Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Sonakshi and Dev both are in the hospital with Bijou, Dev receives a call from Vicky, he asks what has happened, and gets immediately worried hearing about it, Dev assures he is coming as quickly as possible and leaves with telling anything to Sonakshi which makes her even more worried.

Vicky is in the hospital when some people walk when their senior orders them to take into custody all the documents relating to the Asha foundation, Vicky gets really worried questioning what is going on, when the senior once again questions why is he sweating even after being in the air conditioned office, he questions if Vicky is the CEO but he replies that MR Dev is the CEO, just then Dev enters questioning what is going on since this is a reputed company, Dev questions how could he just barge in the office and start taking the files even when they have not done anything wrong, the person explains they got a tip when Dev asks how can they just believe the tip pf anyone, the inspector replies that it was someone from their own office, hearing which Dev gets really worried and then advises Sukhi to give all the documents which they require.

Sukhi leaves with them when Dev in anger hits his hand on the table, injuring the knuckles, Sanjana is not able to see it so immediately rushes to bring the first aid kit and start bandage, Dev questions what is she doing, she exclaims that it must be hurting when Dev assure he is fine and she should go back to her work, Dev exclaims he would not leave the person who is behind this all.
Dev receives a call from Sonakshi who is really worried about what might have happened, Dev looks at the file of Asha foundation and then ends the call as he is really tensed, Sanjana seeing that he ended the call, starts smiling thinking now her plan will be fulfilled.

Sukhi comes to both Dev and Vicky exclaiming that Tripathi sir is calling Vicky, he gets tensed hearing that he is being called, Dev hands him the glass of water asking him to not be worried as he has done nothing wrong, Vicky explains how he made some mistakes in the past but he has left it all behind and not looked back, Dev exclaims he knows about it, Vicky informs that the signs on the papers relating to Asha foundation are his so what would happen now as he feels they are trying to trap him, Dev explains there is nothing to worry about since all of their papers are in order, he sends Vicky to have the meeting with Mr Tripathi.

Alena opens the door for Ishwari and Radha, she walks into the room while Sonakshi is sleeping with her head rested on the bed, Ishwari walks up to her, Sonakshi immediately hugs her, Ishwari exclaims she should not be like this, Sonakshi mentions she has already lost her mother so would not be able to survive if she loses her father, Ishwari exclaims she should not talk like this, Radha also consoles her saying that Bijoy would be fine, since they all are with her.

Ishwari going to Bijoy asks him to see how today is the day when Dev decided to marry Sonakshi, she exclaims she would not lie as she at first also thought would Sonakshi be really worthy for her son, she exclaims it is the nature of a mother as she gets really worried for her son thinking if his wife would be able to take care of him, but with time Sonakshi not only took care of Dev but also the entire family, with her love and dedication, Ishwari then asks Sonakshi to shake hands, mentioning she is the one who filled the problems in their lives, she knows that just as Sonakshi is the strength for their family, she is also the strength of his house, he must get healthy because they have to argue a lot even now, and he also needs to dance at the wedding of his Grandchildren. Sonakshi feels relieved hearing eh words of Ishwari.

Dev is sitting when the lawyer comes mentioning how he talked with the seniors and they have agreed to leave but they should apply for the anticipatory bill for Vicky just in case, Dev asks the lawyer to make sure Vicky doesnot get hurt in the process, the lawyer leaves when the personal also leave, Dev advises his employees to make sure this news doesnot go out of the office as they have to handle it in house, he sits on his chair when Sonakshi calls questioning what happened, Dev at first tries to deny anything wrong ever happened, Sonakshi sees how the fingers of Dev are injured, she orders him to bring the first aid box teaching him how to bandage his hand with each step, Sanjana is not able to bear it, Sonakshi questions if it is still hurting, Dev explains that she needed his pain even when they are not together, Sanjana looks at them with frustration.

Dev is looking at the charts and is really worried while Vicky is also present, he starts getting all, Sukhi comes mentioning hat their stock prices are going down in the market, the assistant also comes informing how some of the investors want to withdraw their money with immediate effect, Dev gets really frustrated and breaks a vase in the process, he wonders who is the person who is hell bent on ruining their company, the lawyer comes mentioning it is the bad news since Vicky anticipatory bill might also get rejected.

Ishwari is sitting with Radha and Neha in the house, listening to the news when they hear that Vicky might get arrested with regards to the case of Asha foundation case since he is the main signatory, meanwhile Dev and Vicky also walk in, Radha questions what is going on in the news and why would he be arrested, Vicky explains that he is innocent, Radha then goes to Dev requesting him to save Vicky, Ishwari asks Radha to not eb worried because if Dev said then he would surely be able to save Vicky, Radha mentions how she knew this is all because of the name as it is not right for the family, Ishwari sees Sonakshi, she questions how did Sonakshi come back and who is at the hospital, Sonakshi explains that Saurabh is with Bijoy, she informs Radha that it was her right to get worried but she must rest assured that Dev would save Vicky, Dev coming to Radha and Vicky assures he will stand by him no matter what.

In the night Dev receives a call from the lawyer who informs that a meeting has been fixed with the magistrate, Dev apologizes to Sonakshi mentioning how it all got ruined and what did he want to do but rather what happened, he feels that in the process the name of Asha maa is getting ruined, Sonakshi explains that she is also his mother, she knows he would be able to save Vicky as his intention was not wrong. Sanjana is not able to bear it, she calls dev mentioning how she head him talking with Sukhi but has a suggestion that if they are able to find the file then it will solve everything, Dev exclaims she is right so leaves informing Sonakshi how Sanjana is a life saver, she seeing the screen exclaims if Sonakshi heard what Dev just said so she would soon be his life, she then closes the laptop, Sanjana exclaims she has a big surprise for Sonakshi which she will soon get, she then leaves placing the rose on the file which is in her house.

Precap: the police come to the house in order to arrest Vicky, Radha questions Dev why are the taking her son when he promised to save her, Radha scolds Ishwari asking why she said such big thigs when her son was not able to save Vicky.

Update Credit to: Sona

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