Katha Ankahee : Katha Afraid of Confronting Viaan !

Sony Entertainment Television’s most recent offering, Kathaa Ankahee is churning out interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. According to the storyline, Shamita joins EarthCon and soon storms out of Viaan’s cabin, rounding up everyone. She accuses Viaan of bribing her with money in exchange for one night with him.

During the meeting, EarthCon board members call Kathaa to inform her that she has been elected as the presiding officer for the Viaan and Shamita case investigation. Whereas Viaan calls everyone in his cabin and announces that he is temporarily stepping down from his role until the investigation is completed on moral grounds. Ehsan’s mother, on the other hand, tells him that the Viaan situation benefits him greatly.

Now, in the coming episode, Viaan will advise Ehsan to allow the investigation to take place and let the truth come to light. EarthCon board members, on the other hand, will advise Teji to select a female member who can lead the investigation objectively, and Kathaa’s name will be mentioned in the same. In the meantime, Katha will confess to Neerja that she lacks the courage to confront Viaan. Neerja will counsel Kathaa on how to face her fear.

Will Kathaa confront Viaan on the going situation?

Credit: IWMBuzz

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