Katha Ankahee 21st April 2023 Written Episode Update

Everyone enjoys the dinner, Viaan gives Katha space to walk. An employee celebrates 7 happy years of marriage. Ehsan wants to offer that man a bravery award, he should be given commitment post because after 7 years happy is nowhere to be found. Viaan questions him for not being with his wife on their anniversary, he responds that a full day leave would shock his wife more.

Jeetu laughs, it’s neither tomorrow nor today for married couples. The employee says that excitement is only for a few days, then it becomes a responsibility. Ehsan blames the young generation being the reason being his lack of commitment to anyone, the romanticism of love has ruined everything. Ehsan only enjoys the butterfly phase. Viaan disagrees, asks Jeetu to tell young generation about love.

Katha listens to them. Jeetu thinks that love is found where it isn’t, the phase of mistrust is what is beautiful. He believes the love fades after time; his secret of lone happy marriage is art of becoming strangers then being lovers again. Everyone cheers Jeetu, Viaan identities him quoting Sahir Ludhianvi.

Jeetu asks employee to take a gift home to her wife, Ehsan will help him. Everyone cheers. Viaan notices Katha laughing with the colleagues. Viaan realized that both Katha and love were strangers to him but now love is a dear friend, who gives him hope and trust and he will find her not now than later.

Neerja having dinner with Aarav tells him not to worry, he will score better in the next assessment. Aarav questions, he isn’t worried about the test but Robin. Neerja wonders why and how Batman is not able to help Robin, Aarav tells that Robin fell in love with a single mother, he knows that the Robin will keep them happy. Neerja and Aarav pray for Robin to get the girl.

Katha says goodbyes to colleagues, Viaan wants to meet her. He collides with a waiter, they both fell down, broken glass bruises Viaan’s hands. Everyone reaches out to help Viaan, Kath takes few steps towards him but than stops contemplating why she cares, she recalls Neerja saying that the heart cannot resists, pounding of heart will tell the truth.

Everyone assists Viaan while he keeps staring at Katha standing a far. Katha goes to him; she can see his hand gesturing towards her. Katha recalls telling Viaan that she would let him get hurt owing to their situation. Katha takes steps back; she leaves the site.

Viaan fells unconscious than open her eyes to see Katha standing in front of him. She brought an aid box, Viaan asks her not to worry. Katha asks him to sit back, Ehsan agrees with Katha, she asks Jeetu about doctor. Katha applies a bandage to his wound. Viaan smiles as she helps him.

Viaan is leaving for home, he thanks Jeetu for staying late for him, hopes nobody got bored because of him. Ehsan is driving Viaan’s car, he offers Katha to drop her home. He insists her to accompany her on the ride. Viaan sits in back seat. Ehsan asks Katha what word she would choose to describe him. Katha impulsively tells that she would write boss for him. Ehsan knows she is joking.

In the car, Ehsan complains about the utter silence, he turns on songs to keep him entertained. Katha notices Viaan looking at something in back seat. They drop Viaan home first, Katha asks him to get a painkiller. Viaan asks if a painkiller will erase all his pain. Katha sits back in car, Ehsan mocks Viaan to take a pain killer. Viaan asks him to bring his bag.

In the car, Ehsan gets a phone call which he needs to receive. He tells Katha that he needs to answer this call. It was Viaan calling to tell Ehsan if he noticed what happened. Ehsan asked to talk to him tomorrow. Viaan can not wait, wonders why she does something that makes him respect her more.

He doesn’t know why stepped forward to help him despite refusing to do so, her humanity is beyond comparison. Katha wasn’t comfortable at the moment, but his pain was above her comfort. Ehsan asks if he thinks the other party is interested as well.

Viaan doesn’t think that she likes him, he likes how she helps others without giving importance to her situation. Viaan cannot help falling for her. Ehsan apologize to Katha for the client calls, he asks Viaan to discuss it in morning. Viaan forgot that he was with Katha.

PRECAP: Viaan asks Katha what is important, Katha thinks that patience is more important. Mr. Garewal tells Kavita that there is a shine in Katha’s eyes whenever she hears Aditya’s name. Katha tells Aditya that her heart beats when Viaan talks to her, it isn’t a good feeling. Mr. Garewal knows what to do now. Teeji wants Katha to introduce her friend’s daughter to Viaan. Katha had enough of awkward feeling, she doesn’t want to be effected by Viaan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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