Krishna Mohini 12th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Aryaman asking Krishna what are you hiding. She says Mohan has changed, he is getting stubborn, we are having fights, so I thought to show him to baba. He says I can’t believe this. She says sometimes a small support looks big, you won’t understand this. Mohan faints. Aryaman holds him. He asks Krishna to see the result of her foolishness. She says its my mistake, take him home. Mohan pushes her. Aryaman lifts Mohan and takes him. Rajshri says this can’t happen. Dadi asks her not to worry. Ananya comes and says Arya isn’t answering my call, we had to go to meet our common friend. Srijala says even Krishna isn’t here, maybe they have gone out together to spend some love moments. Aryaman gets Ananya’s call. He comes home with Krishna and Mohan.

Ananya says I told you, we had to go to Anjali and Raj’s wedding anniversary, you aren’t ready. Aryaman says sorry, I forgot. She says you don’t remember anything because of Krishna and Mohan, what work did you have with them. He says I took them to a mall. Srijala jokes. He goes to change. Krishna asks Mohan to take rest, she will get food for him. Dadi stops Krishna and says its Vatsavitri fast tomorrow, you have to keep it for Aryaman, if Rajshri really cares for him, then she won’t stop you. Ananya says but Krishna has signed the divorce papers, how can she keep the fast. Rajshri says I m explaining the same. Dadi says their relation wasn’t formed by signing some paper, but because of the sindoor, then how can it break by signing a paper, she is our bahu for 6 months and have to keep the customs.

She asks Rajshri do you want Aryaman to face some problem, no, right, then you won’t stop Krishna. She says Krishna you will keep the fast and then break it by your husband’s hand, I will send the Shringhaar items, get ready well. Krishna nods and goes.

Mohan recalls whatever happened. The light goes off. Mohan goes out. Krishna comes with a sorry card. He turns away. She plays sorry song. He says I don’t want to hear anything, you made fun of me, you made me feel inferior, I thought you will understand me, but you have hurt me a lot, I will never forgive you. He lies to sleep. She sadly leaves. She gets busy in the puja arrangements. Dadi says its good to help everyone, but don’t forget you are Aryaman’s wife, you kept Nirjala fast for him. Rajshri shows the puja plate to Dadi. Aryaman comes and says the puja plate lacks a relation, we have no relation with Bharat, you don’t need to keep a fast for him.

Rajshri asks him not to say that. Aryaman says we don’t know he is alive or dead. She says don’t say this. She cries. Krishna says don’t feel bad, person stays in our memories, be it good or bad memories, it stays with us, we have to live with it, Rajshri kept a fast, don’t hurt her heart today, please. Dadi says listen to her, she has also kept fast for you, she will be hungry all day for your long life. Ananya comes and says I will also stay hungry. Kundan asks why. Ananya says its my fast for Arya. Dadi says Arya didn’t become your husband.

Ananya says he will become my husband soon, I can do anything for him. She asks Aryaman will you break my fast. She says dad, Arya will break my fast first and clear your doubts. Dadi asks Dhanya to get Shringhaar plate. She gives it to Krishna. She asks Krishna to get ready on time. Aryaman goes to take a call. Krishna takes the plate. Pia and Mohan meet their friends. Pia says it’s a college holiday, so I got them home. Rajshri says good. Krishna says thank God, Mohan got a smile on his face. She asks Pia to make Mohan eat the food. She says he is angry with me, I will get the breakfast. Pia says sure.

Mohan designs the clothes. Sid comes and asks how is it going. Pia says Anuradha madam can do professional work, this is difficult for us. Sid says then call her. Mohan says no, it won’t look good, she is a teacher, we will adjust. Sid says I will call Anuradha home and find out the secret of Mohan’s weird actions, then I will make Krishna and Mohan fight. Krishna gets ready. She applies the sindoor.

Aryaman comes there and sees her. He smiles. Dekha tenu….plays… He stumbles. He thinks what’s happening to me, I didn’t feel this before. She sees him and turns. He hides. She combs her hair. She puts the dupatta. He covers his eyes. He then looks at her. She pins the dupatta. He goes to help. She says you… He turns and closes eyes. He looks at her.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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