Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Dev is in his room, he receives a voice text from Sonakshi, she questions where is he because she landed in Calcutta and was not able to reach him, he listens to the other message in which she explains that she is coming back to him and the boarding has started, Dev tries calling her but is not able to reach her, he looks at the portraits from their wedding with a lot of tension.

Ishwari asks Dev to eat properly as he did not have anything to eat even last night, Ishwari exclaims that why does she think he is tensed even now, she exclaims he would be missing Sonakshi but then asks him to eat the food, Dev starts to think about the water bottle, Sanjana comes to sit beside him, Dev explains that he knows what happened last night as someone mixed something in the water bottle, Sanjana gets tensed, Dev takes the name of the shop keeper, Sanjana apologizes exclaiming that she is sorry that he was forced to stop because of her, Dev explains that they should not trust anyone and should be more careful, Sonakshi questions for what should have they been more careful about.

Dev sees Sonakshi, he is not able to control, himself so immediately goes to hug her, Sanjana seeing this leaves saying she needs to make an important call, Sonakshi explains she went for one day and he seems miserable so what would happen if she goes for a long time, Dev explains he would even let her stay away for a couple of hours, Ishwari and Neha also come, she greets Ishwari who explains that Shuv can live without her but not Dev, she can see how his face has been, Neha questions what did the doctor say, Sonakshi explains that he is going to come himself to check on Bijoy, Ishwari exclaims it is really a good news, Sonakshi taking her hand exclaims that Ishwari and Neha were the ones who gave her strength otherwise she would not have been able to do anything. Sonakshi taking the hand of Dev exclaims she has hope that they both would be able to take care of everything together, after what happened to Bijoy she was emotionally broken but he helped her, she thanks him.

Dev brings Sonakshi when she asks for some time to freshen up but before Dev can say anything, Aayush and Soha come to greet Sonakshi asking why did she leave them as they missed her, she replies she also missed them and questions if they were nice to Dev last night, Aayush explains Dev was not in the house so how could they tease him, Sonakshi asks if this is what Dev wanted to say to her, Soha seeing his finger questions where is his ring, Dev explains he might have left it in the bathroom, so then goes to search for it in the room.

Dev wonders where is the ring, Sanjana coming from behind exclaims she found it in the bag, she explains he might have given it to her as she doesnot remember it clearly, Dev gets stunned so drops the ring, Sonakshi picking it up asks what happened last night, Dev explains that Neha was in some sort of trouble, she only talked to Sanjana about it, so Sanjana had to go to Faridabad but she herself landed in trouble because of which he was forced to go after her but on their way back the car broke down, Sanjana stops Dev explaining that is when he gave her the ring for safe keeping, Sonakshi questions what happened to the car, Sanjana mentions they stayed at the house of her friends parents, Sonakshi exclaims she has gotten a call of Saurabh so attends it.

Saurabh informs Sonakshi that the doctor has started the treatment of Bijoy using the new method, he asks for the CT scans, Sonakshi explains she is going to send him the soft copy, Sanjana opens the laptop to see what is happening between Dev and Sonakshi. Sonakshi questions why he is worried however Dev says it is nothing, Sonakshi asks if he is worried because he took out the ring, she explains it is just a symbol when her love is actually in his heart and mind, she makes him wear the ring mentioning how he made her wear the Mangal Sutur while she now helped him with the ring. Sonakshi asks if he doesnot think they are re living the memories, she is glad to have someone like him with whom she can re live all those moments, Sanjana closes the laptop, with a smile thinking of how she slept with Dev the previous night.

Sanjana is standing in front of the mirror when Dev comes from behind, he question why did she lie to Sonakshi as he wanted to reveal the truth to Sonakshi, Sanjana questions how can they reveal anything to her when it was just a state of confusion so how can they explain it to her, Dev exclaims how he is going to reveal the news, Sanjana explains she lied to protect their relation, Sanjana asks him to think it from her perspective because she got really angry when Sanjana revealed her feelings to him, so now when she gets to know the half truth about that night what would she do, Sanjana mentions she has lost the happiness in her life because of her mistakes but doesnot want them to suffer because of her mistakes, Dev apologizes to Sanjana explaining nothing happened because of her, Sanjana smiles thinking her plan is working.

Neha is cooking when Sanjana comes mentioning it is smelling really good, Neha asks her to come straight to the point as she cannot bear this odd talk, Sonakshi is talking when the worker comes mentioning the delivery boy came with the grocery, Sonakshi asks if he checked everything is in order then she pays the bill after scanning the code, informing Neha that women need to be financially independent because when the problems come they do not see the gender, Neha replies that she can use this to keep her self esteem high, Sonakshi questions what does she mean because she changed such a simple dish like momos into something beautiful with the help of her talent, she informs that Dev did not become successful because of his degrees but only because of the talent, Neha with a smile asks Sonakshi to taste them, she after taking a bite exclaims they are really delicious, Sonakshi informs that if she stays here then would eat them all so Neha should go and give them to everyone else.

Aayush and Soha are studying, Sanjana comes with popcorn and chocolate milk, she asks who wants to watch a new movie, they both agree but Aayush explains they can watch the movie afterwards but for now have to study, Sanjana asks them think clearly because when they go tomorrow all of their friends would be talking about this movie but they will not know anything about it, Soha mentions that Sonakshi said they should finish their work, Sanjana explains that they can finish the work after having lunch and watching the movie, Aayush and Soha agree, Shuv comes mentioning how he wants to p[lay a game but both Aayush and Soha send him away.

Shuv sees the laptop so opens it but is shocked to see Sonakshi, he wonders why she is not talking, Shuv entering the room exclaims she can also be seen in the laptop, Sonakshi stops him as she is talking to Jitin but then after the call ends, Shuv once again explains that he can see her in the laptop, Sonakshi is tensed wondering what he is saying, she is shocked to see what is happening.

Precap: Sonakshi while walking with the laptop, calls Sanjana in anger, she is placing the laptop on the kitchen table questions what is this, Neha along with Ishwari are shocked to see what was going on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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