Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Sonakshi asks Shuv what was he saying, he replies she is also ion the laptop, Sonakshi gets worried, Shuv slowly starts to turn the laptop but before he was able to, Sanjana comes running and closes thew laptop, she explains that they were watching the animation films and he though she looked like the character of the film, Sonakshi exclaims she did not have to run for something like this and why is she so breathless, Sanjana mentions she has her working files in the laptop so she was worried he might delete it, Sanjana leaves with the laptop.

In the night Dev is helping Sonakshi which surprises her, she questions what is going on in his life because he did not let her cook and even ordered from a restaurant, she questions why is he pampering her so much, she places the plates on the tray and recalls when she saw her father lying down on the floor, Dev asks what is she thinking, Sonakshi explains she is thinking of Bijoy as she cannot understand how he got the shock as even the doctor said it is really unusual, Sanjana drops the pot, Sonakshi exclaims she was also present at her father’s house, Sanjana explains they both left together, Sonakshi questions if she noticed something that might have caused the wire to break, Sanjana replies she did not see anything, Sonakshi gets worried thinking something wrong happened between the time when they left and the delivery boy arrived, Sanjana explains that thee is no idea about life because who knows when one might die, she leaves with the tray, Sonakshi questions Dev what happened to her.

In the morning Sanjana is working on her laptop, Neha calls her so she leaves closing her laptop, Sonakshi recalls when Shuv said he could see her in the laptop, she then opens it and after seeing it is really shocked, Sonakshi in anger calls Sanjana, she takes the laptop to the kitchen questioning Sanjana what does it mean, Neha is also shocked to see it, Ishwari comes asking what happened, Sonakshi turning the laptop asks what does this photo mean, Sonakshi shows the photo of Sonakshi which Sanjana has replaced with her own face, Sonakshi exclaims she is trying to ruin their relation with Soha and trying to take her away, Neha questions what wrong has Sanjana done that Sonakshi is saying such things as she is the aunt of Soha but even then is not pressing for anything, while trying to live by the rules which they have set, why did Sonakshi touch her laptop without her permission, Sanjana stops Neha explaining Sonakshi has the right to look in her laptop as she is living in her house, Ishwari asks Sanjana to calm down, she brings water for her, trying to convince Sonakshi to not be worried about such small things, Sonakshi explains this is not a small thing for her, she warns Sanjana to not force herself into their space, warning her to delete this image right away.

Soha comes to the kitchen before Sanjana can delete it, she asks how the photo came when they did not take it, Sanjana turning asks Soha if she doesnot want to go and attend her school, Sonakshi then hands her the lunch box, Neha takes Sanjana away. Sonakshi tries to open the box filled with nuts but ends up throwing them all over the shelf, Ishwari explains if the put too much pressure, then things end up ruining, Ishwari explains that this was not such a small thing on which Sonakshi scolded Sanjana to such an extent, she should not be worried as her relation matters on how she handles the situation. Sonakshi understands what Ishwari is trying to explain.
Sonakshi and Ishwari are checking the clothes, Sonakshi points to the clothes of Sanjana mentioning they belong to their guests so she must separate them, the worker starts crying, Sonakshi asks what did she say that made her emotional, the worker explains it is not because of Sonakshi but her fate, as her husband has brought another women with him, Sonakshi and Ishwari get tensed, Sonakshi explains there is no need for her to cry for such a man who did not care for her as if had no care for his children or wife then she should not be worried about him, Dev also comes questioning what happened, Sonakshi explains how her husband is having an affair, she asks him to tell her there is no need to be worried for such a man, Dev is not able to say anything.

Dev is looking at his ring in the office recalling how the maid said her husband promised it was a mistake, he sees Vicky coming who questions why he not told them, Dev asks what he means, Vicky explains everyone is saying that Mam is coming, Dev questions who are the talking about.

Sanjana enters the office with a women seeing whom everyone is talking about her, Dev walks out asking what is she doing at the office, Neha turns to see Dev and when he asks what is she doing in the office, Neha replies she thought of joining the office from today because for how long would she sit with her problems as she wants to be independent like Dev and Sona Bhabhi, Neha asks for her sitting place to be cleaned, Dev asks the worker to clean it when he questions which cubicle should he clean, Neha in anger exclaims that she is the sister of Dev so wants to be treated like a boss, Dev orders him to clean the cabin which is at the end.

Sanjana leaves with Neha, Vicky questions what he is doing as this is the office and it is not like that Neha started to feel like sitting in the office and he allowed her.Neha sits on the chair in the office, Sanjana questions how she is feeling, she even mentions how Neha can ask for anything with just a call, Neha calls the worker asking him to bring a name plate for her cabin. Dev brings the files; he explains that with the cabin comes responsibility as she is now a member of Ishwari infotech and should work with all interest but take it easy.

Ishwari while making the ladoo asks the worker to work quickly since he is really slow, Ishwari is worried since she is sure she placed a ladoo on the plate however it is missing but she feels it might be the deception of her eye, Sonakshi comes questioning if she saw Neha as they were talking but then she just vanished, Ishwari explains she while working in the kitchen listened that she was talking about doing something independently, Ishwari once again feels that the ladoo is missing so informs Sonakshi that she is sure she placed a ladoo on the plate, Sonakshi goes behind the sofa, she informs Ishwari that an army of ladoo thieves is sitting behind her, Ishwari threatens to catch them so they all run away, and are about to even triple over the worker, he exclaims he might have hurt his head, Ishwari explains that Children are really mischievous.

Dev enters with Sanjana and Neha, Ishwari exclaims they all are coming together, Neha mentions she from today has joined the office, Sonakshi exclaims it is really good she is doing something by herself but does she not think she should have discussed it with them before taking such a big decision, Neha explains Sanjana mentioned they should surprise everyone, Sonakshi feels tensed, she asks what has Neha thought about doing in the office since there are a lot of departments so what is she going to do, Sonakshi suggests she should start assisting someone like Vicky, Neha gets angry asking what is Sonakshi saying, why would she assist anyone in her brothers office, Dev was able to start the company because she left her study, and it is the right of her brother to decide at which position will she work without any degree. Sonakshi feels tensed with Neha’s rude behaviour.

Precap: Sonakshi in the room explains that ever since she came back, she is feeling there is something wrong as she is worried things have changed, Dev questions what does she mean, Sonakshi explains she is talking about Sanjana, Dev explains he also wanted to talk about her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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