Katha Ankahee 21st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Teeju questions Viaan for defending Katha, she excluded Saleem and Yuvraj from the video to impress Ehsan and Viaan. Viaan stops his mother, tells that Katha did something Teeju should have done years ago. Katha excluded Yuvraj’s clips because she knows that it suffocates Viaan. Yuvraj has nothing to do with this company anymore, Viaan leads it now. Teeju leaves.
Farah and Ehsan questions Teeju for leaving urgently. Ehsan senses somehting fishy.

Viaan apologizes to Katha. She questions him for interfering. Katha could have handled the situation herself; she begs Viaan to stop fighting for him. Viaan realize his mother telling that he will fight everyone for his true love. Viaan leaves apologizing. Katha recalls MR. Garewal degrading her in front of Aditya.

Ehsan notices Viaan and Katha coming down and them both looking at each other. Farah sends his son to talk to Katha. Ehsan takes Katha aside to ask if something went wrong. Jeetu invites everyone to gather for a group picture.

Neerja talks to a woman who asks her to pen down her current address. She questions Neerja for leaving the voluntary work. Neerja informs her about her babysitting a monkey these days. Varan is calling them, he is worried about his mother not talking to him. Neerja doesn’t talk to him because Varan don’t talk to her. The woman makes her realize that there are many people here who don’t have anyone to ask for them. Neerja recalls raising a family who have no space for her anymore. Neerja has a chance to be happy with the people she is living with. The woman will not attend Viaan’s calls anymore, Neerja stops her. She doesn’t want to lose all connections with them. Neerja leaves to get back to Arav.

Viaan tells Jeetu that Teeju left early because of some work at he NGO. Viaan requests Katha to handle everything is his absence, he has to leave now for Teeju. Manager comes asking Katha about Viaan, he personally tips the waiters. Katha assures that Ehsan will tip them. The manager refuse, Viaan tips his men willingly with some good words to make the day. He will get it some other time. Jeetu hands manager an envelope that Viaan left for them. Katha recalls Jeetu telling him Viaan is a silent eye, he hates spotlight but works like an angle.

Viaan offers his mother food. She questions him for favoring a strange woman in front of her. She asks if Katha didn’t teach him how to differentiate between known and unknown. Viaan’s behavior reflected Yuvraj, who will leave Teeju for anyone. For the first time Viaan fought her over Yuvraj over some girl. He needs to understand what changed between them.

Arav plays with lollipop when he attends a call on Neerja’s phone where a man bursts on Neerja for complaining about him. Arav questions the man for talking rudely. Neerja takes tha phone from Arav and hangs up on the call. She tells Arav that it was a wrong number. Arav questions about the man calling her mom. Neerja distracts Arav by asking him to finish his painting. He asks for red color, Neerja didn’t hand him right color.

Shiksha appreciated Katha for the fabulous party. Katha is an inspiration for everyone, a mom who cares for everyone and does everything right. Shiksha leaves. Katha recalls Teeju being upset at her. Ehsan enters her office questions Katha about her and Teeju. Katha informs she played a different version of the AV which Teeju didn’t like. Katha wants to focus on the future while Teeju is stuck in the past. Katha is upset to see the stress around Viaan and his family. Ehsan asks Katha to come to him, work on his projects. He offers to take a trip to Rajasthan for a little change and site seeing.

PRECAP: Yuvraj enters his home drunk. He greets Katha and Arav. Mr. Garewal question him. Ehsan informs Viaan about the Rajasthan project and him and Katha leaving. Viaan asks Ehsan to take care.

Update Credit to: Sona

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