Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Dev and Sanjana are driving in the night, the mobile rings which worries Sanajan, he assures her that it is just his mobile, he answering the call assures Ishwari they are returning to Delhi so she must not be worried but the roads are not in a good condition so he is driving really slow, Ishwari also advises him to not hurry and remain calm.

Sonakshi in the office is recalling how Dev brought the boarding pass for her when she was about to leave, he even asked her to come back soon. Dev is driving, he explains Sanjana came by herself all this way, he explains it is not safe, he asks what she wants, she explains she needs water, he mentions how he will look for it so then he sees a small shop, so goes out to bring the water.
Dev asks the shop owner to sell him the water bottle even when he knows the shop is closing, Sanjana seeing the opportunity opens the car tank and puts some white substance in it, without Dev noticing, he receives a call from Sonakshi, she questions where is he because she came to office because of some work, they both are not able to connect when Sonakshi thinks she is getting late so will call Dev afterwards.

Dev is driving the car when the car starts to causes problems and then stops, Dev wonders what might have caused it since he had the car serviced just a few days ago, Dev starts checking for the problem however thinks that it is all fine, Sanjana quickly puts something in the water bottle. Dev coming to her requests for her mobile as he doesnot have any network but Sanjana shows him the broken mobile, Dev tries catching the signals, Sanjana coming out of the car offers Dev some water, he at first takes it but then refuses it saying that she would need the water as they do not know when they will get the help, they both start walking, Sanjana exclaims that it is really necessary for him to take the water otherwise her plan to have him come here will be ruined.

Dev exclaims how he feels they will find some network here but Sanjana pretends as if she has hurt her leg, she asks Dev for help, he then brings a wooden stick for her so she can take the support of it, Sanjana after walking some distance exclaims she cannot walk anymore, Dev explains he has found a place for her to sit, she even asks him to accompany her but he explains that he is not tired, Sanjana mentions she knows why he is not sitting beside her, he has till now not forgiven her for the one mistake, she promises him to not create any movie scene, Dev sits beside her, she offers him some water, he starts drinking it, Sanjana exclaims she is really glad he came all this way to help her, but feels sorry that he got stuck in this problem, Dev however explains he is grateful for her because she helped Neha and also Vicky.

Sanjana sitting exclaims she really loves sitting under he trees in the night as it is really relaxing, Dev explains even Sonakshi also likes sitting beside the trees and performing the yoga, Sanjana gets tensed but then mentions she loves the trees as this is the only love which she ever had, Dev explains he doesnot like any sort of poetry but will say that his sky and land is all Sonakshi, Sanjana exclaims this is also poetry, Dev smiling explains that the love of Sonakshi also made him a poet.

Sanjana sees how Dev is feeling dizzy, she thinks the medicine is starting to work, Dev explains he feels Sonakshi is perfect because she is a perfect mother and daughter, Dev informs the first time he met Sonakshi he felt as he got hit by a tornado, she replied he should stay in the house if he doesnot know how to walk , Dev explains his head is spinning, Sanjana explains that even she is getting a headache, Sanjana mentions it might be because they are tired, Sanjana explains they both are lucky to have eachother, she doesnot have anyone whom she can love a lot, Dev explains she would not have meant it but he feels that when there is a right time even Sanjana would meet someone whom she loves, Sanjana asks him to find someone but he explains that he doesnot know anything about it, she can however seek the help of Sonakshi.

Sanjana explains if Sonakshi was not in his life and she had revealed her love the same way then what would have been his answer, Dev question s what sort of a question is this because he told her that Sonakshi is the sky and land of his life then why is she asking this question, Dev is not able to sit so lies down on the grass, Sanjana also lies beside him after taking off the blazer.

In the morning, Sanjana is sleeping when Dev while waking up asks why did Sonakshi untie the button because he needs to sleep for five more minutes, he immediately wakes up and then get tensed wondering what happened last night because he was talking about Sonakshi but then doesnot recall anything after that, Sanjana also explains she doesnot remember anything, she explains what if something happened, Dev however refuses of anything, he signals a truck to stop and then sits in the back of it with Sanjana.

They both are sitting in the back, Dev is worried he exclaims how he is sure that nothing happened so she should try to remember, Sanjana requests him to not make her think of anything that happened last night as they should not even think of what might have happened, Dev gets worried when Sanjana thinks nothing happened but what has happened will give fire to what happens in the future.
Ishwari is sitting with Neha, she is glad to see Dev came back with Sanjana, Ishwari seeing the condition of Sanjana gets worried questioning if Dev came to her safety and nothing happened, Sanjana explains they stayed at the house of her friends parents, Neha exclaims they should have at least called them as they both were really worried. Dev leaves exclaiming he will go and get freshen up. Sanjana looks at him, thinking now her plan would be fulfilled.

Precap: Sanjana from her room sees Sonakshi and Dev together in the laptop, she goes closing the laptop. Shuv comes and opening the laptop tries to call Sonakshi but she doesnot respond, he then takes it to her room exclaiming she is also in this laptop, Sonakshi gets amazed so Shuv is about to show her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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