Kundali Bhagya 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode commences with Rakhi informing the press that Anshuman has been blackmailing the Luthras, leading to Dadi cursing Anshuman. Anshuman challenges the Luthras to present any evidence against him, claiming that he possesses proof of Karan’s attempt to bribe him. He dares Karan to sue him if he wishes to dissolve their partnership. Palki interjects, reminding Anshuman that the partnership papers have been torn, thus nullifying any partnership between him and Karan.

Anshuman responds with laughter, revealing that only a copy of the partnership papers was destroyed by Shaurya. He discloses that his attorney holds the original documents and is en route to the registrar. He then orders the Luthras to vacate their home, leaving them in shock. Rakhi and Dadi break down in tears as the Luthras reminisce about their time in the house.

Rakhi defiantly tells Anshuman they won’t leave, to which Anshuman retorts that he won’t stand for disrespect. He commends Preeta and Palki for their intelligence but notes Preeta’s absence. He then dismisses the media, declaring the event over. As the reporters and guests depart, Anshuman orders the Luthras to leave.

Rajveer confronts Anshuman, insisting that it’s Anshuman who should leave, not the Luthras. Anshuman invites Rajveer to join him, pointing out that the Luthras have lost everything. Rajveer warns Anshuman to return everything to the Luthras, threatening to ruin his life. Anshuman questions whether Rajveer plans to do this alone, to which Shaurya responds that he will back Rajveer. Karan asks Anshuman if he’s understood their stance.

Anshuman expresses amusement at their unity but finds it dull. He summons security guards to evict the Luthras from the house. As the guards begin packing the Luthras’ belongings, Mohit and Sandy attempt to intervene. Rajveer and Shaurya also try to stop the guards, but Anshuman, disliking the commotion, retreats upstairs.

Nidhi blames Preeta for their predicament, reminding the Luthras that she had warned them about Preeta’s plan. Karan defends Preeta, asserting that she’s been acting in their best interest. Nidhi argues that they’ve lost everything and questions Karan’s continued support for Preeta. He silences her, and Kareena criticizes Karan for blindly trusting Preeta’s plan.

Rakhi defends Preeta, reminding Kareena that Preeta was only trying to help. Nidhi expresses confusion over the Luthras’ continued defense of Preeta. Varun advises the Luthras against trusting Preeta, but Karan tells him to be quiet. Kareena urges Karan to face reality, and Nidhi accuses Preeta of fleeing after causing their downfall.

Anshuman tosses bags downstairs, instructing the Luthras to collect their belongings and leave. He suggests they practice yoga to remain calm. When the media returns, Anshuman announces to them that the Luthras are vacating his house.

The episode concludes on this note.

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