Kundali Bhagya 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Karan questions why should he listen to her order because she is not his boss, Sameer questions what has happened when Karan exclaims why should he tell him anything since he is not his wife, Karan bumps into Natasha who is about to fall when he manages to save her, she after some time thanks her when Karan questions what is going on since she feels that he will always be there to protect her but this cannot go on like this since he will never follow her order or earn any sort of profit for her, Natasha is not able to understand, Sameer comes to her assuring there is nothing to be worried about since he got in a fight with Preeta Bhabhi so instead started scolding her after which he also leaves asking Karan where is he going since he is also going to accompany him, Natasha questions what is going on in this house.

Nagre asks Prithvi is he is sure that Preeta would do what he desires when Prithvi exclaims he is sure since he is the only one who knows where to strike Preeta, Nagre asks that they both should go to finish her now, when Prithvi suddenly calls someone directing them the address of the Luthra mansion.

Karina questions Kritika why did they not tell her even after a lot has happened, Kritika questions how could she inform her when she went from the house with immense tension regarding her friend, Karina assures that she is now fine, Preeta walking down the stairs asks Sherlin if Nagre has also left, Sherlin getting mad questions does she think of her as the personal secretary so she will always update about who is in the house, Preeta exclaims that she is indirectly giving the proposal but Sherlin doesnot have the qualification nor the expertise to be her secretary, Sherlin orders her to shut up but seeing how angry Preeta is she exclaims that Preeta is younger then her so be respectful. Karina questions why Sherlin is trying to make a relation with Preeta because she herself accepted that she came for the sake of money, she even praises Preeta for being so clever since she was able to ruin the plans of Nagre who won even from their lawyers, Preeta exclaims that Karina is right since Sherlin ahs not done anything for the family, as if she was allowed to stay in this house then nothing like this would have ever happened, she knows that Prithvi is not a good person as he threw her husband in jail and even placed a knife on his wife’s neck, Kritika questions why is she dragging her in this when Preeta questions why does she have any problem with it, Preeta explains that the truth is bitter, Sherlin says they do not need to learn about the truth from her, Preeta replies she knows that she herself needs to learn from Sherlin since she has done a PHD and knows a lot more then anyone of them, Preeta questions if she even loves anyone from this family, also if she loves even a single person but Sherlin starts getting tensed, Preeta questions what has happened since she only asked if Sherlin loves anyone, She says that she is wasting her time talking with Preeta who also orders her to go and cook in the kitchen since she must make a soup for Rakhi maa while also prepare a salad for Karina and the soup for Dadi, she must not think Preeta cares for anyone but it is because she doesnot want anyone in the family to be unwell.

Preeta is sitting when Nagre comes, Preeta questions what is he still doing here since she forgot that he would not go so easily when she asks how did he like the tea made by Sherlin, Nagre exclaims it was really tasty but Nagre mentions she would not like after what he will do now, Preeta says that she doesnot know how to talk in the language of the lawyers but can say one thing, he must try to talk only when needed, Prithvi coming mentions that she should also learn how to take any step after complete judgment,

Preeta exclaims even a young child knows one should not talk in between a conversation, prithvi says she should say it infront of anyone else as they both know she has only come because of her needs, so there is a need to talk. Preeta replies he should also be glad that she did not throw him out of the house till now even when she has proved she is the owner of this entire property and even then he is present in this house, Prithvi confronting her says that it is because she cannot harm him,

Preeta replies that if he is challenging her then must know that she can ruin him but if she is not doing anything it is because she is waiting for the right time to harm him. Prithvi exclaims that she doesnot have the power to throw him out of the house, she is seeing what he is doing but even then is not doing anything even when he has kept Mahesh Luthra in the basement but she has not done anything and even he is doing each and everything but she has not done anything which is because she is not capable of doing it, he says that he will now go and throw karan out of the office because he feels that Karan is spying on her behalf,

Preeta shouts at him ordering that he should leave this house since she will not tolerate him in this house anymore, Nagre exclaims that she cannot treat his client like this when he touches her so Preeta pushes his hand but he falls on the ground, Nagre starts acting as if he has been threatened with life so calls for help, Prithvi exclaims that she would have to pay for what she has done, the police come when Preeta asks what is this since she has not even tried to kill him, Nagre exclaims that Rakhi has herself accepted that Preeta has tried to kill him when Rakhi tries saying that Preeta has not done anything wrong since each and every girl has a limit which they will not let anyone cross and since Nagre touched her so she pushed him but it doesnot mean that he has been hurt when Nagre exclaims that now this will depend on the court where she would have to prove that she never mean to kill him, Rakhi tries to assure that she has not done anything when Preeta stops her mentioning she will go with the police since she has not done anything, Prithvi mentions that he is the boss of the house just like two months ago and the entire payment of the medicine and food of Mahesh depends how they treat him, Karina exclaims that now they all would be able to live peacefully.

Karan is with Sameer who asks what has happened when he feels that they both got in a fight, but Karan replies that she scolded him saying he doesnot know how to do the business, so she ordered him to get up early and do the practice as she has caused a lot of harm to the business. Sameer says that he will now come online since Preeta is just like Rishab as he also used to wake him in the morning, karan replies that he was his brother but she doesnot have any importance in his life. Karan exclaims they both should go back home and scold Preeta.

Preeta is being taken to the police van when Nagre comes asking if she has learnt the difference between what is the truth and what is told, Preeta replies she has come to understand he is really childish since he had to cry Infront of the police to convince them, Nagre is glad that she has a fire in her heart but Preeta replies that she will surely give a befitting reply since he has not seen the end of her, Prithvi comes to stand behind them with a smile.

Update Credit to: Sona

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