Kundali Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kritika asks why are they not believing her as she is sure that Prithvi was sitting in place of Arjun, Karina asks how is it possible because he is in the clothes of the groom, Kritika requests Karina to believe her as she is sure that he was Prithvi sitting in the groom, Arjun requests her to come with him but Kritika is convinced so Arjun accepts it, Karina asks why is he believing her when she is depressed and so is behaving like this, Karina leaves when Arjun explains he wants to say something to her but would say it after a while so he takes her into the room. Kritika questions she does not know how she would say this to them when she is sure Prithvi was in the dress of the groom but now she feels that she might be wrong, Arjun acts as if he coughing so needs water but he stops Kritika from leaving and requests Karina to bring water for him, Kritika asks why does she feel he wants to say something to her, Arjun explains she is right to think Prithvi was in the dress.

Arjun reveals Sherlin woke him up informing that Prithvi has left after locking them in the room and he woke up blaming why are they standing like this and should have already broken the door, he then broke the glass before walking out of the room to find Prithvi who was leaving after getting ready, Arjun then started beating him explaining that he would not even let Prithvi near Preeta so starts beating him, Prithvi tries to hit him however Arjun vowed to not let Prithvi ruin the happiness of this house vowing to do the same with him as he did, Sherlin also walks slowly and laces the napkin on Prithvi’s face so he falls unconscious, Arjun is shocked seeing her, Arjun asks what sort of criminal minded people are they, Sherlin then asked him to go and change the clothes after which he can marry Preeta.

Arjun apologizes for not telling anyone since the entire family would be worried but he is glad that she tried to stop this marriage and is even more glad that she loves Preeta just like a sister, Kritika thanks him for believing her otherwise everyone would have believed that she is ill, Karina brings water for him when he explains that he has to be at the Mandap, Kritika also insists on leaving when Karina suggests she should rest but Kritika explains she has just realized that the two criminals who ran away might have knocked her out but she felt that it was Prithvi since she married him in the past, Karina wonders why is she acting so strangely.

Priyanka brings water for Anjali when she exclaims she was really worried about what might happened, Anjali replies her heart beat stopped and she felt that Kritika knows she is Anjali so wanted to lift the veil, Priyanka mentions she felt Kritika was telling the truth by saying Prithvi is sitting in the Mandap, she was worried about what might happen if she marries him, Anjali says that Priyanka should not say anything of the sort as she will be the only one to marry Arjun, Shamu enters the house with his men and they plan to kidnap the bride and take the money from all those people who have deceived him, he exclaims Bhagwan sometimes does things for the better and this is why he send them here, Anjali also thanks Bhagwan for all the support since she would now get married to Arjun.
Preeta is slowly about to wake up when Anjali and Priyanka enter the room, Anjali asks her to come and first fix her dupatta as there is something stuck in it, there is a knock on the door so she goes to open the door but does not find anyone, Priyanka turns back when Shamu along with his men enter the room an beat Priyanka so she gets unconscious after which they take Anjali with them.

Sherlin is walking in the room while Prithvi is unconscious, getting irritated she throws water on him, Prithvi immediately after waking up wonders where the Sherwani is which he was wearing along with Sehra, he furiously questions what is Sherlin’s problem and what does she desire, she asks what does he want, he asks how many times should she say the same thing that he wants her, she says this is why he left her knowing the criminals have kidnapped her, he got him arrested so she does not know what does he want, Prithvi replies she does not think of him when Sherlin replies then she would not have forgiven her even after the mistakes which he made, Prithvi says she cannot understand the reason he is trying to marry Preeta because she should think of his feelings, he tries to explain he is doing this for her because Preeta has gotten rich and after he marries her then their life would be sorted, Sherlin does not believe him when he places his hand over her head assuring he is doing this for her, which is why she never heard him say he does not love her due to which he lived with her in that Chawl, he even places the hand over his own head assuring he is just marrying Preeta for them both, Sherlin places his hand down explaining she thought he was deceiving her, he hugs her asking where is Arjun Soorvyanshi.

Arjun is walking when Kritika calls him from behind requesting him to stop, she thanks him for making her believe that she was telling the truth otherwise she would have thought she has lost it, Rakhi comes asking Kritika if she is fine, Kritika apologizes to Rakhi because she was wrong to think that Prithvi was there at the Mandap and not Arjun, Rakhi instructs Arjun to go at the mandap while she would bring Preeta, Arjun thanks Kritika who replies Prithvi is not that important that she would ruin the feelings of her own family.
Shamu instructs his men to check if the bride is still alive, he explains that she is still breathing when Shamu seeing that she is moving asks them to get back, Anjali angrily slaps Shamu asking why did they bring her here, Shamu replies that he wants money from her, Anjali tries to leave explaining she desires to marry Arjun, Shamu asks what is going on that she wants to marry Arjun but he desires to marry someone else. Anjali angrily demands that he should take her to the Mandap, but Shamu refuses to take her there, she explains he wants the money for her kidnapping so should tell the amount, Shamu says he needs five million when Anjali takes out the mobile.
Rakhi is calling Preeta when she sees Priyanka is unconscious on the couch and so tries to wake her up asking who did this to her, Priyanka replies that there were two criminals who came here and took the bride, Rakhi tries searching for Preeta but is not able to find her so asks Priyanka what has happened, she replies she does not know who hit her and took the bride, Rakhi leaves to find Preeta and Priyanka is also really worried for Anjali.

Shamu is smiling seeing the money, the men also eagerly see the amount explaining they have never seen such a big amount, Anjali instructs them to stop smiling because they have to do something for her, she instructs them to drop her at the Luthra Mansion and kidnap Preeta, after which they can demand the money from her, even if they do not get the other five million she would give them the rest of the money, Shamu instructs his men to take out the car.

Rakhi wonders why is the door of the room locked so she enters it and she tries calling Preeta but is not able to find her however she finds Preeta behind the bed just as she s about to walk out, Priyanka gets scared seeing that Rakhi has found Preeta, so is forced to go and help her bring Preeta out of the corner.


Update Credit to: Sona

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