Katha Ankahee: Katha’s Feelings towards Viaan to Change ?

Sony Entertainment Television’s most recent offering, Kathaa Ankahee is churning out the interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. According to the storyline, Kathaa and Viaan have a fun argument in the car. Viaan notices his father’s ex-girlfriend, which makes him anxious as he recalls his childhood. When Kathaa notices it, she tries to comfort Viaan.

Teji gets angry at Katha for changing the AV by replacing Viaan’s father’s visuals and making it all about Viaan and Eshan at EarthCon’s 50th-anniversary celebration. As Teji yells at Kathaa, Viaan defends Katha.

Now in the coming episode, the EarthCon 50th Anniversary party winds down. Soon, the cater approaches Kathaa and inquires about Viaan’s whereabouts. He tells Kathaa that he has long catered to Viaan’s office. After each party, Viaan personally tips his waiters. After hearing this, Kathaa recalls a memory from Viaan’s friend party, where his friend mentioned how Viaan is always there for them whenever they are in need, and Jeetu ji also mentioned Viaan’s helpful nature not being in the spotlight. Kathaa became aware of Viaan’s humble demeanour.

Will Kathaa’s feelings for Viaan change now?

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