Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Sonakshi exclaims she just wants to enjoy coffee with Dev, she wonders when would they be able to enjoy the coffee in their own house, Dev assures that the time would come really soon, they both are sitting with their heads together when there is someone at the door, Dev goes to open it when he is shocked to see Sanjana standing in front of him, he is shocked and they both turn back but there is no one there, Sanjana questions why is he so worried, Dev replies it is because he did not tell anyone about staying in this hotel which is why he got shocked to see her, Sanjana explains a lot happened yesterday when he assured he was going to stay in the office so she went there but he was nowhere to be found, she then found the address of the hotel written on his diary, she hands the drawing which she made when Dev recalls how he wrote it on the diary, Dev says this means she is spying on him, Sanjana explains that it caring is termed as spying, she thought that one might get troubled after such a traumatic scene, she wanted to check on him, Dev explains it is really thoughtful of her, he is glad because she came when he asks that it is most opportune because now they both can have breakfast together, he requests to her to take his car out of the parking while he checks out from the hotel, Sanjana agrees, Dev closing the door breathes a sigh of relief because Sonakshi was able to hide herself.

Dev walks into the office when everyone greets him, Sanjana also walks past them, they all exclaim that the environment of this office is ruined because of such people, Mona even asks her to go and trap any other person but leave Dev sir, Neha coming from behind asks if they all have nothing else to do but just gossip, she explains they are paid to work and not talk, she does not want to hear anything on this topic from now on.

Saurabh explains to Bijoy that it is not nice he doesn’t talk when his children come to talk to him, Sonakshi walks into the room with Shuv, she asks him to talk with Bijoy and say all that he did because his eyes are just closed but he can hear everything, Shuv explains that he has made a painting and done a lot of things which he will show when he comes back. Saurabh gets emotional,
Sonakshi asks Saurabh if he was able to find anything out of the order, he replies that there was nothing out of the ordinary but he found an envelope which has something suspicious, Sonakshi replies Bijoy might be missing Maa but Saurabh explains there is one photo missing from it, Sonakshi exclaims it is the favorite album of Bijoy, Saurabh explains he searched everywhere but was not able to find the photo, Shuv explains that Bijoy pressed his hands, hearing this Sonakshi and Saurabh are amazed, then Bijoy does it once again, Saurabh exclaims this means Bijoy is waking up, Sonakshi explains that this process the treatment of the doctor is working, he leaves to call him, Sonakshi exclaims to Shuv that Bijoy is getting healthy once again.

Neha is sitting in the office, Sanjana entering the office exclaims that she is glad Neha stood up for her but Neha replies she did this all because she cannot bear anything against Dev Bhai, she was not able to bear anything against her brother in this office, she explains she has something for Sanjana, she hands her the resignation but Sanjana replies she never demanded it however Sanjana replies she will sign that she has resigned with her own will, Sanjana exclaims she has also thought that it is all the mistake of Sanjana, she thought of Neha as an elder sister thinking she would support her just as she did when Neha was in trouble, Sanjana explains she does not have anyone else nor a job after this so it would be better that she give her the poison, Neha sits down as she is dizzy but she does not allow Sanjana to come near her saying she doesn’t need her help, she orders Sanjana to leave but as she turns, Neha stops her, she then tears the resignation papers explaining Sanjana was right as she helped her so they are now even, Sanjana leaves thanking her.

Dev while being in his office calls Mona to make sure no one enters his cabin today as he does not want to be disturbed, he then picks up his mobile.

Sonakshi is feeding Shuv in the house when she receives a text, Shuv seeing it asks why does she have two mobiles, Sonakshi explains that one is for her office while the other for Shuv, she starts texting with Dev, he asks if she met with the boyfriend of Sanjana, she replies she is going to meet him today, he is hopeful something good comes out of it, he then explains he is going to drop the bomb on Sanjana.

Radha in her house calls Baldev asking if he is okay, he assures that he is fine when Baldev explains that he is feeling she is hiding something, she assures everything is fine when Baldev questions why would she lie, she is shocked to see Baldev standing behind her, she asks how did he come back early when he was about to come after two weeks, Baldev asks if she does not have any shame as she should have told him about all that happened in the house of Ishwari, Radha replies she did not want to worry him but he explains he is a member of this family, he leaves saying he would talk to Ishwari.

Sanjana opens the door, she is excited to see Dev, he enters the apartment, she apologizes for the messy apartment and then asks if he would like to have coffee but then leaves to make something for him.

Sonakshi is waiting in her office, Parth greets her after entering and she immediately asks if he would like to have something, Sonakshi explains that her entire family needs his help, Parth explains eh knows that she wants to know about Sanjana, he saw it all in the news yesterday, Sonakshi explains that it is personal but she wants to find about how it ended, Parth mentions he thought that he loved her but after some time it became like her obsession and she started to interfere in his life, she even managed to hack his mobile and laptop, she even tried to harm him and attacked him, Sanjana brings the refreshments for Dev when he stops saying that it is better that they stay away from each other, Parth explains that Sanjana has some sort of obsession in her mind, she wants all that she thinks off, Sanjana asks why can she not be seen with him but Dev explains it is because after just one night the lawyers have suggested that she stays away from him because now even his company is ruined, he assures that she will be paid on time and so gets up to leave but she stops him.

Sonakshi questions how was he able to end it all, Parth explains it all happened because he filed the police complaint and the trial is even progressing now, Sonakshi asks for a favor asking if he can testify against Sanjana in the court.

Sanjana explains she has a way and that if she records her statement that Dev sir is innocent and nothing happened, she in the video explains the entire situation of how he came to help her but there was something in the water which made them ill, however nothing happened between them both, Dev thanks Sanjana for her help, he assures that he is going to give this recording to the media, Sanjana smiles when Dev leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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