Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Prithvi is locked up in the jail cell with the constable standing guard in front of him, Prithvi after looking here and there, calls Mr Bhalla from behind requesting permission for just one phone call but the constable doesnot listen, Prithvi asks what is the problem as he will return the mobile and cannot even snatching as it is himself locked up, the constable warns him to go and sit at the corner, Prithvi asks why are they treating him like this because he has something which they all do not have, he can fill their pockets with money, he requests them to let him go as he will give them all, however the constable looks at him with anger, Prithvi in anger exclaims that his condition is because of Preeta, he curses her and his curse will make sure her life is in ruins, the constable questions why is he yelling as this has made it difficult to stand here. Prithvi exclaims today is Diwali and even wants to celebrate it and have fun, someone hands him a box of sweets, prithvi exclaims they have come to their senses. Sherlin requests him to forget that he is Prithvi Malhotra as he is jus a common man behind the cell, Prithvi agrees, and they both give each other the sweets. Sherlin assures she will talk with the lawyer tomorrow and get him freed, she explains how she should leave because no one should find out she came to meet him, she explains she will reveal a news as this will relax him, she explains how Pihu got hurt in the Diwali party and Preeta was scolded for it, Prithvi in excitement mentions it all happened for the good as Preeta wronged him.

Preeta along with karan walk into the room of Pihu while she is sleeping, Preeta massages her forehead apologizing to Pihu as she got hurt because of her, Karan asks her to not be worried as it is a small injury and asks Preeta to come as they also should sleep, Preeta stands but then feels dizzy, Karan manages to catch her questioning what happened, he sees the hand of Preeta which is burnt, Karan calls Ganesh and Rishab but no one listens, he takes her out on his own while Sonakshi follows them, Sherlin thinks what has happened as Karan doesnot know that the condition of Preeta is because of Sonakshi, what does she have to do with any of it.

Karan sitting in the back, request Sonakshi to drive fast as Preeta is unconscious, however she doesnot drive fast but then Karan once again insists, Sonakshi is forced to agree even when she doesnot want to, Preeta waking up questions where are they going, Karan replies that he is taking her to the hospital because she is ill and he needs to hear it from the doctors mouth that she is fine, otherwise he would not be relieved but Preeta insists there is no need since she needs to go back home however Karan insists on taking her to the hospital, Sonakshi also slows down the car which worries karan and he asks Sonakshi to not listen to anything Preeta is saying as they are going to go to the hospital, Karan mentions he really worries about Preeta and loves her, Sonakshi gets really angry looking at them both and purposefully stops the car, Karan asks her to be careful as this doesnot mean that she drives so recklessly so must be careful, Sonakshi looking at them both exclaims the hospital has arrived.

Karan is with Preeta in the clinic when the doctor coming apologizes for being late since she went home, Preeta assures there is nothing to be worried about because he is just being overprotective regarding her, she got tired because of the excessive workload due to the function and even her daughter got hurt because of the crackers, Karan replies that their daughter is fine but he no longer trusts Preeta with her health as she doesnot seem to care about anything, the doctor exclaims she feels they might get a good news, karan replies they do not want to have the pregnancy test but the doctor replies how she cannot do anything as it is a package but she feels the symptoms are relating to the pregnancy, they will take the sample of Preeta, the results will arrive by the evening.
Rishab is sleeping, he wakes up because of the call that comes on the mobile of Sherlin, he wonders who is this person but places the mobile, Sherlin coming out of the bathroom answers the call mentioning she cannot talk with him at the moment, Rishab hears their conversation, Sherlin is shocked to see Rishab is awake, Sherlin apologizes saying that it was the call of her mother, Rishab replies the screen showed Mehta lawyer then why did Shelrin lie, she leaves mentioning she will come back, Rishab explains it is possible that her mother called after the lawyer so he heard it wrong.

Karan helps Preeta into the room, asking her to sit down with care, even Sonakshi helps her, she pours some water for her, Preeta thinks how the doctor said that she might be the good doctor who will reveal the news of her pregnancy, karan replies she feels glad after irritating her, he questions why is she smiling, Preeta thinks she doesnot know why she is thinking that this time the reports would have some positive result, Sonakshi asks them to have some time for themselves while she will bring milk for her but Preeta replies she doesnot want any milk however Sonakshi asks Karan to take care of his wife while she brings the milk for her.

Karan asks Preeta what is she thinking, she thinks how she cannot tell him that she was thinking about the pregnancy and if it is just not what she thinks then it will hurt his feelings, he asks her to not be in the silent mood, Karan requests her to take care of herself as when she is not well it hurts him, he also has to do a lot of work, Preeta exclaims how he is never interested in working. Karan hugging her mentions he really loves her; she should always smile.

Sonakshi while boiling the milk is crying thinking how the doctor said that she might be pregnant, she after the milk boils adds a tablet in it, she takes it to them.

Preeta asks Karan why is he looking at her like this because she tends to get conscious, he asks what is the worry because he is her husband, Preeta questions if he would feel nice if someone else loos at her, Sonakshi brings the milk insisting Preeta to have it however she refuses saying that she doesnot want it, Karan also asks her but she refuses, Sonakshi then mentions she should drink it because she has to take care of Pihu and the family and might not be able to do it properly, Karan asks her to leave them alone, she turns when Preeta calls Sonakshi, she drinks the milk questioning if they both are happy, Karan mentions he is mad with her because she drank it after Sonakshi asked and not when he was trying to convince, she requests him to not be angry as today is Diwali, karan agrees so goes to the bathroom, Preeta lying down thinks the feeling is really nice and she feels the results will have something positive so she is really hopeful.

Update Credit to: Sona

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