Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update

In the night Dev is playing with Shuv, he asks if superman would like to drink milk, he brings the glass asking Shuv to drink it, explaining he is a good boy.

Sanjana in her room while working on the laptop sees the picture which is on her wallpaper, she sees that Soha is standing behind her so she welcomes her, Soha exclaims she has finished her homework and even drank the milk so will she tell her how she got in the picture, Sanjana explains she will surely tell her, Sanjana mentions she once had an elder sister with whom she used to play and love a lot but one day she went to Bhagwan, she also had a niece, after meeting Soha she really felt like as she met her niece so she combined both their photos so whenever she would miss her niece she can see it, Soha exclaims whenever she misses her niece she can really come to her and then they can be together, Soha and Sanjana both hug each other, Aayush comes asking Soha to take away her dolls from his bed because he wants to sleep, Soha agrees explaining she would have to wake up her dolls just because of him.

Dev is sleeping while Sonakshi is not able to sleep, thin king that anything could have happened to Maa, she knows who is behind it but it is that she doesnot have any proof, she si worried about what would have happened with Ishwari, Sonakshi walks out of the room, entering the room of children she sees the toy house and then thinks Sanjana has not only invaded the privacy of the house but also their lives, she exclaims that she knows what she must do tomorrow.

In the morning Neha exclaims that she will not go to the office, but Ishwari asks her to not be worried and leave because she is fine, she asks Sonakshi to talk some sense into her, Sonakshi assures she is going to stay back with Ishwari, Sanjana mentions she has called the cab, Dev also explains he is going to leave, Neha asks why does Sanjana not go with him since they both are going to the same place so why are two cars leaving, Dev gets frustrated so then explains that he first needs to attend a meeting after which he will come to the office. Sanjana also leaves.

Sonakshi immediately exclaims she will come back; she enters the room of Sanjana thinking there would be some evidence that will reveal what Sanjana is actually planning, Sonakshi while looking in the drawer finds a sketch book, in which there are a lot of thoughts written with reference to the family, Sonakshi is still reading them when Sanjana coming from behind questions what does she want, Sonakshi in a state of tension places down the sketch book, Sanjana exclaims that it is her house and she can search for whatever she is looking for but she just came back to take her file, Sanjana leaves thinking that Sonakshi feels she is really smart but she is not an idiot to place the proofs in her room so Sonakshi can search all she wants.

Sonakshi while talking on the mobile exclaims Sanjana is really smart, but she wants to find out about everything regarding why Sanjana came to their city from Kolkata, she doesnot care about the money it takes but she needs the truth.

In the night Shuv and Sonakshi are colouring when Dev comes asking what has happened, Shuv explains he is teaching Sonakshi how to colour, Aayush then comes explaining that all of his homework was ruined because of the colour which Shuv left at the desk, Shuv however at first refuses to accept the truth but when Aayush assures he would not say anything, Shuv accepts that he left the ink but would never do it again neither will he lie, Dev also explains he wants to say something to Sonakshi about the night when she was out of city and he went to help Sanjana. He tries to take her away, but Shuv insists that she should not leave before finishing her colouring.

Dev while waiting feels someone coming so questions why it took her so time to come, he after turning is shocked to see Sanjana standing, she sits down with him crying exclaiming that she received an email, he is shocked to see the photos in the email, Dev questions how did it happen, Sanjana replies that she is really worried, they both stand when Sonakshi coming from behind questions what is happening between them both, Sanjana immediately explains that Dev sir is worried because of the investors and they were calling him, Dev explains that ever since the raid, stock prices of their company have started to fall so this is what is worrying her, Sonakshi asks then why is Sanjana crying, she replies that Dev sir got angry with her so scolded her which is why she is crying, she then leaves but before she can she purposefully causes the cups of tea to fall.

Sonakshi exclaims Dev wanted to talk with her about something important, Dev replies he just wanted to spend some time with her but after receiving the calls from the investors he thinks that he would have to spend some time convincing them, he leaves when Sanjana standing at the corner of the door thinks that the person who was just hiding the truth has also started lying so it is all working according to her plan.

Dev is in the office with a technical expert trying to find out the source of the photo however the expert replies he ahs not been able to find about the email because it has been wired through a lot of servers on the international level, Sanjana knocks on the door but Dev explains he is busy so she can come back later, Sanjana receives a notification that warned her Dev transferred the mail she leaves, Dev asks the expert, he replies that his laptop was also hacked and that someone was survelling him, Dev in a state of tension questions if he can find out, the expert replies he can only say that they were both used with a similar malware.

Sonakshi enters the apartment of Rena, she tries searching for a clue but is not able to find it, she then calls the person explaining she thought she would be able to find a reason but has found out Rena doesnot live here anymore, she is the one who knows how she managed to convince the landlord, Sonakshi then advises the person to keep searching on his behalf.

Sanjana knocks on the cabin, she is entering asks dev if he was able to find anything about the hacker as he was tyring to find him, Dev replies he found something which worries Sanjana.

Sonakshi sits down on the sofa when she sees an envelope in between the books, so she is taking it out tries calling the person with hopes to find something regarding Sanjana.

Sanjana asks Dev what he found, Dev explains he found out that the person who sent the email is an expert, he asks if Sanjana suspects someone but she refuses, she asks if he has suspicion over anyone Dev replies he suspected the vendor but now feels it was a mistake since he cannot do such a big plan but he knows one thing for sure that the person behind it all is really close to either one of them, Dev vows to make sure he can catch the person before Diwali because he will not let him ruin the celebration, he will then make sure that the person pays for his ill actions.

Precap: Dev and Sonakshi walk down the stairs for the Diwali celebration, they both take the blessings of Ishwari, Shuv exclaims Dev is on the TV with friend aunti, the entire family is shocked to see him, Sonakshi with tears asks Dev if it is the truth, he tries to explain that it is not that simple, Sonakshi is adamant it is simple so questions if it is really the truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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