Kavya 6th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Adi scolding Anubha. She thanks Kavya for the help. She gets Shubh’s call. Kavya says your real fight begins now. Anubha says I m not scared now. Kavya says I will go and work now. She sees Giriraj’s PA talking to the man. Mishra and Giriraj argue. He says I promise, nothing will happen now. Mishra says Kavya won’t get away easily. Giriraj says if she does anything now, then her mum’s name will come, I have taken money in her name. They laugh.

Rajeev talks to Kavya. He says Kavya saved you from defamation, she exposed the fake list, you would have got troubled. Anjali gets sad and thinks Kavya was right, I can’t become a teacher. He asks her to make a good tea. She goes to the kitchen and cries. The man begs Giriraj and asks for the job. Giriraj asks the guards to take the man away. He leaves. DM talks to the media. Kavya comes. She says whatever I did was to select a good teacher for the school. DM tells the same thing to the media. She says I have to keep the exams and get the results in 3 weeks, I hope there won’t be any problem now, Shubh also helped us, where is he. Shubh asks Anubha how did Kavya know about it. She says I didn’t tell her anything. He argues.

She says I want to live for myself without any fear, I will be hurt to live without you but I won’t die, I can’t leave my duty. He says then go and do your duty. She returns the ring to him. The man points a gun at Giriraj and asks for his appointment letter. Giriraj says CM refused to the list, you give the exam and I will pass you. The man says I have given you 20 lakhs. Giriraj shouts to call the guards. The man breaks a vase and stops him. Giriraj says its not my mistake. Vinay says don’t make me a murderer, give me the appointment letter or return my 20 lakhs. Giriraj says that woman cheated me, her name is Anjali Bansal, her daughter did this. The guards come. Vinay runs away. Giriraj asks them to catch Vinay. Adi and Kavya come home. They have a hug.

Shubh comes and taunts her for breaking his relation. He says she is provoking Anubha against me, she is breaking the engagement. Vinay comes to Anjali’s house and gets angry. Adi says Anubha is sensible. Kavya says Shubh, I spoke to Anubha and asked her to keep her respect, think about her, she is intelligent and smart, you can’t control her. He says I love her a lot, its our matter, I m scared she will leave me, she has changed, why do you want to make her like you. Adi says world will become beautiful if everyone becomes like Kavya, problem is with you. Kavya says I m not trying to make her like me, she is good, change yourself, else you will lose her. He says I can’t lose her, help me win her back. He goes. Kavya says Adi, help him, please. Adi says no. She says every person should get a chance to reform. Adi agrees. Malini claps for Adi and Kavya. She feeds them sweets. Giriraj comes and claps. Adi argues with him.

Vinay follows Anjali. Adi says let me serve the people. Kavya says I told you dad, truth will eventually win. Vinay stops Anjali. He asks for his money. He points the gun at her. She says I didn’t take any money form you. He asks for 20 lakhs. She says I don’t know anything. She runs. Giriraj says you mean I m involved in this cam. Kavya says no, but its not right to show big dreams to an ordinary man, when his dream breaks then he can go to any extent. Anjali hides and calls Kavya. Kavya’s phone is in her room. Vinay spots Anjali.

Anubha arrests Giriraj for the scam. Giriraj asks her to arrest Anjali. Kavya cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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