Katha Ankahee 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Aarav breaks his piggy bank for money and shocked to see so much money and starts counting.
Eshan messages Katha by when will she come to Jeetu Bhai’s party, Katha messages her back she can’t come she has some work. Eshan gets call from Teji Aunty.
Viaam looking at pictures and smiles. Teji walks to him and says why aren’t you ready yet. Viaan says I don’t feel like, I don’t like parties. Teji says go for Jeetu Bhai. Eshan walks to Viaan and says come lets go. Viaan says I won’t. Eshan says even Katha isn’t coming, please come. Viaan says okay we will return early. Eshan says okay but quickly get ready we are already late.

Eshan tells Teji that Viaan is getting ready. Teji says she is worried because he gets happy and suddenly us sad, is he dating someone, only you can find this out, if he likes someone I would like to meet her, I doubt he likes someone. Eshan says I will try to find out.

Viaan getting ready, Aarav calls him. Aarav says he needs help to find a dress, Indian Traditional, he has money he has 2300 he is rich. Viaan says wow can I add some more and lets buy a new dress. Aarav says no its for my mom why will you pay, and I need best dress not just good. Viaan asks do you have anyone who can come shopping with you, Aarav looks at Nirja and says yes. Viaan suggests him to rent a dress and says I will send you address and say Robin has sent you.

Nirja having food, Aarav says he needs help. Nirja says tell me what you want. Aarav says buy a new dress for mummy and please don’t tell her, it’s secret. Aarav pulls her take sher along.
Viaan calls Nikhil and says he wants a Indian Traditional dress for a lady, a kid wants to surprise his mother and says his name is Batman and code word is Robin. Nikhil says I don’t believe you are saying this. Viaan says he is very special and says he will pay you 2300 and I will pay the rest. Nikhil sahs don’t worry and where did you find this kid. Viaan days just think as we help eachother like Batman and Robin. Viaan thanks him.

Aarav and Nirja get dress for Katha. Katha asks where did you get the money. Nirja says its rented. Nirja says he broke his piggy bank and tells about Prem Chands story to calm her down. Aarav says please try this dress and stop this story thing. Katha thanks Aarav and says lets return this we can’t waste money.

Viaan at party with his colleagues and laughs around. Nikhil asls for new coffee machine, Viaan makes fun of him. Viaan calls Rohan and says congratulations on new house and says after Dubai project you all will get raise.
Katha walks in, Viaan can’t take his eyes off her. Eshan smiles seeing Katha….

(Aarav says to Katha, you do everything from Cancer to my school, and you said we are equal do once accept this gift, I want to see you in this dress, I wasn’t there in your wedding too. Katha smiles and accept to wear the dress.)

Katha meets Jeetu Bhai and his wife. His wife says I am so happy to see you, I have heard so much about you. Katha says I had to come its a special day.
Katha tells her friends that her monkey bought this dress for her. Katha walks to Viaan and says hello. Viaan leaves.

Aarav says to Nirja, that mummy is partying and I have to do homework. Nirja says nothing goes wrong if you don’t impress teacher for a day. Aarav says how irresponsible for you and mumma has promised principal that I will top in all subjects and this is Hindi homework. Aarav tells her how he has to narrate a story and says its about a son and mother and narrated it to Nirja. Nirja in tears listening to the story.

Aarav asls Nirja how was it and sees she is crying and asks whats wrong and tries to cheer her up. Nirja smiles. Nirja says I was just cutting onion. Aarav says its cucumber. Nirja smiles. Aarav says even your kids must be missing you, I want to meet them and they love you right. Nirja says yes they do and now don’t tell anyone I was crying, its our secret. Aarav says call them here. Nirja says they are very busy and you are here who loves me so much that even I don’t miss them.

Eshan walks to Katha and says I knew you would come missing me. Viaan sees them and gets jealous.
Eshan says Katha don’t be serious, I was just joking. Tell me what will you have, Katha ways juice. Eshan calls Viaan and asks what will you have and starts naming alcohol. Viaan says no I am fine. Eshan makes fun of him and says he is a big time drinker. Viaan gets offended and scolds him and leaves.

Katha hears everyone discussing what happened to Viaan he was so jovial sometime back and now so serious.

Pre cap:
Viaan says we have to celebrate such a bond of 25 years.
Viaan starts singing and dancing. Katha starts enjoying. Eshan notices that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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