Kundali Bhagya 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The police car has crashed against the tree, Preeta is unconscious in the car when the police personal come in a worrying state, they after taking the photos of Preeta send it when one of them asks the boss to leave as soon as possible since there is a lot of smoke and the jeep might blast really soon, just as they are about to leave Prithvi calls him mentioning he has seen the photos but also wants to view the live telecast, the officer asks if he is not satisfied but Prithvi explains he is restless, after seeing Preeta unconscious, Prithvi exclaims she said that she is going to come back but now she has died and will not return, he once again orders them to check her pulse, one of the constable exclaims that she has died however Prithvi orders them to go inside the car, just as when they are about to check the jeep starts sparking so they all run to a safe distance, Prithvi questions if they are sure when he is assured Preeta has faced a fate worse then death as now the jeep would blast soon.

Karan is walking in the hall, Sameer coming questions what has happened, karan replies that he doesnot feel it is the truth since they all know Preeta is not capable of it all, even if they have problems amongst them both yet still she cannot do anything wrong with them, he is sure this is the mind of Nagre so he is going to the police station,

Sherlin hears them both talking, she rushes to prithvi mentioning Karan has gone to bring Preeta and if he finds out that the police was not real, Prithvi would be the one suspected, prithvi replies he feels that every time a wife has disappeared then the blame is put on Karan as this has happened in the country, however Sherlin says it doesnot make any sense when Prithvi replies that in this house there are two enemies, on one side is the Luthra’s and the other consists of them, he asks if she has ever heard of a crime of passion, Sherlin questions what does he mean when he is the one who will gain the most, as Nagre made the call when Prithvi questions why does she think they did not make the call since he asked the police to not come acting as Karan Luthra, he explains that now they will blame that Karan stopped the real police from coming and then brought the fake police who arrested Preeta.

Sherlin exclaims the twist is good, she exclaims he has become the god of mischief, he advises her to go and get ready as a lot of the big names in the business community are coming, he questions if she desires to see the face of Preeta, Sherlin smiles after seeing her unconscious in the jeep.
Preeta in the car starts to wake up thinking about when prithvi exclaimed it is nice if Mahesh Luthra is alive since then he would remain the owner of the house, she also recalls how Mahesh asked her for help, she suddenly wakes up when Preeta thinks of how the inspector ran away from the car. She calls Karan for help.

Karan reaches the police station with Sameer, informing the police inspector that he desires to talk with Preeta while his lawyer team is on the way, they will complete the formalities, however the inspector asks if karan would let him speak mentioning that ever since he came on duty, they have not arrested anyone but he doesnot know about the inspector who was on duty before him, Karan is shocked when the inspector tries to call his predecessor however he doesnot attend the call, he asks Karan if he could inform about the inspector who came into the house however Karan explains he was not present in the house at the time of the arrest, Karan tries to call his family but they do not answer, he gets worried.

Prithvi calls Nagre who is preparing a drink, he asks if Nagre knows what has happened at which Nagre congratulates Prithvi, mentioning he knew from the tone of Prithvi about what has happened, Nagre explain prithvi was really tensed when Preeta was around him but now is acting like this, however Prithvi explains that Preeta is no more but Nagre exclaims that he can even feel her presence now, so Prithvi should not be so calm, at which Prithvi warns Nagre to stop this talk about Preeta and come to the party as they need to celebrate however Nagre refuses to come saying that he is not feeling well.

Preeta hears something hisstle near the van so thinks of Karan however she is shocked to see a snake come in the van, Preeta getting scared prays to Lord Shiva that her life be spared since she needs to protect a lot of lives, she closes her eyes so the snake after some time leaves, Preeta breaths a sigh of relief, she thinks that she needs to get out of this van since the smoke starts increasing, Preeta constantly pulls the handcuffs which end up coming off the bar as it breaks, Preeta immediately walks out of the jeep which soon blasts up in flames.

Karan is constantly trying to call his family, Sameer notices how the inspector is noticing Karan so tries to take him away however the inspector questions how he met with Preeta the last time, Karan honestly explains he was really angry since she blamed him for not being able to run the business, Sameer tries to take his side saying that it was just a normal fight like between a couple, Karan replies that he was really angry, the inspector exclaims he was so angry that he could even kill anyone and he explains that ever since Karan came to the police station he is insisting that Preeta has been arrested but when he finally talked with his colleague he explained they have not made any arrest, he starts blaming Karan for being the reason Preeta is missing, hearing this Karan gets shocked, he questions what does the inspector mean.

Mahesh Luthra is sleeping in the bed while being chained, Prithvi enters the room and slowly picking the jug throws the water on Mahesh Luthra’s face, he immediately starts requesting them to not throw him since he doesnot know how to swim, Prithvi wipes of the water from his face thanking him for all that he has done.

Karan in anger stands up when the inspector says there is a possibility that karan might have been the one behind the arrest since he has not been able to contact his mother, Karan replies the inspector would have seen a lot of cases but doesnot know the relation he has with Preeta and that she has been arrested on the charges of attempting to murder Advocate Nagre, the inspector is shocked after hearing the name of Nagre when karan replies they told him the truth, Sameer explains they thought that they would know the truth, the inspector stands up, karan asks what about Preeta and where is he going, he explains they need to arrest Nagre, Sameer mentions he is coming to their house for the party so they can arrest him there, Karan doesnot understand what is going on, the inspector informs if Nagre is involved then a lot of things can happen which they have not even thought of, hearing this Karan gets really tensed.


Update Credit to: Sona

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