Kundali Bhagya 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Preeta entering her room is a bit tensed, she looking at the side table takes out the property papers, thinking about what Nagre said that if the signatures on her papers are false then he will himself file a complaint against her, she leaves after taking out a pen.

Prithvi while standing with Nagre says he wants to tell him something important and that Preeta has only showed some of the people the papers and these people do not even know anything about the legal forums, Nagre ask Prithvi to not come between this since he is now the lawyer and the judge of this case, Preeta walks down the stairs after which she hands Nagre the paper, he starts looking at them while Sherlin wonders what is going on here, Prithvi looking at Preeta thinks now Nagre will make sure that Preeta is totally finished, Sherlin thinks Preeta might have met a lot of people but not anyone like Nagre, Natasha also mentions that there is not anyone like Nagre.

Nagre turning to the family says that according to these papers Preeta is the owner of this property and she is the one who can make the last decision, Nagre explains it is even said that Preeta has gotten the right after they have been snatched from Prithvi, he questions what has happened when Nagre asks for the papers of Prithvi explaining that now he will look at the date and whichever set of papers has the latest date, the ownership will be to that person. Preeta explains that she can tell him verbally that Prithvi’s papers were signed on 3rd November while hers were signed on 30th November, and there is also one other thing that Prithvi has only gotten the power of attorney which is to manage the property while her papers are for the transfer of the property, so in any case she will be the owner of the property. Nagre says even then he needs to check the signatures since these are the only one thing which can prove the papers are false.

Nagre exclaims the signs on both these papers are different, Preeta explains evens she has noticed it and this can mean only one of three things, the first one that Mahesh papa had either had a lot to drink or that he was being scared so that his hands were trembling, Preeta says that in this case Prithvi is the most experienced person, hearing this he gets angry questioning what is this when Nagre standing questions if Preeta has any other document when Preeta questions what does he mean as there is just one document which is original and he has them in his hands, Nagre turning to the Luthra family says that these papers are original and it is clearly written that Preeta is the owner of the property, she can throw anyone out of this house including Prithvi but this is only possible when these papers are in their original state, he in front of Preeta tears the documents, throwing them in the air, Preeta in a state of tension questions why did he do this when Nagre exclaims that he has in just a moment ruined her biggest victory, ruining her dream to own the Luthra empire, which he has destroyed and the entire Luthra family did not do anything since they all hate her so much, they are just bearing her, the Preeta aurora which is standing in front of him and he doesnot meet anyone without knowing them so he knows everything about them, Nagre explains she did each and every effort to ruin her competitors, and got scared when he came so she gave her papers to the lawyer of Prithvi, he is not only his friend but also his secret keeper, and will always stand with him in each and every plan.

Preeta questions Nagre why he tore her papers since they had the original signatures of Mahesh papa. Prithvi exclaims that she made a really big entry claiming that she will do a lot of things but now she should forget the geography of this house, Preeta exclaims he said that he meets anyone after knowing about them but he was not able to find out the truth about her but she knows each and every thing about him, Preeta says that he went to the jail for the first time at the age of seven and till the age of thirty five he went there seven times, when he thought why does he not study the criminology as he is a criminal so he would be able to solve each and every problem of the criminals. Preeta says that she meets the partners of her enemy because she is sure they would also be just like him, she says that he said a lot in his introduction but she will just say that she is smart, she is always ready to counter any plan of her enemy, his efforts are wasted as the papers which he tore are not the original but the Xerox, she asks Ganesh to bring them and then Prithvi all of a sudden tears them.

Preeta is not able to explain when she questions why did he get so uneasy since this was the second copy, Preeta says that she can provide them with a lot of copies, she is not that idiot like his friend Prithvi who himself said that he made Mahesh sign the papers but she is not like that, she says that Nagre said he is himself the judge and lawyer, he is busy in finding the good in himself but did he not find anything in her, Nagre exclaims that now he has seen the date on the papers of Preeta so the new papers would be made on the date of December, Nagre threatens saying that she doesnot know what kind of a person he is because now he will make sure that he ruins her, he exclaims that he was the one who saved the serial killer Munna Panday who made a record by murdering thirty seven people, the court sentenced him to be hanged till death, it was him who saved him from not only the jail but also hanging and that Munna will kill Preeta if he asks him, Preeta gets tensed hearing this, even karan along with the entire Luthra family are stunned.

Update Credit to: Sona

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