Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Dev in the office exclaims Sanjana was handling all of these so they can go through them with the aim that something might come up, they all start looking at the files, after some time Sonakshi asks if anyone has found anything, she says to Dev that they have not been able to find a anything, Dev explains that they should keep looking until even a single file is left, Vicky also brings the file in relating to the Asha foundation, Jitin walks into the office, Sonakshi asks if he was able to find anything, Jitin exclaims that what he has found is really alarming because Rena told him that she saw the photo of Bijoy at her apartment and she thinks that Sanjana might have tried to harm anyone from her family, she even went to reveal everything to Dev however Sanjana met her there and promised to back out from whatever she was tyring to do however she now regrets not telling Dev the truth, Dev also recalls how Sukhi explained Rena desires to tell him something about Sanjana, he in anger throws the file of the Asha foundation from which her photo falls out.

Saurabh seeing the photo picks it asking what is this doing here, Dev replies this fell out from the files relating to the Asha
foundation, she might have brought it for the project, Sonakshi wonders how is this possible as she was also there, she recalls how Saurabh told her that a photo is missing, she even thinks it is possible that Sanjana might have gone back to their house after she left, they all think it might be possible, Saurabh exclaims it is possible that she might have been behind it all, Neha also exclaims she is the one behind it because after the accident of Bijoy uncle she received her call and Sanjana was talking in a strange manger, she at the time thought that this was just by mistake, Dev also exclaims she came to the hospital after which Bijoy went into coma, Sonakshi stands exclaiming she is the one who tried to kill her father so she is going to the police, Dev requests her to stop as she herself told hi8m they have to be patient, they will not be able to prove anything without a proof, Saurabh questions how would they be able to gather it, Dev explains they cannot prove anything that happened at the house but the hospital has camera which they can access, the lawyer exclaims the footage cannot be gathered without the permission of the court or the police, Jitin exclaims since it is for a right cause he can request his friend whose father is a trustee.

In the house Jitin exclaims this is the footage from the hospital but there is just one problem that it is all from the corridor, Sanjana comes to touch the face of Dev while he is sleeping, the lawyer says that even he is shocked to see such a double minded person, Sonakshi mentions that she felt that Baba was getting better so she went to call the doctor but till the time she came back his mask was not on his mouth and he was having difficulty breathing, she asks Jitin to play the video once again, they all see Sanjana entering the ward after Sonakshi left, Dev exclaims this means they have a proof however the lawyer refuses explaining they need concrete proof, Saurabh receives a call from Ronita, he gets really happy, Saurabh explains that she is saying there is movement in the eyes and fingers of Baba, Dev thinks of a plan.

In the morning Ishwari is performing the pooja while Baldev is looking at his mobile, she asks him to also take the blessings, he replies that if she has kept the house together with her prayers then Dev and Sonakshi have also done a tremendous job in making sure they are together, Ishwari explains she feels bad because of Soha as she is a really young girl but even then has to face such difficulties, Baldev assures Soha would be able to handle it since she is the daughter of Dev and Sonakshi.

Ishwari turns and is shocked to see Soha, she asks what is Soha doing here as she was about to come to her room, she explains how she has made Idli and Sambar which is the favourite of Soha, Baldev exclaims even he likes south Indian food so they both should go, Soha apologizes to Dadi, Ishwari questions why is she apologizing when she has done nothing wrong and she is the most favourite child of the house, Soha explains that when Aayush came into the house, she did not like it at all but now she realizes that Ishwari was just trying to make sure that he did not feel left out in this house as she had the love of both her parents for nine years while he just got it, Ishwari hugging her exclaims she is the most intelligent child of this family, Baldev also mentions the same and then even Aayush comes to hug them, Ishwari even asks where is Shuv, she them all.

Sanjana in her house is applying the nail polish when she suddenly gets the call of her lawyer, she asks what has happened, he reveals there is a development as Dev has requested for a extended date in the court hearing, Sanjana worryingly asks on what basis, he explains that Dev father in law is in a coma but his health is getting better so they feel that he might be discharged and it is possible that their request will get accepted on medical grounds, Sanjana thinks how she was the one who tried to kill him, she thinks how she will not let anyone come in the way of her mission.

Sonakshi is sitting with Bijoy exclaiming he will surely come back to the house with them all and will get better, Saurabh also agrees with her, Dev, and Saurabh both are walking while talking how they it is for the betterment that Bijoy is getting better, Sanjana walks past them, Sonakshi leaves the room while talking with someone on the mobile, Sanjana enters the room, picking the pillow she exclaims that she thought that Bijoy would be the reason for her success but he is really strong however she will make sure his life ends, she takes off his mask but Saurabh coming from behind exclaims that she is doing a really good thing.

Saurabh along with Sonakshi and Dev all come to confront her, she exclaims he just came to meet him however Dev asks her to not play any games as everything has been heard in the camera, he picks the hidden camera, and then Sanjana questions how were they even able to find the truth, Saurabh questions why did she try to harm Bijoy because he is a really nice human being, Sanjana questions why then did she try to kill him, she explains it was because of Sonakshi as when her mother died, her relation with Dev went into turmoil so she thought of doing the same, Dev in anger explains she has mistaken their relation as because of her doings they have come even close, Sanjana questions how were they able to figure it out, Sonakshi replies when her mother died someone told her that parents tend to provide solutions to their children even after their death, so this proved when they found the photo of Asha in her belongings.

Sanjana exclaims this means it was all an act, she mentions how Dev is really clever, she thinks they would have talked about making her believe Bijoy is coming out of the coma, she puts a knife at the neck of Sonakshi exclaiming this means she has been caught but did they think why did she do it, Dev never even looked at her, he did not talk with her so she was forced to do it for his love, he tries to calm her down saying she might get in a lot of trouble when Sanjana questions she cannot understand who is he supporting, she demands that he with all his emotion exclaim that he really loves Sanjana, Sonakshi gets really mad hearing this.

Precap: Sonakshi is standing at the door with Jitin when she receives the card of Dev, which thanks her for coming into his life, she enters the room when Dev asks her to stand in the middle, he pulls a rope, so roses fall all over her, she is filled with immense joy.strong>

Update Credit to: Sona

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