Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anjali is about to force Karan to apply the Sindoor but just at the last moment Preeta stops her and then slaps Anjali asking how did she dare, Anjali questions why are they all standing instructing them to shoot her but Karan then starts beating them at the moment, Anjali instructs Priyanka to go and shift the child to the other location but Shristhi manages to stop them and she slaps Priyanka, Preeta takes the child from her however Anjali pushes Preeta so she falls on the floor while the child is on the couch,

Preeta tries her best to reach the child but is not able to as Anjali is pulling her, one of the gang member tries to pick the child however Preeta hits him with a metal rod causing him to fall. Anjali once again tries to take the child however Preeta threatens to make her pay if she even thinks of separating her from the child. The police arrive to the location when Karan instructs them to arrest everyone, Anjali angrily walks out of the warehouse. Nidhi is standing there when Anjali explains she would be feeling really nice to see her get arrested, Anjali mentions she is seriously thinking Nidhi cannot be her biological sister,

Nidhi replies even she is thinking the same thing, Nidhi asks what did Anjali do because she kidnapped someone just for the sake of her love, but she is not thinking of what she has done which is really wrong, Anjali replies she has not done anything wrong, Shristhi angrily slaps her explaining she very well knew Karan loves Preeta but still then started to love him and knew that he is the father of Kavya, Shristhi is about to strangle her but the inspector stops her explaining Anjali is in their custody, Shristhi explains she deserves a lot of slaps but he saved her from them,

Shristhi thanks Nidhi for her help today, she threatens to break her hands if she even thinks of harming the twins, Shristhi explains she is Shristhi Aurora Luthra so would surely fulfill her promise. Anjali explains she wants to talk about something with Nidhi but there are some people in front of whom she would not like to say anything, Shristhi yells demanding they should take her.

Shristhi turns to Nidhi mentioning she knows it is very hard to get her own sister arrested but she is sure everything would be fine, Nidhi explains she only had Anjali as her family but now has even lost her, Nidhhi turns to leave but Shristhi asks where is she going, Nidhi explains she does not have any reason to stay here and cannot even face Preeta and Karan.

Kavya is playing with her brother who is in the hands of Rishab, Rakhi explains that Karan and Preeta were about to come a long time ago, Karina scolds Shristhi explaining that she is very irresponsible, Sameer mentions it is nothing of the sort however Karina demands he should stay quiet. Rakhi feels they have arrived so walks to the door.,

Mahesh explains her sixth sense is very strong when it comes to Preeta and karan as she can feel them both even if they walk around her, Karan and Preeta stand at the door when Rakhi takes the child in her arms, Mahesh demands they should come inside, Kavya explains she is his elder sister and would really scold him if he leaves her again. Rakhi asks Preeta to go and rest since she would be tired, Mahesh explains everyone is fine.

The police is taking everyone inside and even put Priyanka in the cell but Anjali explains she would not go in there as they are really dirty, she tries to run away but the inspector informs it is a lockup and not a hotel. Anjali requests him to let her call her sister for just once but he does not respond.

Preeta is sitting with her twins in the bed explaining that she cannot live without him for even a single moment, Karan comes explaining he is the younger so would be the most loved but Preeta replies he is the elder, Karan says this is what he meant that she would love him the most however Preeta explains that a mother loves everyone equally. Kavya rushing to the bed explains they should sleep now since it is very late, she instructs that both her parents should sleep on the corner of the bed otherwise her brothers would fall but Preeta informs they are still very young so would not be able to turn, Kavya explains that she is also young and would fall, Karan turns off the lights so they all go to sleep.

Anjali sitting with Nidhi asks if she is fine when Nidhi demands she should speak about the real reason she called her here as it would not be to discuss it all, Anjali explains Nidhi should not act as if she loves her, Nidhi replies she really loves her but feels she should not have spoiled Anjali to the extent that she feels she has not done anything wrong at all. Anjali replies she surely has justification for what she has done, Nidhi explains her justification is that she placed a entire family through immense pain.

Anjali explains she feels Nidhi has never loved Karan with her heart because if that had been the case, she would not have allowed him to leave so easily. Nidhi explains Anjali knows what she feels about those people but she is sure Anjali has not called her here to talk about her feelings, Anjali mentions she has called Nidhi here to demand her to arrange her bail because she cannot live here as she is feeling suffocated, Nidhi says she never thought she would see Anjali in this condition but she cannot trust the women Anjali has become and it is very important that Anjali should stay here for some time to understand her actions.

Nidhi explains if Anjali had asked her a single time that she is sorry for what she has done then she would have surely arranged everything but Anjali is not thinking about it, Anjali says she is not going to say anything of the sort as she is sure she has done nothing wrong when Nidhi replies Anjali needs a doctor however Anjali explains she needs Karan, Nidhi walks out of the room.

Karan and Preeta are sleeping with the children when someone enter the room and takes one of the children, kavya gets up thinking she herself would go and catch the person, Karan wakes up questioning who is there, he is shocked to see that one of his son is missing and then starts searching for kavya in the room.

Karina comes asking what has happened when Karan explains someone kidnapped one of her children along with Kavya, they al start searching for the child. Rishab opens the room to find Shristhi sitting with the child and Karina, Shristhi explains that now even Karan would find out about it, Rakhi is really worried when Karina explains it means that she has stolen the child and they all are scolding her,

Shristhi explains no one was able to understand her feelings because she was not able to spend time with them as the doctors first took the child and then even Anjali took them, Kavya explains no one is going to scold her aunt as they planned to go on a long drive with her brother and aunt. Rishab sitting with Kavya asks who has told her about this as this is not right, Karan requests Kavya to give him just one week after which they would go for a long drive.

Shristhi explains that the child even held her finger before they all came into the room. Karina questions why do they not consider starting their own family if she likes children, Shristhi explains it would take a lot of time but she has already gotten a child, they all leave when Sameer informs Shristhi they would surely start their own family.


Update Credit to: Sona

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