Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update

Sanjana informs how she thought the same last night that Rena could be dangerous when she saw her looking at the photo of Bijoy, Rena recalls how she was looking at the photo of Bijoy, Sanjana exclaims she has known Rena for long so knows what she is thinking, she could have thought that she is doing a good thing to make sure Dev is alert, Rena exclaims Sanjana should never call her as a friend as she never thought Sanjana could get so selfish, Sanjana exclaims she has a life so wants to live it in her own way, Rena mentions that even Dev has a life so she would not leave before meeting Dev, Sukhi listens to their conversation.

Sanjana exclaims that she thought that she should take what she was not able to get th right way as everything was snatched from her, Sukhi listens when Sanjana accepts her way was wrong and yet she is requesting Rena to not tell Dev sir anything, Rena asks how should she trust Sanjana when she at first joined the office with a fake profile and CV and she wants her to trust her even now, Sukhi immediately leaves.

Dev in the office is talking on the mobile with Mr Mehta exclaiming he knows the file can change everything but he is not able to find it, Sukhi comes rushing to Dev asking him to come since he feels a lot has happened because of Sanjana, Dev enters asking what did she want to talk about, Sukhi explains that he heard Sanjana is a fraud and not the right kind of a women, he asks Rena to tell the truth, She talking with Dev explains that she just wanted to say that Sanjana is really lucky that she got to work in the office, Dev asks then why did she say she wanted to talk urgently with him, Sanjana replies it is because she personally knows the lawyer who is an expert in such sort of cases, Sukhi is however convinced they both are lying but Dev asks him to not create any more tension and take the day off because then he will get better, Sukhi is tensed when Sanjana leaves with Rena, waling out of the office, Sanjana thanks Rena for not revealing the truth when she explains she only covered her intentions because Sanjana promised her she is going to mend her ways, she must not break the promise, Sanjana assures her but as Rena leaves, she gets really mad.

In the house the entire family is preparing for the pooja, Aayush and Soha come to ask Ishwari for the ladoo but she says that they are for the pooja but they can have the sweets which she brought for them both, Sonakshi goes to sit with Radha assuring Vicky would come back soon and there is nothing to be worried about, Soha asks her to have her sweet as she seems sad, Ishwari explains that both of her Grandmothers have kept the varth so they cannot eat anything, then Sonakshi explains she has a meeting with the minister, they will surely bring back Vicky, Radha stopping her explains that her father is in the hospital even then she is doing so much for Vicky, Radha blesses her so then she leaves to attend the meeting.

Dev is in the office when Sanjana comes from behind mentioning that she brought his file, he taking it turns when Sanjana sees his mobile, she thinks of her plan.

In the house the pooja starts and they start singing the song, meanwhile Sonakshi and Dev both are busy finding a way so that Vicky comes back home, Sanjana in the office thinks that Sonakshi would never be able to get what she desires, Radha is with Ishwari when she sees Dev and Sonakshi, they both rush to them when Sonakshi assures that Vicky would come back home soon as they are just waiting for the call, Ishwari then asks them both to go and get ready for the pooja.

Dev and Sonakshi are ready when Aayush and Soha ask for a selfie, Dev is not able to find his mobile, Sonakshi takes her mobile when they both see Gollu standing at the door, he is really sad, Dev and Sonakshi then also take a photo with him.

Sonakshi and Dev are attending the pooja along with the family, Sonakshi receives a call and when she answers it, she in excitement explains that Vicky got the bail, she is however tensed because the minister explains he had nothing to do in it as someone already had applied for the bail, Vicky calls Radha from behind, they all go to greet him, Dev explains they were trying but were not able to get the bail so who was the person who filed for his bail.

Sanjana from behind exclaims she was the one, she starts walking towards them completely destroying the Rangoli which Sonakshi made, this act offends her, Dev questions how she was able to manage this, Sanjana explains it was because of the NOC file which they were not able to get, Dev questions how she found it since they searched the entire office, Sanjana exclaims it is important from where they found it.

Sanjana explains that they found it from the bag of Sukhi, she even asked him how she thought he was the most trusted employee of the office but since the file was found in his belongings it says all about him, Sanjana mentions how Sukhi jee tried to exclaim that he was innocent.

Dev asks why Sukhi would do anything of the sort, Sonakshi questions how does Sanjana know about this, Sanjana explains she heard Sukhi talking with someone on the mobile, they were conspiring to ruin the name of Ishwari infotech since the land which Dev sir bought caused his parents to vacate their house, and when she got to know about his truth he even tried to damage her reputation, so he blamed her in front of Dev, and he asks why did no one inform him, Sanjana mentions that she tried calling him but his mobile was out of reach, she therefor decided to do it by herself since she never wanted Vicky to spent even a single moment in the jail, she did this to help them all as everyone in the family was busy, an employee brings the mobile of Dev mentioning it was on the floor by his desk. Dev thinks of calling Sukhi but his number is not dialling, Sonakshi is also tensed wondering how Sukhi can do something like this, Sanjana questions if they are not happy that Vicky got the bail.

Radha at once exclaims they are really glad that Vicky came back, it was all because of her and she is really grateful for it, Vicky also appreciates Sanjana for all that she did, Alena even hugs her thanking her for the help, Radha then brings the teka mentioning this would look the best in her today since she did something great for them all, Radha hugs her exclaiming she is now her family, Sanjana looks at Sonakshi recalling when Sonakshi said that she doesnot deserve to have a family as she only knows how to break it, Sonakshi is worried.

Precap: Sanjana asks their permission to leave since she needs to find a house, Radha requests Ishwari to let her stay for some time since she is the aunt of Soha. They are talking when Soha comes running to hug Sanjana, Sonakshi is really tensed to see how attached Soha has gotten with Sanjana.

Update Credit to: Sona

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