Kundali Bhagya 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Shristhi entering the house asks Sarla if she knows what is going non outside because Dadi is fighting with the news paper vendor, Sarla asks her to not worry because this has been going on for the pasty many years but since Bi jee was not with them since the past two years then she missed it a lot, Shristhi questions what is Sarla doing in the kitchen, she replies that she is making breakfast for her, Janki asks Sarla to at least ask Preeta stay with them for one day but she had to go and work in the clinic.
Shristhi tries to get a spoon of the halwa but Sarla doesnot allow her and threatens her to slap her, Shristhi replies that she has forgotten about her ever since Preeta came she has forgotten about her, Sarla replies for the past two years she always did what Shristhi desired but now if she is doing for one day what Preeta likes, Sarla asks her to go and see if Preeta is awake as she has the made the fresh poori for her, Shristhi starts knocking on the door when Janki questions why is she knocking on the door but Sarla is glad that she has grown up, as if she was the old Shristhi then would have went in without questioning, Shristhi replies that she is forced to be like this because Preeta has locked the door from inside, she is waiting when Preeta finally opens the door, the glass is about to fall but she manages to save her.

Shristhi exclaims she should have let it fall as the bad thing would have been detained because of it, Preeta replies not everything can be forgotten as she still remembers what had happened to her two years ago, Shristhi replies she must not think about it as both of the families have moved on, she must therefor also think about the future, Preeta questions if it is that easy to move on, because she has a lot of memories from this city, but was forced to transfer here, she was comfortable sitting in Bangalore treating the patients, Shristhi tries to explain the city also belongs to them and is not only of the Luthra’s, both of them are standing, Sarla enters exclaiming she has prepared the breakfast for her, she makes Preeta sit with her explaining that she was away from them, Sarla knows Preeta would have tried to forget those memories from her mind which she doesnot want to keep, she knows Preeta would have removed a lot of them but what small are remaining would die down soon, Janki also exclaims they have suffered a lot, Sarla stopping her mentions that she is just saying this because they have hurt the heart of Preeta who was the one who kept them close together as a family but since they had hurt her heart so would also not be happy anymore, Sarla mentions it was the decision of Preeta to leave but she did not want her however now she would not let Preeta leave this house ever again, Preeta wiping off the tears of Sarla exclaims that she is right as now they all would live in the same house happily, Preeta agrees, Sarla replies she has made the halwa just Preeta likes with a lot of dried fruits, Shristhi requests Sarla to give Preeta a big bite as if she has not allowed her to eat then should at least make Preeta eat, Sarla even makes Shristhi eat, they all enjoy happily, Preeta even prepares a bite for Sarla.

Bi Jee is entering the house, she is really excited when Sarla comes asking what happened, Bi jee exclaims it feels really good to come to her house with all her family, but she knows they would not have missed her espically Sarla, she questions why is Bi jee thinking like this because they all missed her including the newspaper vendor, also the launderer and the Sharma aunti. Preeta asks Shristhi to go and bring the address of the clinic, she mentions even when this city is not a new one, but she feels as if she is taking a new step, Janki brings the yogurt with Sugar when Preeta leaves after eating it, Sarla requests her to come back because they would have the dinner together.

Sarla after walking in the city takes the auto towards her clinic but she on the way sees a women trying to pull her cart which is stuck, she rushes to help her pull the cart out, the lady along with her son thank Preeta, the auto driver also exclaims she is a really kind women because she even helped them when she herself was getting late, Preeta even advises the driver to go and help those whom he feels he can, he replies that people like her are the ones because of which the world is still working, the driver stops the auto but Preeta doesnot move, he informs her saying that she has reached the location, Preeta walks out when she sees the patient van, the people rush to catch the patient, Preeta ses they have dropped the coins of a blind women, Preeta manages to pick all of them for her, she blesses Preeta exclaiming there are not many people like her in the world and the same Bhagya has brought her back to this world which was snatched from her two years ago, she would be able to get all that she deserves back, Preeta tries to refuse but the lady exclaims she would have heard how it is said that when god snatches the eyesight from a person, they are given another sight which she has, she knows that Preeta has a loving heart which tends to beat for everyone, she requests Preeta to lean forward and blesses her, Preeta also leaves taking the blessings of the women.

Preeta while walking is thinking about what the women said but she is worried, she drops the address which falls in the drain, Preeta thinks how it happened when she first came to Mumbai, she starts to think what the women said that she is going to get her Bhagya in the city, she thinks if she might bump into the same people she is trying to run away from, she refutes her mind thinking she is worrying too much, she locates the clinic which is right Infront of her.

Precap: Preeta enters her clinic when she cries after seeing a patient hiding in her cabin, she tries to run away when the patient manages to stop her, the lights turn on so she is shocked to see that it is Mahesh Luthra, he is pleading with her to protect his family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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