Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update

The loader explains she can check the luggage, Sanjana calls him from behind explaining that this is not his house, Neha asks if she is still not able to find a house, Sanjana explains the working women’s hostel is also full, she say that even Sonakshi’s contacts were not useful, Sanjana turns but then Radha stops her, she turning to Ishwari requests her to allow Sanjana to stay in their house for a couple of days, Sonakshi looks at Dev with a worrying face, Dev explains she must not be worried because he will talk and arrange for her to stay in a good hotel, Sanjana explains that she doesnot want to live in a hotel otherwise their so called modern society might say awful things about her, she can manage herself and even the cost of living in a hotel is really high, she doesnot want to burden Dev anymore.

Sanjana appreciates Radha for considering her as family as this is a really big step, she is not a member of the family even when she is related to them, she is not even allowed to meet her niece, she desires to leave when Radha once again stops her, saying to Ishwari how everyone says they should learn from Ishwari how to keep the relations dear but they should in reality learn from Sanjana as she has done a lot for them, Radha going to Sanjana explains she even feels the same as they do not consider her as a family member because of which they are not listening to her, Radha invites Sanjana to her house exclaiming that even when it is small, she has a really big heart, Ishwari then agrees allowing Sanjana to stay in their house until she finds a new apartment.

Sonakshi and Dev both leave, Ishwari tries to explain them saying that Radha is really concerned about her son so in this case she would take the side of the person who got his bail, Ishwari explains that she was away from Soha and even then reached her school so it is better that she stay with them as then it would be better, Ishwari leaves when Sonakshi sits down with a worrying mind, Dev assures her there is nothing to be worried about because he will always stand beside her and Ishwari might be right, Sonakshi explains she doesnot know the worries which they have because of Sanjana, Maa doesn’t know the entire situation. Both hear Radha calling the workers to come and help Sanjana place her luggage.

Radha decides to help Sanjana herself, but Ishwari stops her saying that Dev is coming, she immediate asks him to help her, Sanjana gets mad to see that he is holding the hand of Sonakshi, she is glad when he leaves her hand to come and help her, Soha comes running from behind and hugs Sanjana, Sonakshi gets really jealous and tensed seeing how close Soha has gotten to Sanjana. Ishwari turns and gets shocked seeing the Diya has died down, Sonakshi immediately looks towards Sanjana as it is all because of her arriving to their house.

In the morning Ishwari comes to the kitchen, she asks Sonakshi why did she get up so early as she would have made the lunch boxes for the children as Sonakshi has just returned from the hospital after so many days, Sonakshi explains even she must have been tired after the pooja, Sonakshi hands her the tea, Ishwari after drinking it explains Sonakshi is really good at managing the house, family and her work but she should only make tea for her when she is really angry or wants to take revenge as it is really bad, Sonakshi then asks if she should make the bitter courd juice, Ishwari gets tensed but drinks the tea.

Sonakshi comes to wake Aayush, but he asks her to first wake up Soha, she then goes to her and tries to wake her, Soha asks her to first hug then mentions that she saw a monster in her dream but before anything happened, she came to wake her, Sonakshi then asks them both to come downstairs.

Ishwari comes to the kitchen, seeing Sanjana questions what she is doing in her kitchen as she doesnot like anyone interfering and would do it all by herself, Sanjana however mentions she can help, Sonakshi comes to the kitchen explaining she is a guest and it is not suitable for them to come in the kitchen, Sanjana explains that she feels happy while trying to help others as this is what her mother taught her, Sonakshi forces her to leave from the kitchen.

Aayush is with Dev helping him to set his tie, Dev asks him to go as they have to leave for the school, He even asks Aayush to wait for him as they will play the board games, Sonakshi comes running to Dev explaining that she got the appointment of the doctor and he is really good at arranging and curing those who are in coma, Sonakshi explains she has to leave today as she got the appointment for tomorrow morning, Dev is sad as he would have to live without her for one whole day, Sonakshi assures there is nothing to worry about since she will be back, Sanjana standing at the door thinks that the relations change in a moment when it is a whole day, Dev questions what is she doing here as this is their room, Sanjana explains she needed a day off to find her apartment, Sonakshi agrees as this way she would have her own private life, Dev closes the door on her face.

Ishwari asks Dev why did he come back so early, Aayush asks her to see that Shuv is cheating and Dev is not saying anything to him, Ishwari stops Dev mentioning that it is wrong to help anyone cheat, Dev receives a call from Sanjana, she explains she is in Faridabad and is being chased by some very wrong people, Dev after ending the call questions why would she go there, Neha explains she went there because of her work, she explains that she took a loan from someone and it was time to pay back so she asked Sanjana to go there, Dev along with Ishwari questions why did she not ask them if she needed a loan, Neha in anger explains it was because they will ask so many questions, she request Dev to save Sanjana.

Dev is driving the car towards the location, he steps out of the car calling Sanjana, he finds traces of her, someone comes from behind with a rod and is about to hit dev, he manages to catch the rod explaining it is him, he sees how the dress of Sanjana is also torn, she immediately hugs Dev, he assures her that she is fine, Sanjana explains the cab driver left her in the middle of the road and was trying to take advantage of her, he makes her wear his coat, taking her to he car she is at first hesitant to sit with him but he forces her, they both are driving when Sanjana is sitting quietly with Dev.

Precap: Sanjana requests some water, Dev asks for the bottle, he is talking with Sonakshi who questions what he is doing but before he can say anything the call ends, he tries to catch the network. Sanjana sitting in the car mixes something with the water, she asks Dev to relax and have some water, Dev is about to drink the water.

Update Credit to: Sona

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