Krishna Mohini 21st May 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode opens with Krishna questioning Aryaman’s return. Aryaman asserts his courage and disdain for those who shirk their responsibilities. He declares his readiness to face the consequences of his actions, refusing to run away. Pinkesh confronts Aryaman, arguing that they are not mere playthings and questioning Aryaman’s commitment to Krishna after marriage. Aryaman retorts, vowing not to let Pinkesh’s shadow even touch Krishna.

Aakash warns Aryaman that if Krishna’s marriage doesn’t happen today, no one else will marry her, implying a loss of dignity for Krishna. Aryaman, angered, warns Aakash against speaking further. Shailesh advises Aryaman to marry Krishna.

Krishna urges Aryaman to leave, believing no one will understand him. Aryaman questions her decision to marry Pinkesh for his sake. He accepts responsibility for Krishna’s situation and promises to rectify it. He assures her of his sincere intention to marry her, stating that he cannot live in peace if her life is ruined because of him. He expresses his readiness to marry Krishna to preserve her dignity.

Pinkesh argues that Aryaman’s family will not accept Krishna and that Aryaman cannot be Krishna’s protector. Aryaman reassures Krishna that he will support her even in darkness, where shadows disappear. He requests the priest to begin the marriage rituals. As they take the ceremonial rounds (pheres), Aakash records the event. Aryaman remembers Kundan’s words, likening him to a son, and applies vermilion (sindoor) on Krishna’s forehead. Mohan is overjoyed at this sight. Aryaman recalls Ananya’s words about becoming his wife and ties the nuptial chain around Krishna’s neck. The priest announces the completion of the marriage rituals, declaring Krishna and Aryaman as husband and wife.

Sid shows Srijila the video of Aryaman and Krishna’s marriage. Srijila suggests showing the video to Kundan, but Sid shakes his head, determined to ensure Kundan’s hatred for Aryaman.

Mohan expresses his happiness to Ratna about Krishna’s marriage to Aryaman. Ratna shares her joy, glad that Krishna can now lead a happy married life. Aryaman ponders over the significant decision he has made and how he will face his family. Aakash advises Aryaman to forget the past. Krishna pulls Aryaman inside, expressing her concerns about justifying their marriage to his family. She fears his family will blame her, being a stranger to them. Ketan informs Aryaman about their early morning flight and the need to leave before the news of the marriage reaches Kundan.

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