Katha Ankahee 28th March 2023 Written Episode Update

In the committee Katha asks Viaan to provide supporting evidence that he didn’t send that message to Shamita because his teams supporting remarks are not enough. Viaan has no proof nor any other evidence. Katha questions as Viaan has answers and supporting philosophies for everything else other than proof, who can they trust Viaan. Viaan would have submitted the proof if he had any, an innocent man can not be prove guilt due to lack of evidence. A committee points him for giving another philosophy.

Viaan calls it a fact. Katha and the committee can only decide one fact, not on emotional tricks. Viaan asserts them to believe him. The committee wants Viaan to provide strong evidence to gain their trust. Viaan questions, why would he suggest calling a committee if he was guilty. They need to trust, he doesn’t even know why Shamit accused him, he can never do so.

Katha asks Viaan if he has never offered anyone to spend a night with him in exchange for money. Viaan remains silent, he recalled offering Katha. The committee questions Viaan, he needs to answer. Viaan accepts, he has offered someone to spend a night with him for money once. Katha is in shock, Viaan struggles to look at her.

Viaan comes back to his cabin. Katha comes to him after a while, he apologizes to her. Katha apologized to him, she should not have asked him any questions regarding that night, it had nothing to do with that case. Viaan denies, he accepts and agrees with everything happening, it’s necessary and inevitable regardless of the case.

He may not be guilty in this case but, for many others, he had to face his own trial. Katha thinks that mentioning that night weakened Viaan’s position in front of the committee. Viaan calls it his redemption, he is being accused wrongly in this case, may face punishment for it but he did wrong to Katha.

Viaan thinks that he should be punished for that crime. Katha tells him that they are two different things. Viaan knows that it’s the same things, she must let him face his guilt, she taught him how to face his fear. He is grateful to Katha for being here knowing that it’s against the protocol. Viaan leaves the cabin.

Farah tells Teji about the inside report she got about the case, Viaan coming out clean is hopeless. Teji questions Farah for agreeing with rubbish. Farah is telling what she heard. Teji questions Farah as she has never seen Viaan differently from Ehsan.

Farah would declare Viaan instantly if she had the power, but she isn’t in the internal committee. Teji thinks Katha can help her, she is in the internal committee. Farah knows that she alone can not prove him innocent, there is no evidence in Viaan favor. Farah wants to have another plane because they need to save the company as well. Teji refuse, they need to save Viaan.

Farah agrees, while saving Viaan they need to think about their business and reputation as well. They both knew nothing about this business yet struggled to keep the empire. She reminds her about the last time they saved this company. Teji doesn’t know what to do. Farah asks Teji to convince Viaan to meet the girl privately, resolve the matter and resign from his seat permanently.

Teji asks why Viaan should resign, he isn’t the criminal in this case. Farah knows about Viaan innocence but no one else does, for the sake for their children’s future they must take the bold step. The committee ruling against Viaan while being at the executive post would reckon the company’s reputation. They must let the matter resolve; the board can be handled latter.

At night, Katha struggles to find herself an auto back home. Viaan and Katha see each other as he drives by. Katha gets herself an auto, she is stressed. Katha’s auto stops side to Viaan’s car on the signal. They both exchange looks.

Katha reaches home, she turns around to find Teji standing outside her building. Katha approaches her, invites her home. Katha knows the trouble Teji is going through, but she refrains from talking about the trail outside the office. Teji begs Katha to save Viaan, her son is innocent. It’s Katha’s company as well, Teji begs her to save it. Katha is leading the internal committee; she cannot be biased.

Teji agrees, tells that Katha will not have this power forever, she has to save Viaan as a team member. Katha knows Viaan, Teji requests her to help Viaan. Katha calms Teji, asks if she trusts Viaan. Teji tells about the things at stake here, Viaan would have to resign from his position.

Viaan tells Ehsan that he is resigning from his position. Ehsan questions, he snatches the resignation letter form Viaan’s hand. Viaan thinks its best for the company, Shamita will not stay silent for long. The company’s reputation will collapse once the new spread.

Ehsan doesn’t want a company without Viaan in it. He reminds Viaan the day they first visited the place when seven, they decided where they will sit. Ehsan will make the company again but what they have will never come again. Viaan calls him his brother, he thinks that no one can run this company better than Ehsan.

He will carry on the legacy. Ehsan agrees, but if Viaan goes so will he. They can tackle this problem together. Viaan requests Ehsan to take charge for their employees, for the people whose livelihood depends on the company. Ehsan has to run this company alone, if he is Viaan’s brother he would have to do it.

PRECAP: Aarav shows his karate moves. Katha puts the call on hold, tells Aarav that his moves are little difficult for him. Aarav question since he was on call. Katha tells that she has put it on hold, Aarav informs her about the recording the continues even when call is put on hold. Teji questions Viaan for not stressing out about committee’s final verdict today. Katha calls Keith asking about the call, she asks him to share the recording with her. /strong>

Update Credit to: Sona

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