Katha Ankahee : Ehsan Plans a Yacht Date With Katha ! Viaan Warns Ehsan !

Sony Entertainment Television’s most recent offering, Kathaa Ankahee is churning out interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. According to the storyline, Kathaa comes to the party wearing a dress gifted by Aarav which leaves Viaan mesmerized. Ehsan notices Viaan’s expression which leaves him confused wondering what’s happening.

Later, Viaan dances with everyone on ‘Badtameez Dil’ leaving everyone in awe of him. At the party, he gets drunk as Ehsan spikes his drink. With Viaan not able to walk properly, Ehsaan and Kathaa drive him home. In an intoxicated state, Viaan apologizes to Katha and expresses how her cold behavior towards him upsets him the most.

Now in the coming episode, Viaan will confront Ehsan about Katha saying that she is not like one of his flings as she is a mother and deserves better. Ehsan on the other hand will assure Viaan that he is truly in love with Kathaa and is serious about her. Viaan will then overhear Ehsan making a yacht booking to spend quality time with Kathaa. This will leave Viaan concerned that Ehsan might end up breaking Katha’s heart.

Will Viaan ruin Ehsan’s date plan for Kathaa?

Credit: IWMBuzz

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