Kundali Bhagya 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Pihu is playing in the house, Sonakshi stopping her advises her to go straight to her Preeta ma, she agrees so runs away, Pihu is going out of the house when Rishab stops her, he asks where is she going, she replies Mama has called her so runs away, Sonakshi coming from behind also acts of calling her, explaining she is lying because Preeta has not called her however she is going behind her as Pihu is young so someone should be with her, they all agree when Dadi asks why are they standing here because they should also fire the crackers, however Rishab replies no one would light any when Karina explains what she meant was that they should fire those of Shugun, Mahesh exclaims why does she need to fire them as she herself is cracker, Dadi exclaims he would always speak dirty, Mahesh questions what is wrong with it, she replies that she is his mother, Karan mentions she is a bomb, they all leave, Rakhi also asks Kritika to accompany them.

Shristhi is lighting the Diya’s when Sameer tries to help, she however ignores him when he questions why is she acting like this, Shristhi asks if she has hit him or tried to harm him, Sameer exclaims it is that she has not done anything with him even on the day of Diwali, he requests her to not stay angry with him anymore as he doesnot like it, Shristhi replies if he thinks she is feeling happy by staying angry and not talking with him but she doesnot have any chance, she leaves with the thali when Sameer tries to request her asking if it is necessary to fight on each and every matter.

Shristhi exclaims it is necessary because if she doesnot fight then he will walk around her with an attitude but now the role has reversed because he is trying to make it up to her, and not irritate her, he is trying to cheer her up as she is angry, does he know how she feels now, he asks when she replies she feels really nice, just like a princess, he asks if she is serious when she assures, he mentions this means she was acting of being angry with him, he tries to leave when she questions why is getting so angry because she has just taken some of his attention, Sameer asks if she has any idea how he was feeling since morning, she was not talking with him and was passing taunts, he turns to leave when she immediately hugs him tightly, she starts getting embarrassed after realizing what she has done, he turns towards her, she feels really embarrassed, starts to smile, she apologizes, he also accepts it, she says she has to go back to home because Maa and Janki aunti are alone so she has to leave because of the pooja, Sameer requests her to stay for some time, however she leaves panicking.

Preeta walking stops Pihu, asking where is she going running, Pihu exclaims she has crackers, Preeta asks her to show what kind of crackers does she have, Sonakshi coming from behind asks her to not worry about Pihu as she will always stay with her, so she can light her Diya, Preeta replies she has lit them when Sonakshi exclaims she can do some other work, Preeta sees the family arriving, she instructs Pihu to light the small crackers and not the big ones.

Preeta going aside calls Karan, Sonakshi turns to see them both, Sonakshi feels worried because her lie would be caught, she asks Pihu to stay here while she herself runs away, Pihu feels worried standing there.

Preeta takes the hand of Karan, asking him to come with her. Sonakshi comes back to Pihu explaining since everyone is coming outside so she should give the crackers to her and hands Pihu the other kind, Pihu laughs in excitement.

Preeta pulling karan why does she feel he is angry with her, karan asks what it matters if he is angry with her. Pihu running to Rishab asks him to see the crackers which she will light. Preeta requests Karan to not be angry with her, he replies eh would be mad, Preeta explains that life is too short for the fights as who knows what will happen next, she explains that as time progresses they should not be worried thinking about the past when they both loved each other and could have given each other their love but were not able to, karan replies if she talks about another emotional thing, he would get so angry with her that he would not even listen to her if she tries to convince her, he turns to leave when she hugs him, he also feels emotional, Sonakshi however standing at the back is not able to bear the sight, she starts getting frustrated, karan and Preeta both still hug each other, karan also smiles, they both get away, Karan assures he is no longer angry with her, Preeta holds his face with a smile, they both are enjoying the presence of each other, Preeta rests her head on his chest, she corrects her jewellery, Sonakshi doesnot believe what she is seeing.

Pihu is enjoying lighting the crackers, Sonakshi sees her so she thinks what can she do as everyone is really enjoying, she sees the big crackers on the table, rushing to them she lights them beside Pihu who immediately covers her ears crying for help, every member of the Luthra family are shocked while Pihu is crying for help, Sonakshi starts crying for help, karan and Preeta rush to her while Pihu falls, they all pick her up, Preeta pushes the dupatta, Sonakshi exclaims she has gotten unconscious so anyone should call the doctor, the entire Luthra family is beside her, Rishab picks her up in his arms, they all rush with Pihu inside the Luthra mansion.

Preeta is holding Pihu in her arms while the doctor is applying the medicine, Karina comes assuring that Mahesh is fine and Kritika is taking care of her, Dadi asks the doctor if Pihu is fine, he replies that by looking at her it doesnot seem she ever got hurt because she has even taken his stethoscope and is playing with it, Preeta requests him to do another check-up, Sonakshi also insists that the doctor do another check-up, the doctor feels as if she is the real mother when Rishab explains that Preeta jee is her real mother, the doctor leaves.

Sonakshi exclaims she will take Pihu to her room when she acts as if her hand is burned, she thinks of she inflicted the burn so she can be able to get the praise from the Luthra family as now Preeta would be scolded, Sonakshi exclaims she is glad that Pihu is fine, Rishab asks Sherlin to take Pihu to her room when Preeta refuses but Dadi advises her to take Pihu as she wants to talk with Preeta.
Dadi asks Preeta why was she not able to take care of Pihu because she claims to be her mother yet she still was so irresponsible with her responsibility as a mother, Karina also scolds Preeta mentioning she has in reality failed as a mother, Rishab tries to request them all to not say anything wrong as it is Diwali, but they do not listen to him so he requests Rakhi to say something but she also replies that something wrong happened, when Karina questions why is she even now saying it so politely, she once again scolds Preeta which angers karan who asks them all to stay quiet as it is wrong, no one cares about pihu more then him and Preeta as they are her parents however Dadi asks him remain quiet, she thanks Sonakshi as because of her warning they managed to get to pihu in time, she orders Preeta to go to her room.

Sonakshi standing in the hall thinks how Preeta thought this would be the first Diwali of Pihu, but she has managed to ruin it for her so that everyone is now praising her, she is shocked to see Sherlin standing behind but she leaves without saying anything.

Preeta enters her room, she cries thinking of how Pihu was calling for help, she sitting down thanks god that nothing happened but exclaims if anything happened to Pihu tonight, she might not have been able to forgive herself as Pihu gave her a new life, Karan comes asking what happened, Preeta replies asking about what happened, karan exclaims it was a small accident and she should not take what Dadi and Karina said, Preeta replies she never worries about what they say as they are the elders and can scold her but what might have happened as she is a small child, karan exclaims it would only worry her if she keeps on thinking what might have happened, she should be glad that nothing happened. It was just a normal accident and even Pihu is fine, he hugs Preeta trying to console her, he exclaims she is a really good mother because she is so worried thinking what might have happened to Pihu, Preeta replies she doesnot feel good thinking what might have happened, karan exclaims Pihu would always remain her daughter just like he is of Rakhi, he advises her to go and meet Pihu, she agrees when Karan mentions he also wants to meet her. They both once again hug each other.

Precap: Karan and Preeta both are about to leave when Preeta is about to faint, Karan sees the burn on her hand. Sherlin wishes Prithvi happy Diwali in the jail, Sonakshi records their conversation. Karan calls Rishab while bringing Preeta in his arms.

Update Credit to: Sona

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