Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Sundeep is standing in the room when his mother opening the door immediately calls the constable, she asks them to come but Sundeep asks her to calm down however his mother calls the constable asking him to see how the girl is forcing her son to stand even when he is ill, he informs the constable that both his mother and his girlfriend love him a lot because of which they were fighting, the constable warns them to argue in a low voice since this is a hospital, Sundeep calls to his mother but she warns him to stop talking and send his girlfriend home, Sundeep requests Sudeepa to go back to her house since Maa is with him, she leaves when his mother sits down beside him questioning how is he, she then asks him to look how she made the home cooked for him.

Mahesh is sitting on the bed, Rakhi takes out the medicines requesting him to have them since it would make him feel better, Mahesh explains he doesnot want the medicine, since the cure is Rishab, she should bring him back, Sarla also hears from the corner of the door, she entering also requests him to have the medicine, she explains Rishab is in the lockup but if he cannot come then why can Mahesh not go to meet him since he is the elder and needs to remain strong to be the support of the family and Rishab, she questions if Mahesh doesnot really want to go and meet Rishab, Rakhi asks Sarla to take a seat.

Rakhi sits beside Sarla, she explains that she went to meet Rishab, Rakhi immediately questions how he is, Sarla explains that he is fine but he himself asked her to inform them that there is nothing to worry about, she feels he was more worried about them so they should not be so tensed because Navratri is going on and now she is sure Maa would help Rishab come back since he is a really obedient person, they all must rest assured and just pray, Rakhi starts weeping but Sarla calms her down, she herself starts praying.
Shristhi enters the house wondering why is the door open, she sees Sarla sitting on the sofa, she ex claims Shristhi got so late and did a lot of work so should come and eat something, Shristhi explains if she has made the slaps for her then she doesnot want anything and is going but Sarla stops her asking her to come saying she only made them because when Sarla doesnot slap her for some time she starts making mistakes, Shristhi questions what has she done, Sarla replies she doesnot tell her anything even when they live together and she eats the breakfast with her every morning yet she still did not tell her anything, she found out after seeing the news that Rishab got arrested, she would have went before had she told her, Shristhi explains she did not tell her because she would have gotten tensed and has the Blood pressure and heart disease, Sarla exclaims she is still alive, Shristhi then tries to explain but Sarla says she would explain one thing now as she has gotten old enough to understand something, Sarla asks her to come and sit down as she would not slap her, Sarla explains they live in a house but it is wrong if she doesnot tell her the truth, she would feel nice when the children would ask her regarding some problem and she will help her solve it so it is not nice that she finds out the truth from the third person or the television, Sarla explains if she had told her, she would have from her little means tried to help her knowing that they are really rich, Sarla explains it would have been nice if she had told her, Shristhi agrees.

Sarla then hugging her, asks her to come and have the dinner which she has made, Shristhi goes to sit on the table and is glad to see that she has made rice with beans, Shristhi asks where the mashed potato is. Sarla replies it is in the kitchen, she should eat it.

Rakhi is sitting when Sherlin while walking down the stairs, wonders whose bad eyes ruined the life of Rishab, she thinks if it was her since he was not polite with her but who knows, she going to Rakhi exclaims she does not know why is this happening, she is praying to Bhagwan that he return as soon as possible because she is not comfortable living without him, Rakhi replies even she is not comfortable, she then suggests what if they both go and meet Rishab as this might relieve their pain, Sherlin gets tensed, yet she agrees with Rakhi.

Karan enters with Preeta, Rakhi standing asks how is Rishab, Preeta replies he is fine, Rakhi then asks if they did not tell him about the health of Mahesh, Preeta assures they did not reveal anything otherwise he would have gotten worried, Rakhi explains even they are all worried, Rakhi wonders when will he return, Karan assures there is nothing to worry about as Rishab would return really soon, Sherlin talking to Preeta asks her to talk of any help which she needs as Rishab was away from the house for two years and after he returned he was once again taken away from her, she must bring him back at any cost, Rakhi assures Sherlin to not be worried since Karan and Preeta are doing whatever they can, Karan asks Rakhi to go and rest as is has gotten really late, Sherlin stops Preeta saying she must surely bring Rishab back, Preeta asks her to stop this act as she knows her truth.

Karan and Rakhi open the door, Mahesh tries to sit up so karan rushes to help her, Mahesh asks if Rishab came but Rakhi replies he is still in jail, Mahesh turning to Preeta explains she promised to bring back Rishab, Preeta replies she will surely fulfil her promise, Karan also makes a promise to bring back Rishab, he advises Mahesh to sleep as it is really late, turning to Rakhi, karan questions who would take care of Mahesh if she is also crying, Rakhi replies how would a mother be able to sleep knowing that her son is in jail, she requests him to bring back Rishab. Preeta is not able to see Rakhi weeping, she rushes out of the room crying, Mahesh gets tensed seeing Preeta leave in tears.

Preeta rushes to sit in front of the Mandir, she prays with her eyes closed, praying that it is Navratri and even when she is present every time but she is most strong these days then why is their sadness in this house and the son of this family is not present, she fights against the evil then what is going on, Rishab jee is innocent and has not done anything, she knows because of her strength, yet Preeta doesnot have such strength so requests her mental and physical strength so that she can fight off the traps which have been created, she prays they both have to fight to bring back Rishab jee, Preeta requests for a way, while sitting in front she realizes then wonders if this is what happened, she stands up thanking maa before leaving.

Karan is sitting with Sameer who exclaims they have to bring out Rishab without any reason, Preeta comes saying that she was thinking of something, Kritika is also walking by Sameer asks her to come and sit.

Preeta explains if Karan recalls what statement did Sundeep gave, Karan explains he said it was attempt to murder and he said that Rishab jee sat beside his car and was calling someone, Preeta explains that Rishab jee was called Karan at that time, she asks if he heard some noise from behind, Karan replies there was complete silence, Preeta explains if Sundeep got in the accident then why did he not cry for help because if he was injured then would have been some serious injury, but when she met him, she realized this was all just an act as beside his le, their was no other serious injury and he seemed fine, she thinks he was sitting at the location where Rishab je stopped, so he can create a trap for him as Rishab jee returned his damaged consignment, She feels Rishab je was fed this as he was not in his senses to know the truth. Preeta mentions that the doctor who is treating Sundeep is her friend, she can ask him if his injuries are really such which can take a life, as when she combines the puzzles, she comes to the conclusion that he is just acting, she will reveal the entire news, they will go to the police in the morning and explain it was just for the sake of revenge, she prays that this plan works, Kritika assures this would surely have to work and now Rishab jee would return, Preeta prays to Maa thinking now she will go and talk with the doctor in the morning, but needs her help to bring back the happiness of the Luthra family.

Precap: Sameer exclaims he understood everything but cannot understand what the police is doing in front of the house, Shristhi replies this would be the doing of Sundeep, she exclaims she has a plan so starts walking with a limp and when the constable stop her, she exclaims she is going to meet the doctor. The doctor mentions she was acting of the injury but Sundeep hit his head and cannot come and go out with his own will.

Update Credit to: Sona

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