Katha Ankahee 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Teeji, Farah and Viaan impatiently waits for Viaan to come from the board meeting. Ehsan questions Viaan, he tells that the board will investigate the matter. Ehsan knows that Viaan suggested this, he questions him for acting all hero. Farah stops Ehsan. Ehsan had talked to the board, there was no need of formal investigation. Viaan has done nothing wrong, refuse to shy away from this.

He has always done best for EarthCon and continue to do so, let investigation be done and truth come out. Ehsan question him for acting right with someone wrong. Viaan can not let him employees doubt him. Ehsan wonders if it was needed, what if Shamita came upfront with truth.

Viaan tells him about the court ruling in harassment cases, if right measure are not taken on time the entire company can be put to jeopardy. Teeji panics, sits down. Jeetu tells Teeji about the board calling her.

The board member have no easy way to handle this case, they are acting as suggested by Viaan. Tells that need to chose 5 members for internal committee, 2 employees of EarthCon, 1 should be expert of service, criminal and labor law, 1 person from an NGO and a senior female employee who will lead this case.

The have shortlisted some name who are new employee who want to be biased and are fit for the role i.e., Anjali Sinha, Parineeti Sharma, and Katha Singh. Board members are aware this case not being an easy one, but they have no other option. Teeji needs to name one employee who will handle Viaan’s case.

Teeji asks for someone’s assistance requesting him to keep the matter private. The case is confidential to company. Teeji serves dinner, Viaan leaves the table.

Farah questions Ehsan for not eating. Ehsan knows that Viaan wouldn’t be eating as well. Farah questions, Ehsan needs to relax and think wisely. Th situation maybe a tragedy for Viaan but an opportunity for Ehsan. He questions.

Farah thinks that Viaan destroyed his career himself because there is strong evidence against him right now. EarthCon now solely belong to Ehsan. Teeji calms Viaan, no one can take EarthCon from him. Strong people mostly have enemies around him.

Ehsan question Farah for suggesting him go against Viaan, he will never do that to his friend. He can never take what belongs to Viaan. Ehsan will support and fight with Viaan no matter the issue. Farah has discussed it with earlier, he can run the company alone and Katha can help him in this. Ehsan clarifies, it was a hypothetical situation where he decided to part ways with the company.

In reality he can never do that Viaan. Farah thinks that Viaan took the risk himself. Ehsan replies that Viaan took the risk knowing that Ehsan will be there to help him. Ehsan calls himself casual while Viaan directs and leads every project of their company. He has never questions Ehsan for not working. Farah asks Ehsan to think about himself, there is nothing wrong in it.

For Ehsan the only problem lies in the company and current situation that he needs to resolve. There is nothing he or his mother is deprived of, getting positions of CEO will only double the money but Ehsan will lose his friend. Farah questions him for being selfless all of a sudden. Ehsan knows that Viaan would have done everything in his capacity to save his friend. Ehsan will curse himself for not being able to save Viaan. He leaves.

Viana calms Teeji after noticing her getting tensed, playing with her ring. She asks him to eat. Viaan is not hungry.

Viaan comes to his room thinking about his plans with Katha than then her reaction after Shamita accused him for s*xual harassment. Katha lies awake in her bad, she struggles to sleep thinking the same. Katha brings her laptop, rethinks about the time she spent with Viaan. Katha lays back, Aarav cuddles with her. Katha plays with his hair.

Ehsan comes to Viaan knowing that he didn’t eat. Viaan isn’t hungry. Ehsan asks him to accompany his friend. He takes Viaan to a café, orders dinner. Viaan shouldn’t worry, decision has been made, both brothers will handle everything. Viaan is worried about work, Ehsan needs to take over everything. Viaan will help him unofficially from home, he wouldn’t have anything better to do anyways.

Ehsan tells Viana not to worry, Shamita is nothing more than an electronic message while Viaan has the entire office in his support. The committee will rule in Viaan’s favor as well. Viaan apologizes for worrying everyone because if him. Ehsan questions him, he knows that Viaan was trying to help Shamita. He compliments Viaan for not becoming pessimist. Teeji has pointed out a name to head the committee, things will get better. Ehsan dish out dinner for Viaan.

Aarav is late for karate school, reminds Katha for being late. Neerja asks Aarav to eat, he has packed Robins energy bar. He can not be late. Katha comes out, silently sits on the couch. Neerja asks her to quit, her office have stolen all her glow.

Katha tells that she loves her work, everything that unfolded is something Katha is afraid to face. Neerja wonders Katha being afraid of something, the person who haunts the scary. Neerja advise Katha to face her fears and get her freedom, she feeds her poha to get the energy for it.

Reet wonders why Yuvraj is still in showers, questions him for being late. She takes out his coat to fins a necklace set in it, Reet loves it. Yuvraj comes out. Reet reminds him about the date, he remembers their engagement knowing that she expects a gift. Yuvraj wears his coat. The house help brings him flowers that he gives his wife. He tells that they will go for dinner later. Yuvraj leaves texting his girlfriend to reach early as he has a surprise planned. Reet takes out Yuvraj’s clothes to smell off someone else’s scent on his shirt.

Yuvraj enters the office, everyone stands up for him. Jenny steps forward to tell Viaan that in her seven years she never thought anything like this happening. They were hired by Viaan, they support him. Another employee step forward, tells that they have their trust in Viaan and will stand with him under all circumstances like he has.

PRECAP: The board members inform Katha about her appointment to lead the internal committee in Viaan’s case. Viaan tells Katha that he is not afraid, he will get punished for the crimes he is committed but cannot be punished for the ones he didn’t. Ehsan questions Teeji for nominating Katha.

Update Credit to: Sona

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