Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update

In the hospital, Dev tries to console Sonakshi exclaiming everything would be fine, he explains how he talked with Dr Rawat who is the best doctor, and will take care of everything when he comes, Sonakshi sees they are giving the injection to Bijoy, she explains he starts acting like a child so she should go to him, Dev tries to console her saying that the doctor will take care, Sonakshi then tries to go inside exclaiming that his clothes are wet so she will go but Dev stops her, Dr Rawat comes and Dev tries to talk with him but he explains he will inform Dev after checking the patient.

Sanjana is cooking in her house, she thinks that it is said “no news is bad news but she cannot wait for this” as it is the best news and so she cannot wait, she tries calling Dev but he ends the call, she gets mad so tries once again when Dev texts her, she reads that it says there is an emergency with his father in law, Sanjana exclaims this means it is a work in progress just like her Dal Makhani.

Dev in the hospital tries to console Sonakshi, he even brings some water for her but she refuses to drink it and is just really worried.

Sanjana prepares the table for Dev with the dinner, thinking he will really like it, she hears the voice of Rena who is at the door of her house, she wonders why did Rena come to her house at this time as she cannot see the plot which she has made, she covers it and so finally opens the door, Rena questions where was she as she came so late to open the door, Sanjana replies she got late because she was listening to the music, she takes Rena to the table asking her to see how well she had made the Dal Makhana, Rena sits down questioning what was she doing and what is with the cover as it doesnot look good, she is about to take it out but Sanjana stops her mentioning that the owner is doing some repairs because of which there are holes in the wall, Rena stops so Sanjana dishes out the dal for her, she gets shocked to see that the cover has come off, Sanjana immediately sends Rena to wash her hands before eating, she manages to cover it once again and breaths a sigh of relief.

Sonakshi is with Dev, leaning her head against his chest, she wonders how did it all happen, she explains after Maa, Bijoy would not stay quiet for even a moment and would do everything with his own hands, there was not even a single wire which he had not corrected, she wonders how could he forgot about the wire, she exclaims it was her mistake because she left him alone when Saurabh and Ronita were not in the house, Dev asks her to stop blaming herself because it was an accident but now they are here so would not let anything wrong happen to him.

Dev and Sonakshi are sitting when the doctor come out of the room, Sonakshi immediately asks him about the health of Bijoy, she asks if he has opened his eyes and is fine, the doctor is really tensed.

Alena explains she cannot understand how Sonakshi would be feeling, Radha explains that Sonakshi is a really strong women, Ishwari explains that it is one thing to be strong and another to pretend since Sonakshi was not herself when her mother, she advises them all to remain strong around her and be her support in this difficult time, she wonders if Dev and Sonakshi have had anything to eat, she then hands Vicky the tiffin advising him to go and ask Dev to eat it himself and feed Sonakshi without any excuse, the mobile rings, Neha exclaims it is her mobile, Ishwari questions where are the children, she is glad to see them praying.

Aayush along with Soha and Shuv is prying in the Mandir, Shuv prays that their grandfather gets better, Soha also explains how Dadi says that he corrects anything which one prays to him, Aayush explains they will bring new clothes for him with the money which they have in their piggy banks, but their grandfather should regain his health.

Neha coming to Ishwari mentions Dev said the condition of Bijoy uncle is serious, but the doctor explains that if everything remains fine the night then he will get healthy, Ishwari wonders how it all happened since everything was going fine and it seems there is a black omen on their family.

Rena asks Sanjana for her leave mentioning how she should leave now and will surely call her, Sanjana wonders why has no one called her to reveal the news that Bijoy uncle has died, she thinks of calling Neha so calling her mentions she is really sorry for what happened to Bijoy uncle, Neha replies there is nothing of the sort as he is indeed ill but the doctors are still hopeful, Sanjana exclaims he lived, Neha questions why is she talking like this, Sanjana explains she got shocked to hear the news but is now relieved that he is still alive and might be well, Sanjana in anger throws her mobile which worries Neha, Sanjana thrashes her room exclaiming Sonakshi cannot ruin her plans like this, she takes her purse walking out of the house.

Dev is on the call with Saurabh, he assures him there is no need to panic since he is in the hospital along with Sonakshi, they are going to take care of everything as nothing good can happen after panicking, he closes his eyes, Sanjana comes to him with a smile and even rubs her hand on his face.

Sonakshi is with the nurse and the ward boy, selecting the pillow which is soft for Bijoy, the nurse questions why is she doing all this as she has checked all of the spare pillow which they have, Sonakshi replies because she is not able to do anything for her father when he is lying on the bed in such condition, she finally selects one pillow, sitting beside Bijoy she feels a hand on her shoulder, Sonakshi gets shocked to see Sanjana standing beside her, she consoles Sonakshi exclaiming who would have known that such an incident would have happened after they left him, she thinks had Sonakshi waited for some more time then her plan would have been successful, Dev enters questioning what is she doing here, she replies she came to check on Bijoy uncle, Dev replies she cannot stay as only the family members are allowed, Sanjana leaves with a heavy heart and frustration.

Ishwari exclaims she has made the medicine with honey which will end any pain that Shuv is feeling, he however refuses to have it, Neha calls Dev asking where is he since the children have not eaten anything since the morning, Shuv is crying with stomach pain but is not letting either Maa nor her to give him the medicine, she knows he is already tensed in the hospital but Dev can at least come back for a moment, Dev however refuses saying that he cannot come since Sonakshi is alone with baba, Neha agrees. Sonakshi asks if it was Neha she then advises him to go since they both are here which is why the children are creating problems, Dev agrees but says she must first have something to eat, he makes her eat with his own hands then also asks her to have some juice, he feels someone is looking at them but is not able to see Sanjana, he leaves when Sanjana comes out of the corner thinking that mistakes are made once and this time her plan would be successful as if she wants to be his wife then someone who Sona loves needs to die.

Precap: Sanjana enters the room of Bijoy she is about to suffocate him when she hears Saurabh calling for Sonakshi. Saurabh opens the door but is not able to see anyone except Bijoy, he then realizes someone is hiding behind the curtain, Sonakshi asks him who is he looking at, she turns towards the curtain behind which Sanjana is hiding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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