Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Sonakshi enters the room of the children when she asks them why are they not asleep as of now, Shuv asks how were Dev and Sanjana both on the television, Sonakshi explains that since they know both Dev and Sanjana work in the same office then they were on the television because of the office related work, Soha seeks permission to sleep with them in their room but Sonakshi replies that they all should sleep in there room as of now because she even has to complete her office related work on the laptop, Soha agrees, Sonakshi then advises them all to sleep because she told them that early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise, Soha even asks her to say good night to their father, Sonakshi leaves in a state of tension.

Dev is sitting in a state of tension when Sanjana comes, he explains he does not want to be with anyone but prefers to stay alone, Sanjana explains they both are floating in the same direction and now should be of support to each other otherwise it might create a lot of problems, she explains that Diwali is the night of celebration and they should stay at the house of Rena as she is out of the city so they can rest, Dev however explains that she can go as he will rest in the office.

Sonakshi coming to Ishwari hands her the medicine, Ishwari explains that all the channels are showing the same news and she is getting really worried thinking how long would they stop the children from seeing the news, and what will happen if they go to school and the other students say something wrong to them, Saurabh enters the house, Ishwari leaves asking him to sit, he in anger questions Sonakshi what is she doing here even when she knows the entire truth, yet she refused to hide it from him, he is adamant to take her with him along with the children but Sonakshi questions why should she leave as this is her house, Saurabh is really worried.

Sanjana talking with Rena thanks her for all the help as because of her landlord she was able to find the apartment, Sanjana mentions she has not done anything wrong but thinks it is her destiny to be stuck in such a mess, she then ends the call, there is someone at the door who rings the bell, Sanjana worryingly goes to open the door, she is shocked to see that it is Dev sir. Sanjana opening the door asks what he is doing here, Dev explains he was in the office but felt tensed in the emptiness that existed there, he could only think about the news and media, he hopes it is fine, Sanjana holding his hand assures that it is absolutely fine, Sanjana pulls Dev into the apartment, She after closing the door comes to him explaining she said it before that they both are supposed to be there for each other, she assures that she will be there for him and he must remain comfortable, Sanjana turns on the music, standing in front of Dev, she holds both of his hands, while he is standing with emptiness in his hands, she force fully places both of his hands so they start dance, he seems uncomfortable with it however Sanjana rests her hand over his chest. Sanjana immediately wakes up from the dream, she explains it can be the dream but would be the reality really soon, it is said that a thin stick can help the one drowning so she would be that stick for Dev sir, he is left alone so she will stand with him.

In the morning Sonakshi calls the children to the breakfast table, Soha comes explaining that everyday they are supposed to eat in a hurry but today she will eat while watching the television, Soha is about to turn on the Tv when Sonakshi tries to stop her but Soha turns on the TV, she is however shocked because there are no signal, Neha coming asks her to go and finish her breakfast first since there was some problem with the network, Neha inform Sonakshi that she purposefully disconnected the step top box so that the children are not even able to see the news by mistake, Sonakshi breathes a sigh of relief and thanks Neha mentioning how she knew Neha would be able to handle the situation.

Sonakshi is walking in the hall of the hotel, she is standing in front of the room is about to knock on the door.

Sanjana enters the office, she is glad that no one has arrived as with the perfect weather this would be the best date, she enters the office but is shocked to see that even Dev is not present, she sees the diary on his table and manages to find the address of the hotel where he has gone to.

Sonakshi knocks on the door, Dev opens it with a smile, he hugs Sonakshi as soon as she enters exclaiming he missed her a lot, she warns him to behave as they are not on their honeymoon, Dev tries to lift her but puts her down mentioning she has gotten fat, Sonakshi asks him to be serious, he agrees saying that he knows they have booked this room to meet in secret so that Sanjana doesnot realize that they know the entire truth about her and it is all because she shared her gut feeling.

Dev and Sonakshi recall when they were in the bedroom and Sonakshi explained how she is sure Sanjana changed the medicines of Ishwari, she was sure that Sanjana would be able to do anything, Dev explains that he was glad they both are still together and she agreed to stand with him vowing that they cannot end any relation facing just a single problem, Dev and Sonakshi both started searching about Sanjana with their own methods but the most difficult part was to reveal it all to Ishwari, they then asked her to act as she will have to make some hard decisions, Dev explains he is really angry and is even feeling to hand her over to the police, Sonakshi exclaims it would not be a good idea since Sanjana has trapped Dev in a fantasy which she created with her own mind, she even has the proof against Dev which can use in the court, they all know she is the real aunt of Soha, so might try to take her away from them which she cannot bear. Dev asks what their next step is, Sonakshi mentions she is trying to find out more about Sanjana from her Ex-boyfriend Parth, she will try to find out each and every detail about her which might be useful for them.

Precap: Saurabh brings the favourite album of Bijoy explaining he noticed that a photo was missing from it, Shuv is holding the hands of Bijoy, he explains that Bijoy pressed his hands, hearing this Sonakshi is left stunned. Sanjana opens the door, Dev entering the apartment exclaims he feels they should not meet in the future.

Update Credit to: Sona

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