Katha Ankahee 2nd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan comes to Katha who is crying, nothing can be more heartbreaking than death forcing two people to live apart. One on land the other on sky, one as slave the other independent, one as truth the other a dream, one a reality while just an emotion. Alive yet forever apart by the ambush of death. Viaan apologizes. Katha tells him the better part of this, the grieve of losing someone strengthen a relationship, the bond with memories finding new life in love, like she did in Aarav. Viaan calls Katha lucky to have her son, it’s the perfect love people rarely get.

Viaan envy’s her endless memories, not everyone has someone to remember. He recalls his parents fighting. Katha remembers Ehsan telling her about Viaan’s painful past. Viaan tells that some people believe in one sided love, thinking upon what his mother said. Such people neither get true love nor do they move on. Katha asks if Teeji is still mad about the AV presentation.

Viaan tells that his mother can fight everyone for Viraj Raghuvanshi. Katha thinks that some people leave their imprints in an unforgettable way. Viaan replies that some people lose themselves in their past, forgetting to live the present. Katha asks Viaan about missing his father.

Aarav questions a perplexed Neerja roaming in the lounge. He tells her to fly away and find Katha. Neerja has no demonic power to find Katha in daylight. Aarav asks her not to worry about something she doesn’t know, its his work to worry about Katha not Neerja’s. She thanks Aarav for helping her. Aarav should hurry or would miss the school bus. Neerja serves him milk.

Aarav shares a little secret with Neerja, according to Katha a little cinnamon helps with anxiety. Aarav has trouble saying the correct words in Hindi, Neerja helps him. They both drink milk. Aarav tells that about one last step, he asks Neerja to widen her arms. Aarav hugs her tightly; he guarantees to never leave her under any condition. Neeraj wipes her tears saying that he is suffocating her. Aarav tells Neerja that he only offers entry pass in his life, no exits.

Viaan’s father’s announcing his big decision to not be a part of his life took away all the memories, that one moment changed Viaan’s life forever. Katha tells that relations take a minute to break, but the pain stays for the foreseeable future. Viaan taunts pain for not offering the luxury to forget or ignore it. Katha tells that sometimes that pain comes face to face. She saw how uncomfortable Viaan got the night they went to meet Abdali. Katha recognized that woman from news articles and videos. Viaan saw her after years yet felt the same pain, everything came back to him, his father leaving, the first time he saw his father with that woman while his mother over it every night.

Viaan knows not how he changed, unwittingly he opinionated as gold diggers, established a rule to test every woman who approaches him. Viaan stops, Katha turns around. He was wrong because pessimism became a habit for him while he was no one to judge people. Katha appreciated him for changing his pessimistic views about tea. Viaan feels relieved. A bitter heart neither forgives anyone nor attracts any love. Love can be found anywhere, one only needs to recognize, like Viaan recognized the rabri tea today. They both laugh.

Reet checks Viaan and Ehsan’s profile while taunting Katha for being in Lonavala. House helps serves her juice; Reet doesn’t need salad. House helps informs that Kavita is headed to Bandra, she has sent her here to know if Reet wants anything.

Reet remembers seeing Katha with that man in Bandra, she sends the house help saying that she will message Kavita herself. Reet recognizes Viaan as the man she saw Katha with, decides to call Teeji for conformation. Reet calls Teeji, introduces herself as Kavita Agarwal’s daughter in law, she wishes to meet her for some guidance. Reet will go to meet her today.

On their way back, Viaan asks Katha how she realized her love for Aditya. Katha smirks, as no bells rings, no violin or anything, it just comes and makes a home. Viaan questions love for being simple. Katha agrees, love is as simple as perfect amount of sugar in tea.

Reet praises Teeji’s guidance, she will come back for it. Reet asks her about Viaan. Teeji informs that Viaan is in Lonavala for a business trip, Reet tells her about Katha being there as well. They must have taken the whole team, Teeji corrects since only Viaan only took Katha with him. Reet should be outing family issues but wants to tell Teeji something.

Teeji asks her to speak. Reet tells that she has looked after Mr. Garewal and Kavita for years, but everything changed after Katha entered the family. Teeji agrees, she mistook Katha as an inspiration, a little trust and praises made her turn Viaan against his own mother. Reet had asked Katha to stay away from her house but she turned everything around on her son, its Katha’s habit to enter family for love than destroy them. She asks Teeji to keep Viaan away from her.

PRECAP: Viaan supports Katha’s tilting head as she sleeps in the passenger seat. Reet asks Kavita if Teeji knows about their relations with Katha. Kavita introduced Teeji to Katha in her party. Reet informs Kavita about Viaan being Katha’s boss, who took her to Lonavala and apparently fancies her. Ehsan calls Katha complaining about not picking his calls. Katha tells that they stayed the night inn since the car broke. Ehsan questions her for not informing. Katha informed her family as soon as he received network, asks whom else was she supposed to inform.

Update Credit to: Sona

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