Kavya 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode unfolds with Kavya persuading Vinay to abandon his current path, warning him of its potential to lead him astray. Vinay relinquishes his hold on the gun, which Kavya promptly pushes aside. She assures Vinay of her support just as the police arrive to apprehend him. Despite Kavya’s reassurances, the police escort Vinay away. Anjali, in a show of solidarity, embraces Kavya, who inquires about her well-being.

Adi arrives on the scene and expresses his concern for Kavya, who assures him of her well-being. However, Adi spots blood on Kavya’s feet, causing her to faint upon seeing it.

The scene transitions to a hospital where Adi and Anjali are seen admitting Kavya. Rajiv and Malini arrive and inquire about Kavya’s condition. The doctor requests Adi’s presence.

Adi queries the doctor about Kavya’s health status. The doctor reveals that the baby is in distress and attributes Kavya’s condition to exhaustion, noting that she had ascended eight floors, thereby endangering both her and the baby’s lives.

The doctor informs Adi of the need for A-negative blood to save Kavya, but mentions a curfew near the blood bank. Undeterred, Adi pledges to procure the blood.

Anjali questions Adi about Kavya’s state. As Adi attempts to leave, Anjali intervenes, prompting a stern warning from Adi, who then departs. Rajiv questions Anjali about Adi’s harsh words.

Meanwhile, Giriraj visits Vinay Mathur at the police station. He ensures Vinay’s silence, promising him money and bail in return. Satisfied, Vinay agrees, and Giriraj departs.

Anubha encounters Giriraj and questions his presence. Giriraj reveals his meeting with Vinay Mathur, prompting a remark from Anubha. Giriraj then leaves.

Anjali discloses the events to Rajiv and Malini. Upon learning of the situation, Rajiv blames Anjali for Kavya’s condition and criticizes her.

Adi approaches the police, expressing his need to visit the blood bank despite the ongoing riots. He insists on his mission to save his son.

Giriraj instructs Viplav to bring all files related to the teachers’ list money transaction to his cabin. Viplav complies and departs.

Anubha interrogates Vinay Mathur about his threat to Anjali Bansal involving a gun and 20 lakh rupees, but he remains tight-lipped.

Despite sustaining injuries in the riots, Adi manages to deliver the blood to the hospital. Upon his arrival, he learns that Kavya has regained consciousness and that Shubh’s blood donation has stabilized both Kavya and the baby.

The episode concludes.

In the preview, Anubha informs Giriraj of his impending arrest for selling government jobs. Giriraj retorts that he will only be arrested after Anjali Bansal’s arrest.

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