Kundali Bhagya 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Nidhi informs Karan that she knows Anjali has ran away and she is not doing this alone but with the help of someone else, she asks them all to think. Shristhi also requests her to be clear, Nidhi explains she knows that Anjali desires to marry him and will surely call Karan but he says she has not called him. Nidhi gets the letter from Anjali but is at first not able to comprehend it, she reads how Anjali wants her to come at the hill road alone without Karan, Sameer or Shristhi otherwise she is going to throw the child off the cliff,

Anjali says that Nidhi should come and meet her because she is her sister who wants to get married to Karan. Nidhi apologizes to Karan but he says it is not the time to apologize however Nidhi should go and save his son, he threatens to not let her live, Karan starts thrashing the room when Shristhi explains there is no need to waste his energy as they would have to need it after a while.

Anjali standing recalls when Nidhi returned everything which belonged to Karan and Preeta said that she has Karan as her life partner forever and no one can snatch him from her, she even thinks when Nidhi said that Anjali would have to face her if she tries to do anything wrong against Karan, she thinks when she said that she hates Nidhi, Anjali immediately points the gun at her face, Anjali exclaims that she is going to take the life of Nidhi Ahuja questioning what sort of a sister is she because she wants to ruin her life, when she had done it before. Anjali says Karan was coming to her but she stopped him and was even giving the idea to call the police.

Karan informs the inspector that Anjali stole his child and they followed her to the farmhouse but she managed to run away from there.

Anjali explains she got the help from that little child but she just came here to inform her that now no one can stop her and Karan would himself come to her and marry her, she says that Nidhi once before lost Karan to Preeta but this time she is going to lose him to her, Anjali exclaims she wanted to see the same expression on her face which are of depression and despair, Nidhi once again requests Anjali to let go of this desire and end it all, Anjali says Nidhi wants to see how he would marry her then should wait to see.

Anjali calls Karan, the inspector request Karan to give them some time but Karan informs he does not have any time to spare. Karan answers the call when Anjali explains she really likes to hear his voice, Karan demands she should stop playing these games but Anjali explains she wants to inform him that she also has the mother of his child in her custody, Karan warns her to not test his patience but Anjali explains if anything happens to ether his son or wife because of his actions then she should not be blamed, Anjali ends the call when Karan is shocked, Shristhi asks what did she say, Karan wonders who did Anjali get to Preeta, she tries calling Mahesh but he does not answer the call.

Nidhi asks Anjali to stop this drama asking if she thinks Karan would come back to her after all this drama as he will hate her, Anjali explains Nidhi should not tell him anything but should know that Preeta is coming to her, she explains she knows how to settle a score as she wants to take revenge of the slap.

Mahesh is in the hospital when he gets a call from Karan but before he can answer it Karan ends the call, Shristhi also calls Rakhi asking if Preeta is in her room, Rakhi gets shocked when Dadi and Karina ask what is going on, Rakhi explains Shristhi is asking if Preeta is in her room when they all are shocked to not find Preeta in the room. Rakhi also asks Shristhi what the problem is because this is why she called her, Rakhi demands her to tell the truth because she needs to know it,

Karan asks Mahesh to put his call on the speaker, he explains Preeta is with Anjali. Karina is shocked asking how can this happen as Preeta was unconscious, Rakhi starts crying and sits down asking how did it happen. Mahesh walks out explaining that Rishab went to bring the child but Karan should promise him to bring back Preeta and the child, he says if karan comes back without them then would surely suffer, Karan vows to leave and bring back his family but the inspector stops Karan explaining that he needs some time to locate Anjali.

Priyanka is holding the baby when Anjali comes so Priyanka explains this child is really cute, Anjali says because he is the child of Karan, Priyanka asks what would happen if he does not come to her, Anjali picks the child explaining his father really loves her and this is why because of her plan he would himself come to her and request to marry her, Priyanka asks what plan has she played when Anjali says she must wait for some time when the doctor comes with Preeta,

Priyanka getting shocked explains he is the Matka King when he informs the last time he made a mistake and kidnapped Anjali but this time has surely kidnapped Preeta as he does not make the same mistake twice. Anjali exclaims even she is not going to make the same mistake twice, she will surely marry Preeta. Anjali thinks that Karan would surely come here as she has both his son and Preeta, Anjali thinks that she fell in love with Karan after seeing his love for Preeta.

Anjali advises the Matka King to keep an eye on her while she goes to get ready, Anjali leaves with a smile on her face when even the Matka King says that she is really psychotic, Priyanka agrees with him but says that today she would surely marry Karan.

Rishab asks Karan how he knew about this, Karan replies he knows she is telling the truth because she also has the control of Preeta and the child, the inspector explains they have tapped the phone of Karan and are waiting for the time when Anjali calls karan, he explains they feel she doesn’t want anything from Preeta or the child but just wants to marry him.

Anjali comes asking Priyanka how is she looking, she praises her but Anjali exclaims she is the most beautiful bride of Karan, they all agree with her. Anjali exclaims the last time she did not know if she performed the rituals with either Karan or Prithvi, but this time would surely call him to her. Anjali calls Karan when the inspector advises Karan to keep her talking with him for at least one minute,

Karan asks Anjali what is she doing, he explains he really hates her because he considered her as his friend yet she deceived him, Anjali after a while says she is going to end the call but Karan requests her to keep talking because if he does not know the location then how would they meet, Anjali says she is going to send one of his doctor friend to her, Karan vows to leave but the inspector stop him however Karan explains he vowed to always protect Preeta from all the problems and now it is time to fulfill that promise, he angrily starts walking out of the house.


Update Credit to: Sona

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