Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Sonakshi is massaging the shoulders of Dev, he exclaims that this is magical explaining that the stress has caused tremendous pain and even Shuv assisted to it, but if he had known that her massage would be so good, and that she will give him so much preferential treatment then he would stay away from her more often, she starts applying pressure so he apologizes, Dev explains at the time of the celebration he had a thought that Aayush and Shuv both have a sister but Soha doesnot have anyone on her team, as Aayush and Shuv both being boys are always together, he was thinking why should they not make a baby girl for Soha as then she will also have a sister, Soha once again starts pressing which hurts Dev, he exclaims that she has tortured him a lot so now it is his turn, he starts tickling her but she requests him to stop, they both hug it out.

Sanjana sitting with Mr and Misses Verma inquires about the health of Soha, saying they would go there often to meet her, Mr Verma she is fine as they go there when they feel like but Misses Verma interrupts saying they only go there when the Dixit family feels like it and if they allow it, Sanjana asks why do they need any permission, because they are the real grandparents of Soha so have a right, Misses Verma exclaims that in the past ten months they have been only allowed to meet for three or four time, Mr Verma tries to explain that they are relaxed knowing that Soha is being treated well, Sanjana replies that it is not right even then as even she was not allowed to meet her, and they even forced her to hide the truth, Misses Verma exclaims that she feels they have done something wrong like the king as their family always is separated from them, Sanjana mentions the fate can be changed when Misses Verma in excitement asks what would they have to do in order to make their family whole.

Ishwari shows the drawing which Soha has made explaining Dev to see that she made it with such a good heart, Dev explains they should reveal the truth to her because if Sanjana gets to know that they are playing a game then she would surely try to do something to get Soha, he feels that all her lies on one side and the truth that she is the aunt of Soha would be more heavier therefor he feels they should reveal the truth to Soha, Sonakshi and Ishwari both raise their concerns mentioning that she is just a child, Sonakshi is relieved that her grandparents are on their side, they are relieved. Soha comes asking Sonakshi what did she want to say, Sonakshi hugging her asks if she knows that they all love her a lot, she replies she knows that she is the favourite of Dev and the laddo rani of Dadi, and even is the princess of the family, Soha hands all three of them a chocolate, Aayush and Shuv also come to her, she whispers to Sonakshi, questioning both Aayush and Shuv who is the favourite of their parents, Shuv and Aayush both accept that she is their favourite, Aayush demands her to come back as she left the game in the middle, Soha agrees to go with them.

In the morning Dev along with Sonakshi, Vicky and Neha are in the office, Sanjana walking into the cabin sits on the chair asking why are they looking at her like as if they are going to eat her, she demands that they say whatever they feel like, Sonakshi exclaims she was calling herself interior decorator while her documents are all fake just like her, Sanjana exclaims that the lie is what gets caught while the truth is what remains hidden, she needed the job and feels it worked, Sanjana exclaims their HR should have done some background check before hiring her, Dev gets frustrated with her comments, Vicky mentions the designs which are placed before here belong to Prena Sharma, and she has complained that Sanjana stole them, she knows that a case can be filed against her, Sanjana threatens him to file a case if he feels like, she says he can himself go to file the case on her, mentioning what is she claiming that the designs belong to her, but in the creative field the same designs can belong to a lot of people, so the case is dismissed.
Dev explains she is the one who arranged the raid on their office, so they can file a mental harassment case on her, it is better for her to leave the city, Sanjana exclaims why is he straining his mind because they do not have any proof that she is behind it all, Sanjana says she would give credit to Dev that he got her to record the statement, Neha exclaims she has seen how low a person can stop for their own personal gains, Sanjana warns her to not say anything as she is in the office because of her otherwise would be frying fritters in the kitchen, Dev stops Neha, informing Sanjana to leave the house as he is going to fire her, Sanjana exclaims that she is not going to give them the happiness of firing her as she is herself going to resign, Sonakshi exclaims it is better and warns her to never come to her family, Sanjana exclaims she would not be able to protect the family as it is going to go in ruins, Dev questions what has she done, Sanjana exclaims she loves giving surprises and they all can see it for themselves.

Ishwari is with Kichu Bhai and the children, Aayush explains he has a game and they would all say a word, after each of them completes their turn, Aayush explains that they have gotten the first party of their story, Ishwari is excited with the story when Mr and Misses Verma standing at the door exclaims then how can a house be their own when the family members do not have any blood relation, Ishwari is shocked to see them, she asks Kichu to take the children inside but Misses Verma stops her saying they have come to meet Soha so everything should happen in front of her eyes.

Ishwari tries to request them to not create a scene as it is not right, Misses Verma asks Mr Verma to see how she is threatening them to leave their house, however Ishwari holding her hands explains she is requesting them to return to their house as she will surely come along with her son and daughter in law, Misses Verma refuses mentioning she will not leave without her grand daughter as she a right over her, Ishwari asks what sort of a right are they talking about because one only has the right after they have cared for the child and not like them who have come after so long, Misses Verma warns Ishwari to stop as they live in a society where the laws caters to the family in which the child is born, Soha worryingly asks if they are talking about her, Misses Verma explains that they are her real grandparents, Soha doesnot believe then and hugging Ishwari asks if they both are lying, Ishwari agrees saying they are indeed lying but Misses Verma asks her to stop lying, Soha still refuses to believe them saying that her mother would not lie to her, Soha goes to bring the album, Misses Verma explains that she is just trying to reveal the truth, Soha brings the album showing how she lives with their mother ever since she was small and only got to know her father after she was seven years old, Ishwari requests them to stop.

Dev enters the house with Sonakshi and Neha, Soha immediately asks if she is not their daughter, Sonakshi mentions she is indeed their daughter, Sonakshi tries to explain they can talk in private and not in front of the children but Misses Verma insists on talking with the children present, Soha refuses to listen to anything and leaves crying, Sonakshi tries to follow her however she rushes to the room closing the door, Sonakshi standing outside the door tries to request her to open it but Soha sits there crying.

Precap: Sanjana explains that Sonakshi can have Soha but she desires something in return, Sonakshi questions how much does she want, Sanjana replies she doesnot want money but someone, she takes out the divorce papers, informing that Sonakshi has to choose between her husband or her daughter as if she gets the divorce from Dev then can have Soha for herself while she will get Dev sir.

Update Credit to: Sona

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