Krishna Mohini 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode opens with Aryaman questioning Krishna about her sudden change in demeanor, especially since she seemed fine just two days ago. He wonders if his signing the divorce papers is causing her distress. Krishna admits that he’s correct and confesses that their forced marriage was a mistake. However, Aryaman is puzzled by her desire to leave and pleads with her to stay, promising to make their six-month relationship worthwhile. Despite her internal struggle with Mohan’s wish to transition, Krishna departs.

The following day, Rajshri performs a puja but suddenly feels faint. Krishna rushes to her aid, attracting Dadi’s attention who alerts everyone. Aryaman is informed of the situation and decides to call a doctor. Isha checks Rajshri’s blood pressure and finds it low, which Rajshri attributes to Krishna’s presence in the house. Krishna brings sugar water for Rajshri, and Aryaman insists that she drink it, which helps normalize her blood pressure.

Aryaman proposes that Krishna take care of Rajshri, but Rajshri vehemently refuses. Aryaman suggests that Krishna could win Rajshri’s heart by spending time with her, a sentiment echoed by Anshuman. Aryaman urges Rajshri to direct her anger at him, not at the cost of her health.

Krishna feels responsible for the strain in Aryaman and Rajshri’s relationship and offers to care for Rajshri for six months for Aryaman’s sake, emphasizing how much Rajshri means to him. Dadi persuades Rajshri to agree, and Aryaman expresses his gratitude. He hopes that Krishna won’t consider leaving again and informs her that he will drop Mohan at college, only to learn from Dhaniya that Mohan has already left.

In the meantime, Sid drops Piya and Mohan at college. As Piya heads inside, a classmate hands Mohan some notes. Sid teases Mohan about this, and Mohan feigns shyness before entering the college. Sid recalls learning about Anuradha from Piya and Krishna’s behavior at college. He instructs a friend to keep an eye on Mohan and Anuradha, suspecting that if his hunch is correct, he can put an end to Krishna’s game.

Krishna is puzzled as to why Mohan didn’t inform her before going to college and becomes anxious when Piya doesn’t answer her phone. As she is about to burn her face, Aryaman intervenes, burning his finger in the process. He reprimands her for her carelessness.

Mohan seeks out Anuradha to apologize on Krishna’s behalf. He confesses his desire to transition, and Anuradha encourages him, assuring him that he won’t feel trapped once he transitions. She promises to speak to Krishna and assures him that Krishna will understand. Their conversation is observed by Sid’s friend.

The episode concludes here.

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