Kavya 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Anjali advising Kavya not to work too late given her condition. Kavya responds that her condition is not yet confirmed. Anjali insists that it is confirmed and presents the report to Kavya. Kavya remembers Ripu Dhawan’s words and becomes conflicted.

Giriraj and Viplav discuss the potential earnings from each teaching job. Giriraj decides to charge Rs 10 lakhs per job.

Malini urges Adi to have a conversation with Kavya. Adi promises to talk to her later and requests Malini to prepare some lemon juice for him.

Anjali questions Kavya about whether she plans to inform Adi about her situation. Kavya asks Anjali to leave, assuring her that she will talk to Adi when the time is right. Anjali argues that Adi has a right to know as he is the father of her son. Kavya admits to Anjali that she is unsure if she wants this child. Anjali asserts that motherhood is a wonderful thing. Kavya reacts to this. Anjali encourages Kavya to have a conversation with Adi.

Malini has a discussion with Adi. She asks Adi to talk to Kavya about the pregnancy. Adi expresses his doubts about his ability to take on the responsibilities of a father. Malini responds to this and urges Adi to talk to Kavya.

Kavya notices the line drawn. She tells Adi that she wants to discuss something with him. She questions Adi about whether he mentioned the STEE exam at the MLA meeting. Adi admits that he informed Giriraj, who then shared the information with everyone at the MLA meeting. Kavya criticizes Adi for sharing that information with Giriraj.

Later, Adi and Kavya retreat to their room. Malini and Anjali watch from a distance, hoping they will discuss the baby, but neither Adi nor Kavya bring up the topic. This disappoints Malini and Anjali.

At the dining table, Giriraj asks Malini about the signals she’s been sending to Adi. Malini fabricates a reason. Giriraj expresses his understanding that she wants another grandchild in the house. He assures her that her wish will come true once Alka marries Sanjiv. Malini becomes emotional, thinking about Alka leaving with Omi. Giriraj comforts Malini and asks Adi to promise that he will try to give Malini a grandchild. Adi disagrees and comments on it.

The next day, at the MLA meeting, Ripu Dhawan and Kavya attend the meeting. The CM proposes cancelling the STEE exam and offering teaching jobs to people directly to expedite the process. The CM seeks everyone’s agreement on this proposal. Kavya opposes the proposal.

Precap:- Adi and Kavya promise each other that they will not let work interfere with their relationship, but will they be able to keep this promise?

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