Kundali Bhagya 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Preeta is driving with Pihu asking if she likes the burger, Pihu exclaims she likes it when Preeta explains they are going to reach home very soon, Pihu asks for water, Preeta says she must first clean her face then can have as much water as she desires, she advises her to be calm. Preeta is constantly getting irritated by the truck driver who is following her, she exclaims he is a really idiot person as she is not calm, Sonakshi receives ac all from Santosh who asks for permission to kill Preeta now but she replies that he must make sure it seems as an accident as if he hits her now then it would be obvious but he must wait, Preeta thinks that she should give him some way however the driver doesnot overtake her. Santosh replies that he is really excited because his truck is really heavy and would crush Preeta and her daughter, Sonakshi asks him to send her the pictures after Preeta and Pihu have died.

Preeta realizes that when she speeds her car, the truck driver also speeds up and so realizes that he is following her and Sonakshi must have send him after her, she wonders how cheap she can be so Preeta starts driving fast.

Karna is anxiously waiting for Preeta and then he tries to go after Preeta but Dadi stops him questioning where is he going, he replies that it has been very long since Preeta left so he is worried, Dadi asks why is he worrying when he has already talked with Kritika who have assured they are coming, she explains he might take some other path which will cause even more problems.
Preeta gets worried wondering what should she do, she decides to take a turn as the heavy vehicles are not allowed there, she for a moment is relieved however gets shocked after seeing that she is still being followed by the truck driver even when she changed her route, she realizes that she is sure he is following her and desires to make an accident, Preeta thinks she has to get away from the truck so she starts driving fast, Pihu exclaims now she is enjoying so requests Preeta to drive more fast, Pihu while enjoying unknowingly unlocks the door, the tempo comes Infront of Preeta so she quickly stops the car, Pihu falls out of the car, Preeta calls her name, Karan in the house feels that something wrong has happened so she rushes out of the car to save Pihu, Santosh signals his accomplice to drive off, they both run away.

Preeta holds Pihu exclaiming it was her fault, she requests the person to come and help her place Pihu in the car, she checks her arm for the heart beat however is not able to believe it, she then starts crying calling Pihu to wake up, as her mother is calling her the police arrive on the scene when Preeta is exclaiming they need to go back to karan, the inspector asks the lady officer to check who exclaims that she is dead, then the inspector exclaims that as per the statement of the driver the child died because of the rash driving of Preeta, they asks her to arrest Preeta.

Karan exclaims that something really wrong has happened when Rakhi assures him everything is fine and he must have some water however he rushes, Sonakshi takes the glass saying she will put it.

Preeta is pulled away from Pihu when the forensic team also arrive, they close the scene and start checking for any proof.
Rakhi hugging Karan exclaims that Preeta has gone to bring back Pihu so everything would be fine, Sonakshi enters the kitchen after receiving the text, she after seeing the photos wonders what is this so calls Santosh, he exclaims the work has been done so if she is happy when Sonakshi replies she also wanted Preeta to be dead but he has done half of the work, Santosh replies that he has done his work so informed her that he can crush the car but she refused, he had to do a lot of effort otherwise it would have been really easy for him to kill them both, Sonakshi exclaims that she wants to know the confirmation from him, he agrees so ends the call.

Sonakshi turns and is shocked to see Sherlin standing there, she asks who was she talking to when Sonakshi replies that Pihu is dead, hearing this Sherlin gets worried when she exclaims Sonakshi doesnot have a heart, Sonakshi says that there is nothing to be worried about because now Preeta would be thrown out of the house and will land straight into the jail, Sonakshi then asks her to go and throw all the money which is in the house, Shelrin cannot understand when Sonakshi reveals she is talking about the money which karan took from the bank.

Preeta is constantly requesting to see Pihu however the inspector doesnot allow it and then pushes Preeta away, he asks the nurse to take Pihu away who exclaims they should at least let her see her daughter the last time, Preeta starts calling her exclaiming they both were going back home so Pihu must wake up however the nurse once again reveals she is dead, if Preeta is not convinced then can check her wrist, inspector reveals there is no point so orders the nurse to take her away. Preeta is forced to sit in the police car with handcuffs. Santosh witnesses the entire scene.

Karan along with his entire family is waiting for Preeta to come back, Kritika enters through the front door asking if Preeta did not come back till now, they all get really worried.

Preeta is put in the lockup, she constantly requests the police to let her go as she wants to be with her daughter however, she is not listened to when Vinod walks into the police station, he is shocked to see her so goes asking what has happened, Preeta replies that she has been locked up, Vinod going to the inspector asks them to let Preeta jee free because he knows her really well.

In the morning the entire Luthra family is waiting, Dadi asks Mahesh to go and rest with Rakhi because they both are not well however Mahesh replies how can he sleep knowing Pihu is not here, Preeta walks through the front gate when Karan immediately rushes to her questioning where is Pihu, Sonakshi also asks her, Kritika gets tensed asking Preeta where Pihu is because they both were coming together. Preeta replies to Pihu would never come now, Rakhi worryingly asks why she would not come back when this is her house.

Preeta walks straight to Sonakshi questioning why she did this, Sonakshi tries to act as if she doesnot know anything when Preeta exclaims why she took the life of such a small child, everyone is stunned to hear this, Mahesh kneels holding his chest. Karan forces Preeta to turn, questioning what she is saying as it cannot be the truth, Preeta turning towards Sonakshi, exclaims she is the one who took the life of Pihu.

Precap: Preeta asks Sonakshi what she thinks that she will be able to make her place in this house, she will now go and talk with her family. Preeta tries to talk with Karan who shouts at her warning her to not touch him, she cannot understand this, he leaves the room of Pihu in anger.

Update Credit to: Sona

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