah appreciate Teeju and her work. Teeju takes Katha aside.

Mr. Garewal is looking at his son’s picture. Kavita serves him his medicine. Mr. Garewal thought that his sons would continue to his business. Aditya is not here and Yuvraj is lacking on all grounds. Kavita asks to be more patient with Yuvraj.

Yuvraj complains about his insults. Meera comforts him. She asks him to bring his smile. They are family. Yuvraj wouldn’t have survived this long without Meera.

Mr. Garewal compares Katha with Yuvraj. Despite everything she has succeeded both personally and professionally. She has taught Arav love and affection in spite of Mr. Garewal’s ruthlessness. He thinks that Katha can handle his business better than Yuvraj. Reet hears Mr. Garewal and Kavita talking.

Teeju questions Katha for making the changes. She has been waiting for this day. Katha had no right to make any amendments in that video. Katha wanted to celebrate Viaan and Ehsan’s success. Teeju asks Katha to stay in her limits. Viaan interferes, he requests Teeju to calm down. Teeju is outrageous. Viaan questions.

PRECAP: Katha informs Ehsan about Teeju’s outburst and changes she made is the video. Teeju questions Viaan for fighting her because of a girl. Ehsan asks Katha why she changed the video. Teeju wants Viaan to figure out what changed int their relationship.

Update Credit to: Sona

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