Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Karan slowly places the child on the bed alongside Preeta who is still sleeping, he whispers to Kavya that they should remain quiet because everyone is sleeping, he signals her to go and lie down quietly without making any noise, Karan then pours some water in the glass for him, he is relieved that nothing wrong happened and after drinking the water stares at his entire family, he thanks Bhagwan for giving him such a nice family which is a lot more than he ever asked for, Karan starts smiling thinking about the past memories he has with Preeta, he smiles thinking how they both would start arguing with each other but had a rather beautiful time after their marriage during which they both would enjoy a lot. Karan then walks over to Preeta.

Anjali is pushed into the cell when the constable questions why does she have so much attitude as she just had to apologize because she was her sister and would have helped her be released, Anjali demands she should not say anything and leave but the constable replies she doesn’t work for her and does not care, she leaves saying Anjali should rot in here. Priyanka coming questions what was she saying, that they would have been released because of her apology, Anjali asks if Priyanka desires she should apologize when she has not made any mistake so she is not going to do anything of the sort, Priyanka asks why does she have so much attitude because they would have been released if she did a simple task, Priyanka demands that Anjali would have to do it for her, Anjali asks who asked her to stay with her when Priyanka says she has understood she made a mistake by siding with Anjali but Priyanka demands she would have to apologize, they both start fighting with each other when the other cell mates start laughing., the constable enters questioning why are they fighting but should stay here quietly. The other women ion the cell explains she can help Anjali get out but it is going to require some money, Anjali thinks of a plan.

In the morning Kavya wakes up and seeing that her father is sleeping with Preeta questions why is he not sleeping by her side, Karan explains that her mother tends to fall in the night so she slept with him but he knows she is very clever so he knew she could handle it, karan explains and even today they are going to hold the ritual of naming the twins so he slept with Preeta. Kavya agrees when Preeta explains that they have to not get her a bath, Preeta questions what is he teaching their daughter, karan asks then what could have he said that he just wanted to sleep with his wife and so left her. Preeta agrees saying she is glad they are with their complete family and she feels they should also invite Nidhi, Karan asks the reason when Preeta explains they could not have found their children without her, she leaves to get ready as otherwise the Pandit jee would arrive.

Kritika and Shristhi are walking down with the twins when Rakhi says they should complete the preparations, Mahesh also asks where are both Rishab and karan. Bi jee demands that both Shristhi and Kritika should bring the children so that they can get the blessings from Pandit jee. Mahesh asks why is no one answering his question, they reply that both karan and Rishab have gone to pick Nidhi, Mahesh replies even he knows it but when are they going to come back.

Rishab entering the door explains how can it be that they donot come when he calls them, Karina thanks Nidhi explaining she has really supported their family. Rakhi also hugs Nidhi and appreciates her for what she has done for their family, Nidhi replies it is nothing to be worried about.

Karan goes to explain they should arrest Preeta Luthra, she asks what has she done when he explains he does not see anyone beside her and asks what magic has she done on him because Karan luthra was never like this, Preeta says she has never seen anyone like him, he explains ever since she came in his Kundali everything has changed because he just thinks about her. Preeta says she doesn’t have that much time to listen to him.

Sameer says to Karan that Shristhi really teases him a lot, Karan replies that he should not say anything of the sort about Shristhi since she is very nice, Sameer replies even he must not say anything about his Bhabhi.

Preeta thanks Nidhi for all her help when Nidhi replies she said she is a pat of their family then she should either say thank you or let her be a part of their family, Preeta takes back her thankyou.

Pandit jee informs that everything is ready for the Pooja so they all should come for it, the entire Luthra family sits for the Pooja when Pandit jee starts reciting the Mantar, Pandit jee asks who is the aunt of the children so he asks her for the names but Rakhi explains even they have written some names but Kritika is not convinced however they all say that she would just get the idea about it, Kavya explains even she has written the names, Kritika reads the names so they all start laughing,

Kritika explains when the children would get older they will surely mind it, Shristhi calls Kavya to her and whispers the name, kritika explains she is saying she has the right of the name then why is Shristhi manipulating them. Preeta whispers the names to Kritika, she says she is fighting with everyone for her right but they are not listening to her, Kritika explains she is going to announce the name she explains their names are Rudraksh and Shauriya, the entire family starts clapping when Preeta explains she feels they are very nice but Karan explains they all have cheated,

kritika asks if he felt it is a cheating so she would make him remember that she is the bua and it is her right, Shristhi asks why did Kritika not give the children those name but Kavya explains it is her right to fight with kritika, Shristhi explains she is both the chichi and masi of the children, Kritika instructs them both to stop because she did not give them the names of her choice as she thought their names would be Ronit and Rohit, both Shristhi and kavya are shocked when Kritika explains that the rhyming names are really good. Kritika mentions it looks really cute, Shristhi questions why did she not give them the name as she knows Kritika gave the name which Preeta di suggested, Shristhi feels good hearing about the names.

The drum beaters enter the house so the entire Luthra family is rejoicing when even Preeta is smiling.

Anjali in the cell is writing something on the wall, Priyanka coming questions what is she writing but Anjali just is staring at her when Priyanka explains she had lost her mind yesterday so they should let it go, Priyanka requests her to forget it as Anjali should know she means a lot to her as her family members donot know where she is, so they should not ruin their friendship as she is never going to say anything to her. Anjali finally hugs Priyanka who asks what is she making,

Anjali explains it is the calendar of her revenge plan because when six months will pass and then there would come a day when Preeta will feel something wrong is going to happen to her children on that day she is going to ruin everything for her, Priyanka asks how does she know if she is going to stay here or would be released.

Anjali asks why will she tell the plan right now because one the day she would be released, and that day is going to be the last day of happiness for Preeta and her entire family, she vows that four to five months will pass without any problem but the last day of the sixth month is going to be the worst day of Preeta.


Update Credit to: Sona

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