Kundali Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Sherlin knocks on the bedroom door, Prithvi is shocked hearing the noise so opening the door he walks out and after wearing the veil he finally opens the door, Prithvi is shocked to see Sherlin standing in front of him and asks how did she come here, Sherlin hitting him enters questioning what is he doing here because he came here to protect her from the criminal but is now marrying Preeta, Sherlin keeps hitting him when he explains he is marrying her because Arjun gave al of his property to Preeta so they would become rich, Sherlin is hitting him with the vase so he pushes her due to which she falls unconscious after hitting the desk, Prithvi angrily sits down explaining he kept on requesting her to listen to his plan but she wants to always become violent, he feels she is just acting so explains he does not have much time, so she must wake up but he is shocked when Sherlin does not respond so he tries to wake her however Sherlin does not respond, Prithvi gets worried wondering if she has died.

Dadi brings to the Mandap, the entire family is waiting for the marriage, Anjali thinks finally she would get the place which belongs to her, Bani Dadi asks what is the reason that Priyanka and Preeta have become such good friends when they have just met twice, Dadi explains the children of modern times have very mixed feelings so they tend to make each other friends, so this is why Preeta and Priyanka became friends.

Mahesh coming to Karina asks if she is also thinking what he is thinking, Karina asks how she would know the truth, he says that he feels Arjun is really Arjun when Karina explains that she feels Rakhi Bhabhi is right as even the fingerprints were a match and Rakhi Bhabhi knows as she is a mother. Karina and Mahesh both start arguing over how much time Karan used to take to get ready, Bani Dadi comes instructing her to not fight anymore, Bi jee says that they both are fighting just like Shristhi and Sameer, but the only difference is that they are brother and sister while both Shristhi and Sameer are husband and wife.

Shristhi angrily asks Sameer if this is the location, she keeps knocking on the door asking him to come out, the person after opening the door refuses to come and agrees to open it in the morning, Shristhi requests him to come as it is really important because her sister is about to get married and they have to take out the Chunri from the trunk, the person agrees to come after changing his clothes.

Prithvi while trying to wake Sherlin requests her to wake up as he really loves her and was requesting her to not fight with him, but she did not listen to him, he is stunned after hearing Rakhi knocking on the door who is requesting him to come out, Prithvi thinks no he is trapped since he would have to lock her in the bathroom with Arjun.

Prithvi places Sherlin on the arm of Arjun but after reaching the door gets jealous so he comes back to remove his hand from under her head, Prithvi exclaims he wants everyone including Sherlin and Preeta je, Prithvi whispers they both should play the game of being unconscious while he is going to the Mandap where he would be married to Preeta je.

Prithvi rushing out once again covers himself in the veil as Rakhi is asking why he locked the room, he opens it when she asks if he is ready, and they should leave. Rakhi leaves so Prithvi turns back and is relieved that his plan will surely work.

Mahesh asks the Pandit jee to also come back tomorrow since he wants to arrange a pooja for the patience of this house, Rakhi gets amaze asking if he ahs also started believing in it all, Mahesh getting shocked replies he always believed in these rituals, Dadi exclaims this is all because of her teachings, Arjun’s Dadi exclaims their daughter in law is fortunate to get such loving elders. Anjali also smiles thinking she is fortunate to get such nice family and just prays that the person for whom she has taken such risks does not feel anything wrong.

Prithvi comes to the Midcap and prays that his future wife does not know the truth about him right now, he is glad when Anjali is not able to recognize him, but he thinks she is Preeta, he thinks that now no one can stop him including Sherlin.

Sherlin wakes up in the bathroom and feels worried for Prithvi, she quickly tries to wake Arjun who asks what is she doing here and he tries to open the bathroom, Sherlin tries to talk with him when Arjun asks what sort of people are them because she claims to love Prithvi but is even then allowing him to marry Preeta, he does not let her say anything and explains that she is really evil Sherlin tries to yell at him but he warns her to keep her voice low. Sherlin explains she accepts she ahs wronged them but is really trying to stop Prithvi from marrying Preeta, she explains that she desires he should marry Preeta, Sherlin calls the men standing outside the house, she instructs them to come into the Luthra Mansion from the back side and open the bathroom door.

Bi jee asks Bani Dadi if she has photos from her wedding, Bani Dadi gets worried when Bi jee asks she did not ask such strange question that Bani Dadi is so worried, Bani Dadi replies she has never heard such a question, she explains that the villagers were saying she is looking really beautiful, Bi jee replies she even looks beautiful today, Bi jee mentions she does not praise anyone before they praise her, Bani Dadi assures of showing her the photos after the marriage. Rakhi sees Shristhi coming with the key maker, she instructs him to open the lock quickly, he explains it is still going to take ten minutes when he requests for a place away since it will create a lot of noise. Kavya requests Rakhi to take her to the room since she is really tried, Rakhi agrees to take her but Mahesh stops Rakhi explaining she really enjoys the wedding so should stay here.

The men enter the room but are not able to find anyone, Sherlin instructs them to open the bathroom door, Arjun coming out asks if they know any drum beater, Sherlin replies she has no idea but one of the men says that he is aware of one such person, Arjun instructs him to immediately call the person, Sherlin asks why does he want him, arjun informs because they would kidnap Prithvi from the Mandap just as he did with him, he informs them all about the entire plan.

Arjun quickly enters the bathroom of the bridal room where Preeta is unconscious behind the bed, Priyanka also comes to check Preeta and is stunned after seeing a Sikh person getting ready, she angrily asks what is he doing here blaming he might have come to steal something, Arjun at first is shocked thinking why is she talking to him in such a manner but after a while he realizes she cannot recognize him due to the disguise, he thinks if he should tell her the truth but thinks it might take a lot of time, so he should leave.

Precap: Arjun beats Prithvi who tries to run away when arjun questions why is he running away like a rat, Prithvi explains that he is not a rat but a tiger and would surely marry Preeta today. Kritika angrily explains the person sitting in the Mandap is not Arjun but Prithvi, everyone is shocked after finding out the truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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